As I mentioned, KYBs drive significantly stiffer compared to the smoother Bilsteins. Shop our full website to browse coilovers, lowering springs, camber kits, wheels, and more. Direct OEM replacement, especially for Asian cars. The answer to this question is actually way simpler than you’d expect. Out of the box, it's pretty lacking. Or better yet – just go with a complete corner unit assembly like this one: Best performance for the price, exact fitment from the leading OEM manufacturer. I was not apparently! I’m wondering what to do about that (back to stock or raise a little more?

Register a free account today to become a member! We bought the car specifically because my wife (who has increasing back difficulties) really liked the ride. With saying that if the bc allow adjustability I d be interested to see how they work. Loved the BCs on my Scoob and livin them on the Clio. About to purchase one of these kits, have been told the build quality of the Billies are awesome and give a great feel both on and off the track, some say can be a bit soft... Have been told the valving is superior to the BC but the cons are no damping adjustment and the height is adjusted by the spring platform unlike the BC which allows adjustment by shortening/lengthening the actual length of the coil over leaving the spring well alone. The right choice would be a Bilstein 5100 kit. I ran 5100 on my Ram, but a local dealer namedropped the 5160 to me saying they are even better for offroad. Today, I’ll be looking at their most popular shocks: For general applications, I’d recommend Bilstein 4600 shocks. I have a 2008 Tundra, 360,000 KMS on it. But I don’t tow it a lot and have never taken it cross country but might???

Customer selectable spring rate, 30 way adjustable, inverted damper, and they are fully rebuildable. My wife no longer can take off-roading and even with the X-Reas can only barely do dirt roads very slowly for short distances (jolting really hurts her). And caught and out handled a cup that was caged and on r888's with Gaz suspension at Bedford last year. • On the other hand, Bilstein come from another land of auto traditions: Germany. Re: Bilsteins shocks and KYB struts, what I wanted to say is that KYB has a wider, more dedicated strut line while Bilstein focus more on shock absorbers. We're an Authorized Dealer of BC Racing Coilovers and many other high quality automotive suspension brands. I am initially considering the BC Racing coils, since they are significantly cheaper than the more established brands such as Ground Control, Blisteins, Koni's and etc. Some people prefer firmer control, but on a half-load a set of Monomax shocks can just get uncomfortable.

so KYB or Bilstein and if Bilstein the 4600 or 5100 series? Generally, monotubes help with better vehicle handling and improved responsiveness to changes in road conditions! BC Racing has six different coilover models available which were named to make it easy to distinguish between them. I’ve had someone else recommend the KYB Monomax, but with those I’m concerned about an overly stiff ride. KYB are definitely stiffer – with Bilstein you will experiences a smoother, more comfortable ride overall. I went through 2 sets of them and gave up after the 2nd set did the same thing. If you’re looking for something close to OEM rides, the KYB strut assemblies are your best choice. QA-1 is prominent in the drag and off-road racing arenas, and has been branching out for street car applications. Some people say German people have a strange sense of humor…well, Bilstein accept no jokes with how they manufacture their shocks! is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG. There’s a slight difference (in terms of composition) between struts and shocks, even though these terms get used interchangeably often. Bilsteins are well built, mine were fitted over 5 years ago and still in good condition when I came to sell. I had them set-up professionally twice, the second time being night and day compared to first set up. I was thinking 4600 in the rear. Firm, but not too stiff – and allowing for superior control on uneven surfaces. I thought these were what Chuck put on his ZHP? Just in case, I’d talk with an additional service person or you can ask in the 4Runner forums for someone in a similar situation. BC Racing is a cheap semi-entry level coilover system. I’ll explain why this matters so much a bit further into this article. If you see someone complaining that their Monomax shocks busted after 3 years – yeah, that guy’s done a fair bit of off-road driving. The comparison chart below will help you easily compare the specifications of each kit so you can better decide which model is best for your vehicle and its … • Bilsteins are till in the lead for me as I think more and more how much I am going into autox. Bilstein raises the bar higher. I would recommend the Bilstein, it's a much higher quality product. My issue is shocks. They are an updated version over standard low pressure twin tube shocks that run on velocity sensitive valving.

Especially in more extreme conditions.