14 Most Brutal College Hazing Rituals PledgingSucks com. We know that some of the items in this article don’t represent every house in the Greek life, and we know that some of these instances are only from certain chapters, and not representative of the sorority as a whole – but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you didn’t know the first thing about makeup, she ordered you to check out her Pinterest board. Sound like a lot?

It works outside of school, too.

From WikiLeaks. 1. Often, this can mean that girl-next-door, all-American hot girl, she of blonde hair and tanned skin, perfect teeth and a slim body. I think this is actually an old pledge book from another fraternity. It is shown! 15 Secrets That Sororities Don't Want You To Know. Many women who have since left sororities agreed that these dictations are reality, and added that no crazy hair colours, lip colours, or nail colours were allowed, and were to be removed immediately. Now, we’re not here to knock sororities. Which Beyoncé Song Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac? This is the Preparation for Brotherhood program and I-Week. Whoever posted it most likely had a bad Greek experience and that blows; however, it's not their place to post something held dear by hundreds of thousands of brothers, especially for no purpose.... As a proud Sigma Nu (not a sigma chi, sorry) I am absolutely appalled that any fraternity's sacred ritual would ever be posted online. 10 Photos That Will Inspire You To Upgrade Your Activewear Game, 15 Secrets That Sororities Don't Want You To Know, 10 Awesome Netflix Shows That Won't Be Getting Another Season, 10 Out Of This World Donuts That Are A Must Try, 10 Facts You Never Knew About Henry Cavill's Career, 10 Big Relationship Mistakes To Avoid In The First Month, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Pisces Moon Sign, Chinese Horoscope For Beginners: 10 Things You Should Know, 5 Traits That Make Taurus Men Amazing Partners (& 5 To Watch Out For), Dating For 3 Months? If a sorority is full of hot girls, it’s more likely that a fraternity will want to pair up with them, because they think that they have a better chance of hooking up with their “sisters”. It’s a lot easier to do the unspeakable when you have so many behind you saying it’s okay. I think this needs to be removed right away. Sororities can be a lot of great things for a lot of people: a chance to make new friends, an automatic social circle, a busy calendar, and valuable relationships that will last a lifetime.

Big Bang Theory: 10 Ridiculously Expensive Things The Cast Has Bought, YouTube: Cardi B's 10 Most-Watched Music Videos, 10 Of The Best Boy Bands Of All Time (& What Their #1 Song Was), 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Leo Moon Sign, Khloé Kardashian And Other Celebrities Who Changed Their Looks Dramatically, 5 Traits That Make Virgo Men Amazing Partners (& 5 To Watch Out For), 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Sagittarius Moon Sign, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Libra Moon Sign. Rank among the Greek life is based on appearance, both physically and within the Greek world. THE TRUTH While those of us who lived in dorms had the supervision of resident advisors, those in sororities don’t have the same type of babysitting, which allows them to be as wild as they want. However, this is absolutely unacceptable. please and thank you, 2. Sources:, Fraternity rituals are for the members of that organization only. It’s when the majority group is in a position of power and privilege over those who are outside their group. I'm a brother of Theta Chi (and the general Greek community), and I find it highly offensive that someone would post any chapter's Ritual online. There are some totally arbitrary rules to this as well, but like most things on this list, they vary between sorority chapters.

In addition to the pressures of the Greek life, sorority girls are also required to maintain high GPAs in order to enhance the image of the sorority and its members. (So helpful!)

Oh, and did we mention fines? Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Since so many sororities rank their success based on their appearance, it’s not a surprise that this would happen, and that more women would hold their physical appearance higher than any other attributes or qualities. That blonde, blue-eyed, tanned girl we mentioned earlier? If they were caught not wearing it, the writer said she would apply it herself. Even to assume the document was valid, there would be no significance to persons not within the fraternity. A lot of sororities have rules about dress, hair, and makeup, but many sororities will also take in women who simply fit the mould they’ve set out. Moreover, you are probably in violation of the fraternity's copyright of this content by publishing it without permission. THE REASON "IT" IS GUARDED SO WELL IS BECAUSE IT IS NOT WRITTEN DOWN OR DISPLAYED........IT IS WAY TO PERSONAL AND COMPLICATED FOR THAT. If you thought college and student loans were expensive, wait until you hear about the cost of going Greek! It being up on this site is offensive, but wholly ineffective at its purpose - to sell you on the idea of what Sigma Chi is. This is because the sorority has an idea of what they’re getting in their new member, and the show of loyalty to a "legacy" almost guarantees a loyal subject in this new generation. This means that sororities are more likely to put partying ahead of studying, as being a fun sorority is a lot more popular than being a smart sorority. Everything secret and significant is left out, only to be recorded in memory. In it, girls were told that they must wear foundation, concealer, blot powder, pinky-nude lips, black or brown eyeliner, mascara, neutral eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush.

Maybe you heard about that insane email that was leaked a while ago, detailing the ridiculously strict requirements of the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority.