Sailing the Legal Waters of Buying a Boat Without a Title, Planning for Your Boat Dock: Styles and Pricing Information, How Do Boats Float? It’s definitely not a small sum for a watercraft that was manufactured around 2000-2004, so many buyers consider these watercrafts way overpriced. you'll save money in

The LRV has to be the largest PWC ever made seating 4 and taking up lots of space in the garage! The GTS was pretty much the same ski as the 1993 GTS, but the GTX now features the 657 engine and bronze vane pump, as well as a full compliment of gauges and even mirrors so you can pull a skier. open, grab the motor and The ski I probably like best in the 2010 lineup is the lowly GTI that's the least expensive Sea Doo you can buy at $7,999. The XP also features a new design hull and rounded more modern body pieces as well. Trade-In Value.

Find 2000 Sea-Doo/BRP listings for sale near you. O-Rings If you stick to 4-seater personal watercraft, you can choose only from these 3 vintage models: the Sea-Doo LRV, the Yamaha Suv 1200 and the Polaris Genesis.

(2) Two Like new covers, engines: 720 CC, Double trailer, Very good condition, Serviced annually. The iS stands for "Intelligent Suspension" and from what I hear, it offers an incredible ride. 1997 Challenger MPEM Conversion. Specifications. problems if not caught early! Sea-Doo released this model to compete with the Yamaha SUV 1200. At some point I also plan to have a chart that shows all specs including hull design and more for all years and if I do, a link will be posted on this page. In 1999, not much new comes out probably due to Sea Doo putting all its' efforts into the upcoming 2000 models. Sea-Doo LRV For Sale – Are They Still Worth Buying? Additionally, the big hull offers more stability and deck space for you, which is a great point again on fishing trips. The SP (717 single carb) is still in the lineup but its' days are numbered. In 2004, we start to see the direction Sea Doo and most of the PWC industry is headed with more 4 strokes and less 2 strokes in the lineup.

The only good thing about these high priced new models is they're fueling the resurgence and resurrection of the 'ol 2 stroke smokers and I like that. It's worth mentioning that the majority of the 2004 models haven't changed and even have the same color scheme as 2003 which I would guess was probably since Sea Doo put most of their resources into developing the RXP. Enter your ZIP code below to search for PWC dealers near you. The SPX (717 dual carb) is once again basically the 1995 XP with different colors. Drive/Pump The pieces get into the oil system and it's quite a job and expense to clean them out. If you compare the LRV to some other watercraft models, the differences are clearly visible in this picture: This means the Sea-Doo LRV is the largest watercraft ever built, which is still bigger than the Sea-Doo’s new dedicated fishing PWC, the Fish Pro, which arrives with a 146.8” long and 49.4” wide hull.

The late production GSX Limited features the new 947 white engine with 130hp. The SP and XP basically were the same as 1991, but the XP now shows the first appearance of trim, although manual for this year.


Are you wondering where can you find a Sea-Doo LRV for sale? 1996 Challenger MPEM Conversion (2) Two 2000 Sea Doo model GS 720 personal water craft. Power. In 2006, you really start to see the way Sea Doo is headed with the emphasis on 4 stroke models. If anyone else has one of these, info on it, or pictures of them, I would love to add it to this page too!.

In 1993, we see the first larger cc engine with the 657 in the XP. A pump with more durable bronze vanes also was used on the XP. Although the design works well, from now on it's going to cost quite a bit more for a new MPEM.
insurance providers. Option Note. Compare real, custom loan offers from multiple lenders in minutes! New this year though is the release of the 130hp Rotax 2 cylinder 947 RAVE engine, the largest of all the two stroke Sea Doo engines and the most horsepower per cc of any PWC engine out there! In 1993, the XP continued to be upgraded from the prior year. 1996 Speedster MPEM Conversion In the mean time, my Fuel Economy Chart has specs and info for many models.

New for 2000 is a RX model which was available in two versions, a carbureted 947 and DI 947. Just wondering if this is a good ski to upgrade from my reliable 1995 seadoo XP.

These are basically boats that have to go to a dealer for even the simplest maintenance needs. Yamaha has a great lightweight hull but limit speeds with the drive train design. In 2000 we get a whole bunch of new models, a new DI engine and some bold graphics to let you know they're a 2000 model. The SP (587 single carb) and SPI (587 single carb) are in the lineup yet again. Sea Doo Paint Codes

In 1998 we lose some models, but in exchange get the new 787 RFI Fuel Injected RAVE engine. DESS & Other Switches Enter your ZIP code below to search for Personal watercraft dealers near you.

This one should be popular with people who own large yachts since they generally like a ski that blends in with their yacht and looks like it belongs there.

When trading in at a dealership.

We get a new GTS though and it's basically the same as the GTI, but with less bells and whistles.

the module probably has These have an incredible 255hp and are the most powerful PWCs ever. Also, if you hold your mouse over an image without clicking, it should display the year and model to help with identifying the pictures.

Are They Really That Expensive?

A new model to appear is the GTX (4-TEC) Wake model which is set up for wakeboarding and similar activities. It's basically the two passenger model of the RXP and is a little longer and slower than the RXP. SEE THE PICTURES BELOW.

