The fish gets its unique name from the color’s gradient effect. At this point, the male fish may start to chase the female around. They have been known to live nearly 10 years with especially good care though. Ich is not too difficult to treat. It is also acceptable to give your Black Skirt Tetra live or frozen foods once in a while. At the very least, you need a group of 5 fish to keep them happy. Texas Cichlid (Rio Grande Cichlid) – Care, Size, Breeding, Tank Mates & Details! It’s thicker towards the belly of the fish, creating a very quirky shape that stands out. These fish helm from several bodies of water in South America. [1] It is easily distinguished from all of its congeners by the presence of a dense field of dark chromatophores spread homogeneously over the posterior one half of the body unlike the lack of such pigmentation in all congeners. So, you must breed them in a separate tank to prevent the adults from eating the babies. They become calmer with age. You’ll also need to ensure that the water temperature in this tank is a bit warmer than your other one, and heavily aerated. Instead, females are a bit bigger and more full-bodied than males, which tend to be more elongated and skinnier. I’m an Aquarium Keeper from the past 5+ years and here to let you know about your favorite fishes I hope you will enjoy my posts and share with like-minded fish keepers.

Yes … While it may not be the most colorful fish, there are certain varieties that are more vibrant than others. The black fin tetra gets along fairly well with most other type of fish; however they have sometimes been known to nip at the fins of other fish. Black Skirt Tetra coexists well with Neon Tetra, Zebrafish, Harlequin Rasbora, Glowlight Tetra, Ember Tetra, Dwarf Gourami, Ram Cichlid, Kuhli Loach, Otocinclus Catfish, etc. Try to check out any of our other 1000+ pet related posts to see if you can find what you were looking for! The species reaches sexual maturity at about two years of age. Black Skirt Tetras typically stick to the middle of the aquarium. (As well as discounts & coupons on stuff you already buy.). You can provide nutrient-rich flakes or pellets for their main meals.

Sexing these fish can be a bit tougher than other species. Also, it requires water hardness levels between 5 and 20 dH. Like most aquarium fish, this tetra is prone to diseases of the scales, parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc. Hobbyists often provide live foods such as daphnia and mosquito larvae, and frozen foods like bloodworms.

These include Black Widow Tetra, Petticoat Tetra, and Blackamoor. The plants shouldn’t be too dense.

Live plants with broad leaves and a darker substrate recreate their habitat and bring out their more natural behaviors. However, this self-directed behavior can be reduced with larger tanks and a high female to male ration. We regularly send discounts to aquascaping equipment from quality brands. And with coloring as striking as their temper, they’re sure not to be forgotten anytime soon! If you are going to keep any Black Skirt Tetras, you’ll need to get a minimum 15-gallon tank that measures at least 20 inches long. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. Black skirt tetras should be fed no more than once per day, and they should be fed no more than they can eat in 3 to 4 minutes. The Black Skirt Tetra is a very peaceful fish that is characterized by two vertical black stripes going down the side of its body. For that reason, we recommend avoiding any long-finned fish species. Today we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the freshwater aquarium favorite, the black skirt tetra fish. Black skirt tetras are not as commercially available or popular as other breeds of tetra, but they are still beautiful and rewarding inhabitants for those that add schools to their tank. While the black skirt tetra has been known to nip a fin here and there on occasion, for the most part, no, they will not nip on fins. It is highly recommended that you keep multiple Black Skirt Tetras together in the same aquarium. Molly Fish 101: Care, Types, Food, Lifespan & More! Make sure that you put these Tetras in a tank that is at least 15 gallons with dark river gravel as the substrate. During puberty, the saturated black stripes on the body fade. In the wild, they will feed off plants and consume pretty much any insects they come across. It’s a good idea to invest in a reliable water test kit to be sure you’re getting accurate readings. Your filter should be capable of keeping ammonia and nitrate levels relatively low and get rid of all forms of waste. They have actually been known to eat various aquarium plants, but not in great numbers. To induce breeding, raise the temperature a few degrees higher than normal and heavily feed the fish live and frozen foods at least twice per day. Remember, these fish are active swimmers and need some room to move freely. How to Tell if a Neon Tetra Is Going to Lay Eggs? Gymnocorymbus thayeri is a shy fish and not as hardy as a Black Skirt Tetra. Having some hardy ones in your tank can be a nice snack for your fish in between feedings. With regular maintenance and care, these water parameters should be easily met and maintained.

