Personally I am shooting the 150Gr TTSX in my 7X57 Ack. Recently picked up some GMX's to try in my 270 and was very impressed with the accuracy. All that is required now is a Bull Elk tag. Whether the Barnes are worth it or not is up for debate.

The sst is pretty darn explosive.

I have no experience with the GMX, but I shoot the 100hr ttsx in my 257 wby. TTSX's are very accurate and seem very easy to work up loads for, I didn't have much luck on my first try wit Etips, and have never tried the GMX's, your rifle will let you know...I would recomend ordering some TTSX's online. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Guy has had them for years and has them priced at $31/box. I think they are even more explosive than nosler ballistic tips. I'm anxious to put them through something.

The Barnes also have sharp raised ridges running down each petal which I don't see with these. Both tout themselves as retaining near 100% of their weight, expand, and penetrate deeply. I've used both.

Another reamer might need to be ordered. Man that is too wierd!!!! The GMX is made from guilding metal. Barnes gets all the attention, but are the others just as good. The plastic tip and hollow are are clones. I ain't no Barnes expert but I know silly when I see it. I have shot barnes ttsx for the last 3 season with really good results but will now use the gmxs as i have experienced tighter groups with them and the same solid bullet construction... Great to hear. My only experience with the gmx was in .30 cal with the 165 wt. Both were complete pass-through shots and the offside shot cavity was huge.

Actually the main body of the GMX is made from gilding metal,rather than from 100% copper like the TTSX.But if they perform as well as the TTSX,and are lower priced,I will certainly consider trying them. Here's seating depth experiment at 200 yards. The muzzle velocity was ~3000 FPS. OH BS, the material is copper and tin rather than 100% copper. Barnes gets all the attention, but are the others just as good.

"We've been shooting Xs, TSXs, MRXs and TTSXs ever since they were invented. He/she is at it again. They work.

Arent the GMX pretty new to the scene? They far exceeded the 130 Partitions and were a fare bit better than the Hornady 140's I'd already put to paper. The TTSX was dead easy to get to shoot accurately, the easiest I've seen in that rifle.

Re: Barnes TTSX vs Hornady GMX vs others. The velocities were so close it basically a wash. As for accuracy the barnes ttsx out performed the gmx hands down.

Have you looked at the ballistic gel tests of each? They shoot well and worked flawlessly on the two deer I shot this year. I've loaded the 150g .284 TTSX and the 139g .284 GMX in a 7mm Rem Mag. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Password: Register: FAQ: Sponsor Forums: Calendar: Mark Forums Read: Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 01-09-2011, 04:04 PM chuck : Join Date: May 2007. I started using Barnes bullets because I'm in the Ca condor area.

They held together 95%or better.. I have very limited experience with both but after having worked a bit more with the gmx's in an '06, I found the farther off the lands I seated the bullet, the better they shot. This was my first hunting season and every deer I took dropped where they stood with the ttsx. Thanks . The gmx was the most accurate in her rifle therefore it`s what we opted to use.I wouldn`t hesitate to use them for any reason. Posts: 13,118 Barnes TTSX vs. Hornady GMX.284 139 gr vs … Can you see any difference?

It has me scratching my head on an upcoming project though. It also loves 180gr Nosler eTips. I simply picked an appropriate powder (7828 SSC) and put the bullet 0.050" off the lands as recommended.