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Lyrics for Ik Gal by Culture Shock feat. Per Eh Gahl Keehnu Bhaaye Ji Ik Nuqte Vich Gal Mukdi Eh Gal Ek nukte wich mukdee eh… songs says that nukta means minute a calculation of time. Jinhu Yaar Manaan Da Chajj Howe Sunny Brown. Is Tasbeeh Da Ki Parhna Hu Ik Nuqte Vich Gal Mukdi Eh Midamerican Energy Pay Scale, Aaa Pharh Nukta Chourh Hisabaan Nu Ik Nuqte Vich Gal Mukdi Eh Paddh Paddh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban Read more in Lyrics section below about these beautiful verses with Punjabi text. Pharh Nukta Chourh Hisabaan Nu Aashiq Hoyon Rub Da Howi Malamat Laakh ik nukte vich gal mukdi e (nukta – point, idea) means it all is contained in a single idea/point. Laah Dozakh Gor Azaabaan Nu, Kar Saaf Dile Diyaan Khavaabaan Nu. Vrindavan Mandir Open Today,

Ik Nuqte Vich Gal Mukdi Eh Ik Nuqte Vich Gal Mukdi Eh © 2002 - 2020, Worlds Largest Collection of Qawwali, Arfana & Sufiana Kalam, Hamd & Naat,, Punjabi Text of Ek Nukte Wich Gal Mukdi – Kalam Bulleh Shah. Xcel Energy Corporate Office Denver,

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7 Day Alaska Cruise From Seattle, Gal Aise Ghar Vich Dhukkdi Eh, Ek Nukte Vich Gal Mukdi Ae Aiven Mattha Zameen Ghasaida, Lamma Pa Mahiraab Dikhaida. Heed not of Hell, torments ol grave; Close the books and infidelity; And cleanse the heart from impurity; This task is useful for a man. Ho ishq de pair jadon vi pede ne Sab lutt janda shayar kende ne Par ik gal main vi kehna S...Lyrics for Suhe Bullan De Naal ... gairaan nal Yarro yaad aai ajj aakhi ik gal yarra di Nai itbaar de layak hundi kuri pahara di Yarro yaad aai ajj aakhi ik gal yarra ...Ik gal saadi sun le sohniye Ik gal saadi sun le heeriye Ik gal saadi sun le sohniye, roop sada nahin rehna Ik vaari hun tu saadi hoja, mann le saada kehna Ik vaari ...Lyrics for Tere Naal by Zohaib Amjad. I think there is some special significance of wearing such a dress and it’s connection with Mecca, need to understand.All the Hajis who go to Mecca to perform Haj have to wear white robes.Here blue dress means spotless bluish white robes,“gal neele jaame paye ji” It’s a metaphor used by the poet.Bhulle Shaha kalam is one of my favourite i have a diary that i note down this type of kalam and then when i come home i read all of this thanks for such a good kalam.I want to correct your translation a little bit.As you have translated the word mehraab means aclove of mosque where the imam stand.Another meanings of the word “mehraab” is when a person says namaz throughout his life without leaving a single day, he develops a kind of spot on his forehead by continuously rubbing or hitting his forehead on the ground.This spot on the forehead is also called a “mehraab”.