Nov. 2 (UPI) -- A Florida man who requires special contact lenses to see invented a robot to help people with dexterity issues insert and remove their lenses. Cougars probably were extirpated from Alabama in the mid-1800s. Closest known extant and self-sustaining wild population is in Florida (P. c. coryi). A look at black cats known to exist in other parts of the world may lead us to find out which, if any, black cats are to be found in Alabama. Expanding populations may force young cougars to spread out to find their own home ranges. 1973, Currier 1983). These reports covered a 30-year time span with a few being reported right after the backing up of Lake Eufaula in the mid 1960s. One afternoon, my son and I drove through a wildlife management area.

Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Firefighters in Florida responded to a property to rescue a horse that fell into a septic tank and nearly was submerged in sewage. Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Transportation officials in the Netherlands said no one was injured when a subway train crashed through a barrier and came to rest on a giant sculpture of a whale's tail. Because no specimen of the native population was preserved, genetic affinities of native pumas in Alabama are unknown.


Its range is now limited to parts of Africa and southeastern Asia. Without question, long-tail cats do exist in Alabama. These spots are vivid until three to four months old and are still discernible at one year of age. Now, just for the record, the Department of Natural Resources continues to deny their presence in our state.

Maybe it is a Jaguar or Leapord... those do come in black!

May 16 (UPI) -- An Alabama man wants to know whether a big cat photographed this month by his nature camera is a wandering mountain lion -- or a "monster bobcat.". In Barbour County alone, more than 35 reports were filed after the Eufaula Tribune's special outdoors section was published last fall. Hundreds of sightings say yes, but the proof still lies somewhere out in the Alabama countryside. Recently, there have been unconfirmed sightings in the Beaulah community of Lee County. Award-winning Alabama Living is the official statewide publication of the electric cooperatives in Alabama and the largest magazine of its type in the state, reaching some 400,000 electric cooperative consumers. Florida man invents robot to insert and remove contact lenses. May 29, 2013 at 10:20 PM EDT - Updated August 29 at 1:01 AM, Alabama woman sentenced to 723 years of prison on sex abuse charges, Auburn University doctoral grad named semifinalist for 2021 GRAMMY award.

Cougars, also called mountain lions or pumas, once ranged from northern Alaska to the tip of South America. native North American cats. Young remain in, or near, den two to three months, when they are weaned and begin accompanying female on hunting trips.

The jaguar’s smaller cousin, the jaguarundi, was found throughout the jaguar’s former range and may have ranged as far east, along coastal areas, as the Florida Panhandle.

]; weight 35-100 kg [75-220 lb.]) Probably was statewide in distribution in all habitats, especially remote upland woodlands, rough terrain, and bottomland swamps.

“There have been reports of jaguarundis in Alabama, but we have not been able to confirm them,” Harms says. So, the animal is released into the wild.
Pelage of young is black-spotted in three irregular dorsal lines and transverse rows. How much this actually happens, we may never know. All heel pads distinctly three-lobed (Young and Goldman 1946, Choate et al. Here is another video someone sent me that was taken in Alabama, about 25 miles South of Selma. Each year, people report seeing not just big cats, but black panthers. Fish and Wildlife Service. You could be making license plates for the next six months, especially if the judge is named Garfield Feline III. Copyright © 2020 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

HABITAT: 1994). Train crashes through barrier, comes to rest on whale tail sculpture. Prey are dragged to a secluded spot before eating begins. In our game and fish law directory, pumas, mountain lions and panthers are listed under “protected species.” So, basically we are protecting animals that don’t exist. There was speculation that the animal was someone's pet turned loose. It is suspected that some large cats may have been released from captivity, which could account for some sightings. However, if you do think that you see such a creature, try to preserve the tracks by placing a bucket over them and take photographs.

Photo Credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

All rights reserved. So, if you’re turkey hunting this spring and run across a panther or cougar, please let us know. You will then want to contact a representative of the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries for further investigation. Another long-tailed cat, a jaguarundi, resembles a small cougar.

Claws long, sharp, curved, and retractile. Also in the late 1960s, an Alabama conservation enforcement officer found a cougar den with cubs in northern Baldwin County.

If you have a predator out there like that, it is going to make it harder for the deer to stay.". Habitat loss due to human population expansion, the value of its fur in the market place, potential livestock losses and a lack of human understanding of its role in the ecosystem are reasons for its limited range.

native North American cats. Screenshot: WIAT-TV, Horse rescued from septic tank in Florida.

Talk to anyone connected with the Game and Fish Department and you will get the same story. You can help support our work by becoming a subscriber today. At present, reports of sightings in Alabama are relatively common, but these probably are released captives or cases of mistaken identity. Cougars have few ectoparasites, possible due to their low densities, solitary nature, and mobile habits. Free and open election coverage when you register today!