Spawning water temperature, stimulating reproduction: from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. Receiving its name from its black translucent coloring, the hardy Black Skirt Tetra is great for any community aquarium. Black skirt tetra fish are not picky eaters at all and will eat pretty much anything you throw at them. Myself William and I love aquarium fishes! [1] It was formerly reported from the Guapore River, but this population is part of G. flaviolimai, which is found throughout the Madeira River basin and was described in 2015. Learn more. Threadfin Rainbowfish – Habitat, Maintenance, Tank Mates & Details. They tend to thrive when they are around at least five other Tetras of this particular sub-species. This coloring has also given rise to a second, similarly-apt nickname: the black widow. The tetra fish will feel the most comfortable and will be most likely to breed in a tank that has just a few plants, has a medium to low light level, moderate pH levels, and slightly warmer water. We’re happy to have you as part of our community. You should strongly consider using dark river gravel for the substrate in your tank.

There should also be a raised protective layer for the eggs to fall through, such as marbles or a grate. In reality, they’re semi-aggressive and known for fin-nipping. This fish can survive in waters with pH levels between 6 and 7.5, meaning that it does well in slightly acidic and slightly basic water. All unfertilized eggs must be removed promptly so that they do not become covered with a fungus.

They go by many different names. Our mission is to educate and share aquascaping knowledge with others, and to show the mainstream audience that aquascaping can be beautiful. Required fields are marked *. In the wild, the fish feed off the plants as well. These fish helm from several bodies of water in South America.

The black tetra was also used to make genetically modified fish sold as GloFish (fluorescent colored fish). We say this because this species is prone to nipping at flowy fins of betta fish or angelfish. The darkness of their fins starts to fade after they become one year old. These Tetras can get along with just about any fish, but you’ll want to avoid keeping them with any aggressive species. They are unlikely to make it through a whole nitrogen cycle which means that you need a nitrogen testing kit to make sure that you keep the levels appropriate. Keep an eye on the two fish and make sure that the male isn’t being too aggressive. You can also put some dried leaves on the gravel, but you’ll need to change them out every two to three weeks. Black Skirt Tetras (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) are a unique addition to community tanks. Compatibility in a common aquarium is possible with fish of similar sizes. The Black Skirt Tetra is a very peaceful, schooling fish that comes from the regions of South America. Your email address will not be published. LED Aquarium Lighting: 11 Great Fixtures for Freshwater, Planted and Reef Tanks.

Here are some important parameters to stick to when you’re setting up a tank for Black Skirt Tetras. If possible though, go for a 20-gallon tank for good measure. Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When the fish lay their eggs, take both of them out to keep the offspring safe. Like many schooling fish, these species have voracious appetites and will also accept flakes and pellets. Even still, they are quite beautiful and stand out in well-kept aquariums. It frequently eats its own eggs, so keepers remove the fish after spawning. Remember that unprocessed soil and scenery can become a source of disease. Community setups should be housed in larger tanks to avoid territory and mating-driven aggression from all species. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. These fish do not care for their eggs or the baby fish fry at all. As the black skirt tetra is usually considered a prey fish they do like to be around a lot of plant matter, rocks, and floating wood debris where they can hide under or around. There are a few different ways of telling if a black skirt tetra is a male or female. Answered, Cardinal Tetra vs Neon Tetra: Differences, How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank In 11 Steps, 10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners, Marineland Magniflow 360 Review: Canister Filter. As we mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you keep this fish with its own kind. Black Skirt Tetra (lat. This will reduce the chances of your fish developing any diseases and becoming seriously ill. The body is diamond-shaped, with a silver tint. Black skirt tetra fish do not really like to mate around other fish in aquariums so separating them is usually deemed necessary. We recommend taller plans ideally. Your email address will not be published. This pale coloring will stay with them for the majority of their life, which can range from 3 to 5 years. Then they will be able to eat the newly hatched brine shrimp. These will give them some variety and enrichment which will keep their stress levels low. The recommended tank size for Black Skirt Tetras is a minimum of 15 gallons. In all reality these fish do like a slightly larger tank and would therefore greatly benefit from being in a 20 gallon tank (114 liters), especially if you have more than just the 5 black tetra fish in it. Swimming Area: this fish will swim in all layers of water. Your email address will not be published. They have two or three vertical black stripes on the front half of their body, near their eyes and gills.. They’re readily available at many pet stores due to their massive popularity. But upon reaching maturity (generally the one-year mark), only one of these characteristics will remain: their colors will gradually fade and eventually leave behind a pale coloring. Messages 150. The black skirt tetra fry should become free swimming within 72 hours of hatching. Black Skirt Tetras aren’t picky when it comes to food. Also, the black skirt tetra is a type of fish that scatters its eggs along the bottom of the fish tank, which means a bare bottomed fish tank is ideal for tetra breeding. So, if you do the math, this means that you should have no more than 8 black skirt tetras in a 20 gallon tank. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Separate the pairs you want to breed from the other fish about a week before breeding begins. These fish usually live anywhere from three to five years, though some of them have been known to survive for nearly a decade.