director of the Introducer. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our clients don’t give up control of their business to outside investors in order to support growth. The IPO phase requires public registration of a security under the Securities Act of 1933, which can be extremely costly. We can assist with growth capital, acquisition financing and buyouts.

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Our team of startup lawyers understand the pivotal role that financing plays in startup growth and can assist you in taking advantage of the right financing opportunities. These conflicts to raise capital can include: fee structures that pay much more for raising equity than debt, receiving equity ownership in a client based on the valuation of the investment, long (typically 2 year) ‘lock up’ or exclusivity periods, and the acceptance of finder’s fees from the funding institutions. relating to this agreement. As a corporate financial advisor to growing businesses, Lantern Capital Advisors provides capital raising services for our clients, regardless of whether it is debt or equity. After funding is complete, we also look to help our clients achieve their ultimate goals. Furthermore, we are flexible, agile, able to make quick decisions, well-resourced, well-connected, and accommodating when it comes to price.

CRE Financing - Traditional / CMBS / Public Finance, Determining the optimal capital structure, debt capacity, and financing structure, Reviewing asset based finance to release value from balance sheet – receivables, inventory, equipment or property, Creating offering memoranda to facilitate lender and investor due diligence, Develop lists of potential lenders, deal sponsors, and investors, Presentations and Negotiations to potential lenders, deal sponsors, and investors, Assessing multiple proposals from debt or equity providers, Manage the transaction process and interaction with lenders and investors. View our Capital Raising Capability Statement. Reach out on 1300 544 755 or email us at

Introductions . is STWA’s intention to conclude the private placement by Lantern Capital Advisors raises both debt and equity on behalf of our clients.

Capital raising is one of the essential Equity & Advisory services. Lantern’s core services include creating comprehensive business plans and securing institutional capital for corporate debt refinancing, acquisition financing, management buyouts, growth and liquidity. allocated USD $5 million and USD $2 million is allocated By doing so, we are able to quickly and cost effectively demonstrate to our client that we can deliver them interested funding sources. By combining a simple, fee-only approach to raise capital with our proven consulting process, we are able to consistently help clients raise capital with a level of quality and cost that is unmatched by other advisors.

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