We pool multiple dictionary resources and provide them to you for your immediate use. Whether you're learning Chamorro because it's part of your heritage, for pure polyglot curiosity, or just to learn a few phrases to be a polite visitor to the Marianas, "Everyday Chamorro" can be used as a resource in navigating a variety of basic conversation topics from travel and family interaction to everyday tasks and more. 25 Chamorro instructional lessons based on Donald Topping's textbook "Spoken CHamoru" are the core of our lessons. (11:35 min), The story is told in ‘Fino Håya’ (pre-Spanish CHamoru), the word-by-word and line-by-line translations of this video is in, At the end of a meeting at the University, Dr. Robert Underwood wishes everybody a good weekend. The word “time” can be translated three different ways in Chamorro: In this article, we’ll be talking about i ora, or “the hour”. Seeing CHamoru words and texts in published books and public places, hearing radio commercials and announcements in CHamoru language, attending Catholic CHamoru masses and rosaries, etc. ormonth + dia + number + yearHere are some examples: When you want to tell someone when your kumpleaños or ha’ånen mafañagu-mu (both mean birthday) is, you can say it in a few ways: Before the Spanish arrived, the ancient Chamorros used a 13-month calendar based on the lunar cycle.

This structure of five distinct - but yet linked - ways of learning CHamoru provide you with the opportunity to customize and optimize your own unique way of learning CHamoru. To do this you say ya followed by a possessive pronoun. The Chamorro names for the days of the week come from the Spanish days of the week, which get their names from planets and gods. (0:24 min), The translation of this video and 23 practice sentences are located in. Search the basic versions of the word, usually in the present tense (such as, search 'run' instead of the past tense 'ran').

Although our home is now in Austria, I want to keep learning CHamoru to maintain my links to my home island Guam and to pass them on to my children Ha'ani and Noah. They are analyzed and explained sentence by sentence, can be listened to, and invite you to respond in your own words. (2:13 min), Find it all in, Siñora Rosa Palomo tells the story of how coconut palms have sustained the lives of the CHamoru people for thousands of years.

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Common Phrases in Chamorro.

This video comes with word-by-word and line-by-line translations as well a set of related practice sentences. Saying i fecha, or “the date”, in Chamorro is almost the same as in English except for a few details. Let’s go and do this.Here are the names of i mes siha gi sakkan (the months in the year).

In both languages, the year always comes after the month and day, regardless of the order. For some learners, using simultaneously media examples with our dictionary and grammar topics generates a particularly effective way of learning CHamoru. Traditionally, the day came before the month, but now it is common to say it the English way as well. This video comes with a summary table illustrating all four types of CHamoru pronouns. Good morning. The University of Guam and LearningCHamoru.com sign agreement to advance learning CHamoru on the campus of UOG and beyond.

English. Or you could also say: Bente pasåo alas dies, which literally means “20 past 10”. If you want to be more specific as to the time of day, add the following expressions after the time: To say, seven in the morning, you would say: The words oga’an and chatanmak are both used for the morning. All Rights Reserved. It is much more than learning words, you participate in and shape cultural and historical processes. “I ora” means “the hour”.

to pass them on to my children Ha'ani and Noah.

Ki ora na para un fatto? So, instead of using ti we say these opposite words. Siñora Rosa Palomo, and As a registered member of LearningCHamoru.com, you have the opportunity to become part of an active learning community.

Since the pandemic hit, word of his CHamoru language lessons spread internationally, and demand jumped to 10 times the usual size. Talking About Dates in Chamorro. In English, afternoon is any time that is after noon, that is 12 pm, through the evening. Our dictionary, lessons, dialogues and other learning materials are to generate a pleasant and rewarding learning process for learners with different learning styles and in diverse learning contexts. They’ll just say it is para (to) or pasao (past) a specific time. It takes 30 seconds. You can also specify the exact minute, if you wish to be specific.

Whatever grammar topic you want to learn about, you can pick and choose from an ever growing range of topics; such as pronouns, verb forms, tenses, etc.. We use grammar resource from various authors and complement it with explanations and comments from our CHamoru teachers. What time will you arrive? Copyright © 2020 The Chamorro Language. Welcome to Our Growing Community of People Learning CHamoru. Time as in telling time. What time does Target open?Ki ora na humåhånao hao para i che’cho’-mu?