Crit chance increases by 4% when in one-hand weapons style. *You need to set a trigger to always attack current target, this way your gladiator will keep the target you select and continue to use this attack whenever it comes up on the target you selected. (not sure on the conditions for a surprise attack), Low profile: 3 (important to keep enemy from turning around to face you), Upstroke: 3 (useful on single large targets), Round sweep: 3 (not great, but it’s a follow up for the aoe cc), Stumble sweep: 3 (best ability on polearm), Power strike: 3 (polearm does do higher damage than great sword after all), Harasser: 3? Deal 15% more damage to orcs, goblins and trolls. Blackthorn Arena is a strategy/management sim with a real-time combat system, set in a world of mythical monsters and classic fantasy races. This means at 100% block rate your hitting someone with a extremely powerful 100 dmg attack that they cannot avoid and stuns them for 4 secs farther opening them up to more damage, or allowing you to hit a target that dodges/blocks alot while they are stunned. It can achieve 100% block rate. Commander (leave at 1 till end if you want), First aid (fill in shield strike and defender after this), Duelist (leave at 1 till end if you want), Berzerker (leave at 1 no point going higher), Shield knock OR challenge (either works, SK is aoe but shorter, CH is longer but single targ). Good at AoE damage. Accuracy increase 5 while dual wielding. It also contains a place called torture chamber that could have some scene of physical torture, however neither sexual nor extreme(such as alcohol abused) included. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. For solo I typically go 2-hander. When I get close enough I use stumble sweep on polearm and trio slash on 2-hander or double trio slash. Play as the master of Blackthorn Arena, train your slaves into gladiators, forge them into your champions, and send them to fight for your glory! 11 videos Play all Blackthorn Arena - Gladiator Simulator Britto Getting A Manager - Kings Of Rock - Rising Star 2 Gameplay Episode #10 - Duration: 33:27. Deal 15% less damage to orcs, goblins, and trolls. Ideally you are looking for a tank and a damage dealer. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aba66d07354edbc8bfe06765a2c570a6" );document.getElementById("bb8458ff0a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Pretty straight forward, it heals you 65 points, super important if your looking for your gladiator to survive the long haul, like in solo challenges where your one gladiator is expected to 1v1 a never ending stream of challengers till the tournament is over. They also get even faster as their health gets lower. If I’m only running one aoe, like a single 2-hander, to bring in the assassin, the enemy gladiators are usually at very low health after the aoe combo. Add Comment. Otherwise, accuracy is decreased by 2 as the distance deacreases by 1m. Blackthorn Arena - Guide to the Role Library, Blackthorn Arena - Starting Guide (with Tips and Tricks). I move the ranger up a bit and then target a non-armored enemy. Armor Maintainer Reduces the weight penalty on all armor by 5% 128 Balanced Attack speed increases by 8% when use polearms 92 Beast slayer Deal 15% additonal damage to beasts. Dwarves are Son's of a Rock, and have 25% reduced weight penalty and have increased health regen below 30% HP. (mainly off of abilities) (not sure if this would work). If you play Blackthorn Arena, this guide provides a collection of effective builds & triggers to build the most deadly gladiators imaginable. Solid Gold Mace (or mace club) two of these can give +6str to remove weight debuff but are slow. Does 15% more damage to mythological creatures. Among them are Bully, Challenger, Fear of the Strong, and a few others. A great support class that is completely immortal. They need matching armor penetration with as high as possible since armor penetrations stacks between both your weapons, meaning if you can find two 20% armor pen weapons of the same type that gives you 40% armor pen for your attacks, this is huge for endgame fighting level 20-25 heavy armor gladiators. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Blackthorn Arena > General Discussions > Topic Details. All rights reserved. Don’t want to be using a ranger when the opponent’s a defender. DESCRIPTION CHECK UPDATE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCREENSHOT TRAILER NFO DLC is fully compatible with old archives and saves !The Gods of War pack introduces two new challenging events to Blackthorn Arena, with along two sets of Legendary armor as their rewards :1)The trial of Alyanas :A group of tomb raiders in… Actually do a LOT less. Ok at taking out-groups. ©2018-2022 PersonaeGame Studios. block and accuracy!