Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Menma was a sweet and kind child; she cared for her friends more than anything at all times. hahah, Oh and I'll get to your other comment very shortly. Yukiatsu likes to state that Anaru and him are not that different, in fact they share a similar fact between them that made them be close friends and in some cases even more than that.

She thought that Menma liked Jintan and Jintan liked her back. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Art Manga Manga Anime Anime Art Wallpaper Animes Animes Wallpapers Sad Anime Anime Love Menma Anohana Arte Sailor Moon. *, Hahahha, I'll keep reminding you until the end of time! Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. After school she goes to her part time job where she works in a video game store. The problem was that Menma was unable to remember what her wish was, making it harder for her to rest in peace and hopefully reincarnate into another baby. Anaru loves Jintan and she knows she will never have his heart. By Anaru’s feelings towards him, I predict they do get together. They thought that the reason why Menma didn't rest in peace when the rocket launched, was because they kept those secrets inside their hearts. Anaru in the inside likes collecting video games and being pretty geeky, that's the main reason why she met up with Poppo and Jintan again. :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :broken_heart: As a 10 year old kid, Anaru loved Jintan a lot. Tsuruko regret to not telling the others of Yukiatsu and Anaru… 2. And Anaru´s friends don't seem so bad anymore. Yukiatsu loves Menma and he knows he can't have her anymore.

So one day, the Super Peace Busters reunited again in the secret base. Her character design looks soo neat!

I love the way Anaru dresses up, the fact that she tries her best to look beautiful is something I can truly relate to. However, she never told him her true feelings, by fear of getting rejected. That’s the reason why she was happy to hear Jintan say to her face that she was an ugly girl. It’s likely that other producers and directors try to have unique characters. Jintan is now unable to see her, he runs to search for her as Menma once did the day she died. Yukiatsu is now in the canteen, he was writing letter for Menma like what Anaru and Jintan did earlier. I was a leader of the group. However, if I met her in real life, I wouldn't doubt that she wouldn't be the person I’d be best friends with. Despite Anaru’s thoughts about Menma. He was oblivious to the emotional turmoil in the group and focused only on having fun with the others.

Menma and her are known to be closer friends than Menma and Anaru. Menma was still there. Tsuruko, Yukiatsu's wife. Check out the others as I continue drawing the Anohana characters as cute little chibis.

Now, he left his studies and usually travels around the world wishing on seeing everything.

After each received notes written by her that said the different things she liked about them. A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. Mainly because Tsuruko has always been jealous of Anaru even though Anaru only likes Jintan and not Yukiatsu. Yukiatsu likes to state that Anaru and him are not that different, in fact they share a similar fact between them that made them be close friends and in some cases even more than that. Until that day that I said something to her — something I would regret for a long time.

Unfortunately, Anaru kept a big secret from her that drag her all the way to being jealous of her. Naruko acts cold blooded around Jintan, but the truth is that she continues her strong feelings for him as she once did before Menma’s death. Even after all that, Menma couldn't rest in peace. Although that wasn't the reason. Yukiatsu grew strongly jealous of Jintan, knowing that he will never be able to see or to speak to Menma. She looks really cool! This incident happened in the middle of summer when every member of the so called Super Peace Busters group met inside their secret base. Don't forget!

They all find her sitting besides a tree. In Poppo’s case, his first name Tetsudo means “Railroad,” and “Poppo” is the horn sound made by trains in Japanese. She learned to watch others and foresee their unspoken feelings, that she tends to keep them to herself, along with her own feelings, to others. Mena thought that Naruko and her were super close friends. Probably because it lacks friendship.

In the future, it isn't quite explained if Jintan and Anaru get together as a couple. YESSSSSSS! I have to remember to watch this. Her way of always agreeing with everything the popular kids say and the way she hides the fact that she collects video games and geeky stuff would bother me. Poppo followed her until he saw her slipped into the river and go further and further in, drowning and finally dying. There she wears a blue apron on top of regular clothes. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. During this time, “Menma”, becomes a possible ghost that appeared to Jintan, she followed him everywhere and had a mind of her own. Naruko got pretty popular in highschool, however, to be popular she had to get along with “sluts” that could turn their backs on her whenever they felt like she wasn't focused on them or that she just wasn't their level. Her personality is well used in the real world, not in the anime world. During the series, she confesses the feelings she had when they were kids. Finally, Jintan carried Menma on his back to the secret base. She is quite smart and lacking courage during the series. Anaru and Jintan would later attend the same high school, and when Jintan became withdrawn, she was the one to reluctantly look after him. あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない.

It's been 10 years, Menma. XDDD, Haha really! Yukiatsu was always somewhat cold and distant, traits that only grew more pronounced as he got older. Yukiatsu also ran after Menma and catched up to her, he then gave her a hairpin that was meant to be a sign of love. Many of the characters’ nicknames come from combining parts of their first and last names (e.g. Tsuruko was a quiet and observant child. Right at that time, Menma gets off Jintan's back. Naruko seems like pretty good friend if we are talking about anime. Don't worry about crying, it's always okay to cry! Yukiatsu still struggles with Menma’s death, and his cool demeanor breaks down whenever someone mentions her name. Six 10 year old students drifted apart after one of them, Menma, had an accident including her death. She harbors a deep affection for Yukiatsu, but knowing his attachment to Menma, she does not pursue him and remains as nothing more than a friend to him.

Tsuruko is another member of the Super Peace Busters. Poppo was on top of the hill watching her slip away and finally dying.

^^, xDDD haha yess!

Each of them yelled that they love her. Anaru sometimes played Nokemon with him. She gets frustrated by the fact that Jintan hasn't gone to school for a whole trimester. She knew well that Jintan loved Menma and she couldn't compete against her.

“Who would like an ugly girl like…!” After seeing Menma’s smiling face, he ran out and headed home not realizing that Menma was following.

Despite their strained relationship, Anaru continues to have feelings for Jintan, conflicting with her guilt over Menma’s death. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. She is closest to Jintan than any of the others, bringing him homework even though he doesn't attend school anymore.

It doesn't help that I don't think it's on netflix ether.