Seeing a fig tree: hold your sexual urges in check. Too dream of Joshua Tree symbolizes chastity, enlightenment, and fulfillment of goals. Also, Wall Street can be wordplay for feeling that your life path is pre-paved or that you are walled in to a particular way of life.... Strangest Dream Explanations, Drawing water from the well and irrigating the roots of a tree means the person will utilize his wealth in bring up orphans and educating them.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, weeping, mourning, sorrow, Ps. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary, If your dream of a Christmas Tree occurs in December, it may indicate the expected pleasures and anxieties associated with the holiday season.... My Dream Interpretation, A Christmas tree: expect a lot of joy and happiness.... Dreamers Dictionary, (Also see Resin)... Islamic Dream Interpretation, If the tree is misshapen then it foretells of a time of domestic unrest.... Encyclopedia of Dreams. Pay attention to what the tree says, for they are trying to help you to trust your instincts and intuiton, and possibly warning you of dangerous or negative emotions that you have absorbed from others. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. Dreaming of sitting beneath or near an ash tree can symbolize growing intuition, or perhaps a calling to follow a Druidical path spiritually. ... New American Dream Dictionary, If a person drams that he has received fruit or leaves of a specific tree, it means he will receive abundant wealth from such a person who resembles that particular tree in personality and character.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. The tree can also symbolise new growth, stages of life and death, with its spring leaves and blossom, then the falling leaves. In a dream, any kind of large trees that do not shed their leaves in the winter represent longevity, richness, jealousy, or steadfastness in one’s religion. 11:4. Who or what are you meeting on the street? Mystic Dream Book.

Druids had their teaching center in the midst of oak groves, and the words for wood and wisdom are similar (Welsh gwydd and gwyddon). Being one-sided. 1- Often because of its shape, the fig is associated with sexuality, fertility, masculinity and prosperity. The sacred fig is the bo tree and is revered by buddhists and hindus alike. This dream is telling you to move on. 1. The tree is not only a symbol of physical energy and strength (including your potential) but also the inner strength that dictates your actions.

As for the poplar trees, the evergreen cypress trees, or the saint trees in a dream, they represent stinginess and avariciousness. The Celtic Tree of Life is therefore a symbol of balance between these worlds; the unification of above and below; a symbol of balance and harmony. An uprooted tree symbolizes a false teacher or a false prophet, someone who is spiritually dead, Jude 1:12... Christian Dream Symbols, The health, size and overall quality of the tree is indicative of how you feel about yourself. It also connotes that a weak person will grow strong. The message is important. Being carried on a stretcher means your fate will literally “carry” you; if somebody else is on the stretcher, it usually means illness or death.... Dreamers Dictionary. Dreaming of a haunted house indicates that guilt from the past is holding you back from accomplishing something you really want. A girt who dreams of sitting under a yew tree will have many worries concerning the faithfulness of her lover. 27:18... Christian Dream Symbols. A good omen; resilience, endurance and immortality. In what season did the image appear? Magnolia Tree Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a magnolia tree indicates purity, cleaning in the daily acts and it offers towards the neighbor. The Church is also depicted as a tree, Dan. Trees demonstrate the creative power of nature and point to your own potential to regenerate your life. A tree can also represent time; the root, the past; the trunk, the present and the branches, the future. Seeing a group of trees surrounded with aromatic plants in a dream means that a group of men will gather to mourn someone, or to lament a loss.

... New American Dream Dictionary, Depth Psychology: The pine tree (as a phallic symbol) may express sexual desires; but it might also indicate the need for more peace and quiet or a vacation. In dreams the olive tree signifies the wife principally, and liberty; and therefore it is good to dream that it is flourishing well, and bearing fair and ripe fruit in season. Trees in a dream also represent fights. If the ghost is someone known to you who has passed on and who speaks to you, listen. This fear can be overcome if you understand that you need to turn around, Dignity and strength. The health, quality, and shape of the dream-tree is an indication of your constitution and vitality. In it I was sitting in a large garden. By putting ourselves in touch with what is dead and gone we can take appropriate action in the here and now. To see a number of trees or a woods is to know that you will have many children who will grow up tall and strong. Thus, the type of tree and its condition will indicate the state of mind and spirituality. According to Freudians, acorns are a phallic symbol and nuts symbols of the female genitals, so seeds and nuts on the tree can suggest new beginnings. . Intersections symbolize decisions, street signs are an aid in finding direction. A palm tree in a dream represents a good word and a true one. If it is filled with acorns you are due a promotion or some type of increase in your life. Family situation across several generations. 1- Bccause for most people the Christmas tree is associated with a time of celebration, to have one appear in a dream signifies the marking of a particular period of time, perhaps a new beginning.

Tall trees are a symbol of aspiration and reaching up to the sky, whilst a short tree is a symbol of low aspirations or selling yourself short. On the other hand, unripened fruit on a tree might represent having to wait for a project’s fruition before enjoying the rewards. At about eight most children unconsciously develop a philosophy which en­ables them to meet the difficulties of meeting the growth of self awareness, which includes the knowledge of death at the end of life. Life’s path.