“Evil dungeons, hiding a lot of horrible creatures.”. Freeze … The Giant Scythe Mage looks exactly same as normal version(smaller one). Deals lightning damage that jumps to nearby enemies and deals 25% of your attack. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Blades deal 100% attack damage on hit. The important thing is that there is no fixed name for the monsters.

Upon clearing a room without taking damage, grants additional attack. Attack Boost 7. Attack Plus.
HP Boost 12. Rage (And any offensive ability boosted by low health), Plus Abilities (take on 50 round chapters), Smart (Except maybe in the first Stage of Chapter 7 . Selecting those that do is the ideal way to have a strong run. Our Archero Chapter 10 Guide walk you through all the bosses and monsters appear in the game. There are approximately 15 different types of monsters. Notice : All images in this page is copyrighted. Saw Blade: Very fast attack speed weapon but also has a 20% damage penalty.

Blade deals 130% attack damage on hit. View entire discussion (10 comments) More posts from the Archero community. 857. Will stop projectiles. Most of the time playing as phoren with nado. They shoot random projectiles (ice rocks) at around 7 every burst. Giant Blue Dragonfly is the same boss from chapter 9, but this time, it brought a friend. Fire rate of your basic attack will increase. Blades deal 100% attack damage on hit. Balls deal 75% attack damage on hit. Attack speed aura and damage auras are two of the newest abilities added to Archero, providing a huge boost for two seconds every eight seconds.

Has fast attack speed and a 20% damage penalty. Frequently automatically spawns a blade that will fire towards enemies both while standing still and moving. Most players of Archero have gathered the basics of which abilities make for a good run.
Archero Best Weapon.

Crit Master 9. Attack Speed Boost. Also, they will release beams of light in a cross pattern. The dragon will attack in three ways. One-off abilities often become lower priority because they won't be impacted by things like Multishot or stack together with your various attack buffs.

Attack boost buffs are significantly bugged and may not work as you expect. All rights reserved. Source : © 2018 HABBY PTE.

Chance to freeze enemies on hitting, can stop attacks in action, Adds a second front arrow to player shot but reduces base hit damage by 25%. Blade deals 130% attack damage on hit. Be sure to stick to things that compound and work well together, and avoid things that just don't synergize. In February, 2020, Archero received some new abilities as well as some changes to existing ones. Idk about the math behind it but I usually select to compliment my weapon. These abilities are at least useful, and they're potentially good choices in the right circumstances. All the new "plus" (Attack, Life, crit, speed) skills don't work anymore after a revive (angel locket, after revive add or 30 crystal) and you loose also the … Triggers bolt effect. . Triggers blaze effect. I'm on chapter 9 for reference:), Always pick APSD if not using the saw blade. It's unlikely you'll be happy with having to pick any of these, but they aren't useless. Causes a second wave of projectiles to fire from player's shot, including any additional projectile abilities. We assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. Balls deal 75% attack damage on hit. Because, this dragon is similar in size and appearance to the electric type and fire type dragons that appeared in the previous chapters. These abilities are borderline useless or problematic in some way. Thus, you can use a cool Archero hack to boost your chances of getting gems by spinning the lucky wheel. Finally, this ability is simply a dumb choice. I'm going to move it up, thanks! Poisoned Touch 13. On attack, summons a large meteor to target location dealing damage on contact. Surrounds player with rotating balls that cause Bolt effect when hitting enemies.

Hit triggers Freeze effect. Hit triggers Poison effect.