I’ll need a pot of coffee to stay awake for the debate between her and Pence. (Elizabeth Flores/Minneapolis Star Tribune). Beth, who struggled with her own addictions, dropped out of high school and, for a time, cut her father out of her life. Astrological update for the week of November 2-9, 2020: All the facts! “I just remember being horrified by this headline,” she told me, pointing to a yellowing page that featured portraits of her, a recent high school graduate with hair down to her turtleneck, and her father, who wore long sideburns and a cardigan.

She wanted, she said, her “family to be this perfect family.” And while that proved impossible, she could at least try to be the perfect daughter. Jim’s memories of this home were never perfect, but now, with all that had changed, he could barely recognize the place anymore. But the new owners had made changes, too: they’d painted the exterior a dark gray with an orange trim around the door, fenced in a basketball hoop along its side, planted a row of trees to demarcate the property. And to enforce those standards she has an “Iron Range style,” a “blunt, direct and tell-you-what-I-think” way of communicating that at least some voters ought to appreciate. Her body was discovered by a lock-and-dam worker, but identifying her proved a bit of a challenge; some unique tattoos may have helped. That was a battle, however, he was able to win. Amy had plenty of material to work with. Her Venus in Taurus is in her 3rd house. His colleagues at the paper either didn’t notice his drinking, or pretended not to. He might blow up at a motel operator if asked to pay with a credit card when he wanted to pay in cash. He wasn’t just a journalist; he was a local legend, an unelected representative with a constituency and an origin story that affirmed both American progress and nostalgia. Enter to Win a Car Pass to Preview Night of GLOW Holiday Festival! I’m being polite. I was very impressed with her in the last debate. THIS. by Dan Savage, October 6 We lost that part.”. “They want you to come out there, look them in the eye, and tell them the truth,” said Amy, who in 2007 became the first female senator elected in Minnesota. She is the step-sister of U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.Katharine's mother, Susan Cornell Wilkes, is married to Jim Klobuchar, Amy Klobuchar's father. All the times he pretended the bottle he kept in his trunk was mouthwash, and the times Amy and her younger sister, Beth, sat in the room above the garage, staring out the window and waiting for him to come home. Her solution to the coverage of her own temper has been to turn those stories into an exercise in political branding. And Amy wanted to be someone worth writing about.

so that we can create an accurate birth chart. She seems to be the candidate with the best sense of humor.

Jim does, after all, have a history of predicting the outcome of elections before anyone else. “The worst was Gretchen Johnson.”), Several former members of Amy’s staff say the lightness belies a deep preoccupation with her media coverage. 3', We have all been the one dude in the Minnesota Orchestra who dressed for Halloween, First Ave rolls out new merch: Book Box, smoking paraphernalia, 31 restaurants, curbside-pickup spots, and delivery joints that opened since COVID hit. She doesn’t like to talk about her father’s battle with memory loss, initially having her staff ask that it not be discussed. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. She took her first breath in this world on 25 th May of the year 1960 which has now made her reach at the age of 58.

by Hart Van Denburg IS. It was why she didn’t hesitate to join Jim on his many biking adventures, even if she risked cringeworthy headlines about their relationship. For my visit, she had planned a tour that would include a visit to her cozy townhouse with its creaky wood floors from the late 1800s (she proudly pointed out the cops had recently shut down a meth house in the neighborhood), a breakfast down the block (where she was greeted by neighbors and supporters), a visit to her old elementary school (where she recounted favorite anecdotes like the time she was sent home for wearing pants), and finally a look at her old house, where she had recently returned for a difficult visit with her father.

With very little water in her chart, she lacks sentimentality and perhaps the compassion of some other candidates, and it’s interesting to me that she is currently in a progressed New Moon in Leo (culminated in December 2019). But she wasn’t there to defend him.

“It was a whole thing passed on,” Amy said.

But he needed to get this help.”.

