26 Pros thoughts on Fruit Fly Supplementation, Follow The Frog Lady on WordPress.com, Photo from Wikimedia Commons used under the Creative Commons license. We have two ponds in front of our condo so I am guessing frogs originate from there. They proliferate in ponds, garden pools, swamps, marshes, wetlands, and sluggish areas of rivers. Black and white speckled along sides and on face. Like “The Frog Lady” on facebook or follow aapanaro on instagram to get some sneak peeks into the frog lady’s frog room! Bright green on tops of back legs.

Picture by Andy Avram, From Pickaway Co., Ohio. About the only permanent body of water not likely to harbor large populations of American Bullfrogs in Ohio is Lake Erie itself.

***. If that’s not the case, I confess that you’ve totally stumped me. Note that the scientific name has been changed from Bufo fowleri to Anaxyrus fowleri. Crazy! Southern Leopard Frog (Rana sphenocephala utricularius), External websites describing the southern leopard frog: ODNR | OhioAmphibians.com | Wikipedia. I live in Trumbull County. In comparison with the spots on the back of the Pickerel frog, those on the northern leopard frog are more narrow and more randomly placed across the back, while those on the Pickerel frog are more squarish and are lined up in two rows.

Another way the Cope’s gray treefrog can be distinguished from the gray treefrog is by its call.

I have grown up in Northwest Ohioand have lived here my entire 29 years and have recently noticed an explosion of gray tree frogs on our property I was wondering if there is a scientific explanation as to why I see so many on our property as a child I had never seen so many at once we have recently put in flower beds around our shop and I keep seeing them shortly after it rains by the dozen I do have to say that it is quite awesome however I am still perplexed at this strange occurrence. ( Log Out /  Mice and spiders come out of where we have ours, maybe a frog climbed out.

Something odd about these guys is that some people believe that the Eastern spadefoot smells like peanut butter. The mountain chorus frog can be found in the south eastern portion of the state. When it doesn’t seem to have spots, you can still distinguish it from the American Bullfrog because the Northern Green Frog has a ridge going down each side of its back, while the American Bullfrog does not. During the winter, the toad will burrow deep into the ground below the frost line. The grey treefrog may range in color from green to brown to grey (as shown above). It’s beautiful!

As a child in the 50’s, I loved frogs, and roamed the countryside around Urbana, Ohio to observe them. I wonder what your cat thinks of them. She says it was bright lime green and had a stripe on it’s back. The great tree frogs have wart skin as well and do turn green or brown based upon what it is testing upon. My puppy was just found chewing on one of these amphibians.

The Fowler’s toad will make a series of quick, short hops as the American toad will make a few larger hops. I’m just curious I live in Clermont County Ohio. They usually have 2 vertical light lines running from the back of their eyes down their dorsum creating a hourglass shape.

Listen to its call in the video below. It’s known as a wall lizard.

I am wondering if the blue color was transferred onto the toad from something it was crawling through.

I was trying to find out what kind of frog it is. I have seen twenty frogs with the blue to violet feet and hands in Middletown ohio today…they do not look like any of the 15 images they also have blue specks in their throat balloons…they are almost tame. Western Chorus Frog (Pseudacris triseriata triseriata), Ohio Division of Wildlife video on the Western Chorus Frog, External websites describing the Western Chorus Frog: ODNR | OhioAmphibians.com | Wikipedia. Dawn, you can attach a photo of your frog to an email and send it to us. There is a screen on top so debris won’t get washed in. We came across a large bullfrog size specimen while digging through the leaf litter. We live in barberton oh. Hello, I just found a frog/toad on my table inside the house. Two interesting facts about the wood frog, is that while the frogs do not show any paternal care to their young, it has been discovered that tadpoles that have been separated from parents can pick their parents out and aggregate around them. Or maybe there was some mold on the boxes (mold can have a bluish cast). If you where to grab it by the body the neck is long enough to make you think he could come around and bite. The gray treefrog and Cope’s gray treefrog can be difficult to tell apart during breeding while they are both mottled. ( Log Out /  What they do is bury themselves under leaf litter or mulch, or squeeze into some little cranny. The Pickerel frog may be tan, light brown, or olive-green. The other, we believe was brought in by the cat and escaped. About the only permanent body of water not likely to harbor large populations of American Bullfrogs in Ohio is Lake Erie itself. This frog had a very gold color. Any thoughts on what it is? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ODNR’s distribution maps seems to show it residing in the following counties: Lawrence, Meigs, Washington, Athens, and Morgan. There are two yellow lines on the eastern spadefoot’s back. Secondly, the wood frog is very tolerable to cold temperatures. These frogs are found throughout the eastern half of Ohio. =( Can’t wear sandals out there since then.

