In addition to designating available funds for specific stores, you can also allocate “Spend Anywhere” amounts that doesn’t have any restrictions.

Learn More >, Browse our Consultant Network To set up an integration with any of the services listed below, you will first need accounts with those services. Free for up to 2,000 addresses and 12,000 emails per month. In this screenshot, we've selected PayPal. This article describes how to set up PayPal as your payment processor. Online Class. Join us for a guided tour of our software, with Live Q&A For example, if you have a college student and you want to give them $100 allowance per month for groceries, you can fund their Greenlight debit card through the mobile app and specify the grocery stores where the card can be used. Here your donors can choose whether to pay via credit card or via PayPal: After clicking the PayPal Check out button, the donor will see a hover window where they can complete their PayPal checkout: Here's a video showing the checkout process when the user selects PayPal: Still need help? The step of adding a credit card number and any accompanying billing information in the Admin tab is required to be able to collect payments through an LGL form. Over 3 hrs of content. All accounts get their first 30 days free! Contact Us, © Interested in building an integration with Little Green Light? Nonprofit rate: 2.35% plus $0.30 per transaction. Access your WealthEngine account right from Little Green Light. If the child tries to buy shoes or clothing at a department store the card will be rejected. You can have multiple children on the account and multiple parents can view and allocate funds.

Simply have your child add his or her Greenlight card to his device through his Apple Wallet. Click the Set up PayPal button to proceed with setting up your PayPal account as your payment processor. Sync gifts from LGL to QuickBooks Online Plus edition. Upon installation the app states that Greenlight is “issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to license by MasterCard International.” A parent can also set a pin number to each child’s card and turn the card “off” if it is lost.

This fee is in addition to the processing fees charged by your payment processor, … Greenlight comes with some handy features, but the card itself is nothing new. We currently do not accept direct deposit from the State or Federal Government, including Social Security payments, federal tax refunds, state tax refunds, child support, etc., or from Paypal, Venmo, Apple Cash, etc. Download and open the app. The reason is that for non-PayPal users the experience with Stripe is smoother and better. We’ve got you covered! The available balance is easily viewed by the parent or child on the app. ).

Try Constant Contact free for 60 days with up to 100 contacts. If you would prefer to have your credit card payments processed by a provider other than PayPal, you can set Stripe or ProPay as the payment processor in a form and still add a PayPal option for your donors who would prefer to pay via PayPal. Get the most out of our robust platform and our delightful, hard-working community. Zapier is free for up to 5 different Zaps with up to 100 Tasks performed. Wires or money orders If you would like to give your children some spending freedom but with a little supervision, the Greenlight debit card can help. Amy Moritz, Center for Transforming Communities, Interested in building an integration with Little Green Light? I've used Little Green Light in various organizations happily—but the latest, as a one-person office having to run a campaign—the integration of Little Green Light/Mail Chimp/Wufoo was not only a lifesaver, but it made an impossible job doable…. Enjoy greater efficiency for no extra charge. 50% discount for nonprofits. LGL forms makes it easy to create and publish online donation forms (or forms that collect payment for other reasons, such as events, membership registration, or membership renewal). Little Green Light® is a registered trademark of Little Green Light, LLC. You can see when and where your child spends the money via the app. It is not possible to make a recurring donation when signed in as a guest user in PayPal. Contact Us

It is not possible to integrate a personal PayPal account with LGL Forms. Find a consultant >, Join our Private Facebook Group

A parent  can even specify the exact stores in which the child can use the debit card. Connect your other tools to Little Green Light. See our, Free training resources for new LGL users. Other conveniences include instantly transferring money to your child when they need it. Jabra Elite 85h headphones give superior sound and style. Visit Now >, Learning Resources