HOW. She was on a brief break from the campaign trail, trading hard-hat tours of ethanol plants in Iowa and a uniform of nondescript blazers from New Hampshire town halls for a quiet morning at home in a comfy pastel fleece. Her dad, Jim, was a Midwestern celebrity journalist, a man of the people and a fiery alcoholic who needed his daughter’s help. Chasten Buttigieg has been a homeless community college student and a Starbucks barista. Profiles of the candidates running for the 2020 election. Still, Amy is running for president as her father’s daughter, and she’s betting that what the country needs right now is not a revolution, but an intervention. Her chart is very intense and I’m concerned about that, but she may be the most electable. It took a certain kind of toughness to confront her father in court, and 26 years later, Sen. Amy Klobuchar is pitching herself to America as a teller of hard truths. And when she does get press, it’s not always positive.

Venus in Taurus has a special gift for using words in a beautiful, but grounded and practical way. Ms. Klobuchar’s sister Beth left the family and changed her name, and a stepsister, living with Amy’s father and his second wife, was found drowned in the Mississippi River in 2010.

But perhaps even more defining have been the slew of stories alleging Amy treats her staff poorly: including reports of beratings in the office, office supplies thrown at underlings, and attempts to sabotage future employment for those trying to leave. The exact cause of her death hasn't been made public.

in, 3:00 a.m. Mon, Nov. 2, 2020 “When I said that elected leaders should go not just where it’s comfortable but also where it’s uncomfortable, this is what I meant,” Amy said, her laugh cutting through the fog of her breath.

Still, she has proven endurance and made it successfully through her Saturn Return last year, and her planetary cycles for the spring primary season look good.

“I’d ask him why he was yelling,” she said. Jim was the kind of guy who would yell at a gas pump if it wasn’t working, she said. It was an unforgettable day, for Amy.

The article detailed a bicycle trip the father-daughter duo had undertaken and was titled: “Jim Klobuchar and daughter encounter new relationship.”. Fox 9 reported that Wilkes was an actress, painter and interior design student, and that she may have gone swimming about 10 days ago. Home means comfort and understanding, nurturing and acceptance.

He could be right.

New Moon people are changemakers – they were born at the beginning of a new lunar phase and they are ready to wipe the slate clean.

Goodie! Big decision coming up! When Jim used to drive Amy to visit her grandmother, the closer he got to the Iron Range the louder he would seem to talk. She has charted a path to the White House that goes through (not around) certain hard-luck swaths of Middle America now known as Trump Country but which used to be Democrat Country, and which still is Klobuchar Country. This begins a new 30-year cycle in the sign of self-exploration and potential celebrity.

The Iron Range is no sure thing for Democrats. With decades of newspaper stories, and 23 books, Jim had put a lot of himself out there, including what was often an ugly battle with addiction. Twenty-five years after Amy’s, and the court’s, intervention, and Jim is still sober. “She always wanted his approval,” said Amy Scherber, one of her closest friends since grade school.

Friends of Jim’s say they see a lot of him in Amy: the populist streak, the humor, and yes, the reports of a fierce temper.

Jim gave a speech about aging and memory loss back then. Klobuchar has been tied up all week in Washington, taking part in the confirmation hearings for Supre Court justice nominee Elena Kagan. “One of his phrases is, ‘Amy’s going to go a long way,’ ” Hanson said. (Caroline Yang for The Washington Post), Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar in 1974.

A few years ago, Jim’s memory started going blurry. We also see her progressed Midheaven (the evolving point of vocation and our impact in the outer world) nearing a conjunction to her natal Pallas, an asteroid of significance and important events. Katharine's mother, Susan Cornell Wilkes, is married to Jim Klobuchar, Amy Klobuchar's father. Amy took a third option. Amy Klobuchar is originally from Plymouth, Minnesota, USA.

But a lot has changed since then. I find it difficult to believe that she would win the Presidency simply because there is so little excitement around her candidacy. Still, Amy’s sister, Beth, inherited her father’s demons; she drank and dropped out of school, and changed her name to Meagan. It could be a volatile place, but people from there were proud of their home, which supplied the iron used to build the country.

“He still remembers a lot of things,” Amy said.

The story told by the chart is that of drama and abuse, and the wounded experience of abandonment. She has used this to transform herself and will be a transformational leader for our country.

We may look to her Aquarius ascendant for a detachment and clarity of thinking that may have served her well in her journey to overcome a difficult childhood, and her Aries Mars gives her the directness and aggressive force that has fueled rumors that she is a very difficult boss.
(Kerem Yucel/Getty Images). Amy was a young lawyer by then, and at one of Jim’s hearings to determine his sentence, she took the stand.