The mountain chorus frog is a small species which ranges from tan to light brown with a dark brown mottling pattern. Hello Deb, my son and I we’re out foraging for wild mushrooms. Additional Information:  During an evening observing the spring salamander migration at The Holden Arboretum a large American Bullfrog was observed by A. Avram as it grabbed and swallowed a large, adult Spotted Salamander.

could he have come up through a sump pump? They seem quite content with their lives in our kitchen, and we are happy to share our home with them. We have grandkids coming to visit us soon, and wonder if he could be dangerous. We have small dogs that look at him but do not get too close nor do they bother with him much. When it croaks, it sounds like a loose banjo string. He sometimes moves from there to my porch light and back. Original Photo, Photo from Flickr Wikimedia Commons used under the Creative Commons license. As to your question, I am as mystified as you were as to how the little toad managed to get into your sealed rain barrel. I think it would be better to wait till it is warmer. 13 green frogs spending the summer there has a bright blue head. Watch the video below to hear! However, I researched blue bull frogs and they’ve been found in nature preserves as well and there no blue dye there!

Tadpoles can be distinguished by their redish-orange tails.

But my question: any ideas on how it got inside the rain barrel.

They are common throughout Ohio.

These spadefoots spend almost all of their time buried under ground, with the exception of breeding time.

This species is so abundant that it is thought that it is partially responsible for the decline of other species.

If you are worried that they can’t get out, you could try sticking a board diagonally in the window well.

I am in central Ohio and I found a small frog that is just green and has small warts all on its back.

He hibernates in our potted bamboo plants during the winter , but returrn to the potted plants during the warmer times. Despite the word, gray, in the name both of these can be green.

That is just not high on their list of things they would like to do. The gray tree frogs are also tiny like this.

© Deborah Platt, Robert Platt and TrekOhio.com 2012 to 2019, The Ohio Dept. I selected a representative photo, but be aware that there can be a lot of variation in color for frogs of the same species. Below each photo, I note the range of colors that are possible for that species. Help support TrekOhio by making purchases through Amazon links on this site. Thanks for the comments distinguishing one from the other…very helpful! The Eastern Cricket frog measures an average of 1″ in length with the females being slightly larger. A couple of photos follow showing variations in color. Our guess is that it came into house by way of the sewer line and figure it must have fallen through the hole in one of the access/man hole covers in the street and have no idea how many times it made the trip through the toilet to reach the bowl.

Julia, I don’t honestly know the answer to this one. Email kd8fki@gmail.com.


It is said that they can be mistaken for a herd of sheep calling in the night. I stuck a branch into the dumpster that stretched from the bottom to beyond the outer rim. Although the Fowler’s toad and the eastern American toad can be hard to tell apart, one way to distinguish them is to look at their “warts.” An American toad will generally have only one or two “warts” per dark spots on its back, while a Fowler’s toad will have three or more “warts” per dark spot. The Fowler’s toad may be brown, tan, gray, or light green.

I also tried to catch it but it was too fast for me. Matt, I wasn’t aware that there was a population explosion of gray tree frogs in NW Ohio, and I am at a loss to explain it.

Food: With an appetite matched by their size, these frogs will eat anything that fit into their mouths. We have great photos of it. They are abundant in a natural metro park here.

The Mountain Chorus Frog may be light brown or olive-green.

Their dorsal coloration ranges from many shades of brown and green, with some frogs being bright green.

Original photo, Photo from Wikimedia Commons used under the Creative Commons license. If it is warty, it is probably a toad.

It can be distinguished by it’s dark colored “X”across its back. Their call sounds like a quacking of a duck. Ohio man Matt Minnich recently found and photographed an extremely …

This frog is very common throughout the state of Ohio in woods next to vegetated swamps and marshes. During moist or rainy nights young frogs disperse and may be found on roads, in the forest or anywhere well away from a water source. Original Photo, Photo from Wikimedia Commons used under the Creative Commons license.

The Eastern spadefoot is called that because there is a dark, hard bulge on each of its hind feet that serves as a kind of spade or shovel.

They are typically green or gray-brown with brown spots. Maybe it’s time for an update to the list of Ohio frogs…? Could the toad entered in the overflow tube on the ground that was full if water but that would put the toad entering at the bottom of the barrel. of Natural Resources (ODNR) is offering a.

I’ve never seen such a small frog before:

Like the Green Frog, the American Bullfrog commonly has a green head on a brown body. Although I don’t have a photo showing the scale on these two tree frogs, I do have one of a Northern Spring Creeper. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In bullfrogs, this occurrence may be 1-in-a-million, according to the department. It may be reddish, gray, or tan. I failed to mention that it had an elongated neck.

Teri Chapman – I have several 3-9 pound dogs. THANKS.

I have a 75 gallon rain barrel with a downpour directly flowing into the barrel. Where will he go during the winter?

If you happened to see Todd while he’s farther away from the hole, maybe you could drop something over the hole before you tried to catch him. Instagram? External websites describing the American toad: ODNR | OhioAmphibians.com | Wikipedia, Video of American Toad vocalizing: YouTube.

I rescued the toad , it was still alive, and let it find it’s way on the ground.

American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) Photo 1. Note that the spots between the folds on the frog’s back have a squarish quality. Three of them have met the toads in our yard/pond and decided to try and catch them. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "free086-20";