Insurance is an important part of owning any Personal Watercraft. World of Powersports is franchised dealer for Honda Motorcycle, ATV, Scooters & Watercraft; Yamaha Motorcycle, ATV, Scooters, Personal Watercraft & Generators; Kawasaki Motorcycle, ATV, Personal Watercraft; Suzuki Motorcycle, ATV, Scooters, Polaris ATV, Snowmobile, Ranger & Watercraft, Sea-Doo Jet Boats & Personal Watercraft, Ski-Doo Snowmobiles, Bombardier ATV, Arctic Cat ATVs & Snowmobiles, Triumph Motorcycles, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Custom Chrome, Western Power Sports & many others. Low hours on engines. This is the last year for the poor selling 3D DI too although from what I've read, anyone who has actually owned or rode one loves them! The GTX RFI (787) as well as the GSX RFI (787) model are in the lineup and pretty much unchanged from 1999. Maintenance note... the new supercharged 4TEC models are having lots of problems with the drive.

The Sea-Doo LRV was an iconic, 4-seater PWC (personal watercraft) introduced right after the turn of the millennium. Note also that occasionally below I've interjected my opinions about models and/or the direction the industry is headed and they're just that... only my opinions. When it comes to the Sea-Doo LRV’s top speed, you can expect it around 50-52 mph in calm water.

While Sea-Doo stopped manufacturing in 2004, you can still find many Sea-Doo LRVs running on the water. The dry weight of the LRV is a massive 952 pounds, with the opportunity to add 745 pounds of extra weight to it. The XP hull did feature a hood with mirrors for the first time.

Therefore I can't imaging how you can walk up and hop on a new RXP-X or RXT-X once it's been setting out in the sun in South Florida for any length of time! Is a 2000 Seadoo GSX-RFI with 60 original hours a good ski to buy?

Still, if you notice a lack of rpms, get your ski in for service BEFORE it breaks! I haven't seen or heard to much about this ski. Product Description (2) Two 2000 Sea Doo model GS 720 personal water craft. PWC Engine Ref.

Although I don't recall ever seeing one, Sea Doo first "arrived" in 1988 with a unique hull design and seat that opened different than the 1989 and up. Kit Info Chart As said previously, my guess the lack of new models in 1999 was so they could hit us with all these cool skis for the new millennium! In 1994 we really start seeing Sea Doo update the design on the new models. I've never seen anyone release an almost all white PWC and that's pretty cool. The XP keeps the same hull design as the 1997 but also now adds Limited to the name and comes with the 947 (dual carb). The GTX RFI (787) is in the lineup again as well as a new GSX RFI (787) model. Driveshaft ID Chart Classifieds provide easy to search listings of PWC's for sale, Research the Personal Watercraft and get a price quote from local dealers, Choose a state to browse listings of all Personal Watercraft dealers in your area, Use our Buyer’s Guide to get a quote or fill out an online application to get the coverage you need. The GT also was the first time Sea Doo introduced the reverse feature on a ski. In 1992, the white 587 engine makes its' first appearance and the yellow one is history.

Personal watercraft started their career as small and nimble water toys, but over the years, they grew larger. Ironically, after the manufacturing stopped, the interest in them began to intensify. Surprisingly, many of them are still running on the water. "You stated that you had not seen and did not have a picture of a 1988 first year Model 5801. It's powered by the 787 and is slightly slower than the XP but more stable with two. Official loan marketplace source of, We’re Not Talking Six-Packs or Obliques: What Is ABS on a Motorcycle, How to Choose a Killer Motorcycle and Rip Up the Road, What Is a Sissy Bar? We can say this model stands out from the crowd with its incredible 156” length, 61” width and 42.5” height. The only real new addition is a 155hp RXP which has been a big debating point on the many Sea Doo forums.

Did you know J.D. How Much Are Ducati Motorcycles? This year the SPX is basically the 1997 SPX but loses a little weight somewhere, making it the lightest one of all the X4 hulled 787 SPX models so probably the most desirable one.

I've found though it's much better to keep the idiots off the water than giving someone with no common sense or skill a product that's easier to operate.

The XP now features the 787 RAVE engine and is probably the most desirable of the X4 hull design models built. The way Sea Doo does it is to limit the hull design. Power.

craft specifications.
The LRV’s outstanding 25 gallon tank offers a great fuel range; however, be aware that its 2-stroke engine could be thirsty. Choke Cable Info Chart This is also the last year for the RX model. 2000 Sea-Doo Models.

Chart Outboard, Eye-Opening Facts About the Cost of Boat Gas, Becoming a Motor Whisperer: How to Coax a Finicky 2-Stroke Outboard to Start. Is it pretty stable in the water when 2 people try to get on?

We can't afford these crazy prices these days! Broken mounts The GTX iS also is now also 260hp. these models may be a good choice for you. The GS (717), GTS (717) and GTI (717) basically don't change anything besides colors from 1997. We do also see a limited production race machine designated RXX which I've read is the fastest stock production 2 stroke ever made.