Nevertheless, it has entered public awareness, which is basically the first step of becoming reality. First, we need to understand each side of this diversified and multipurpose problem.

Each small success would be a liberating and enriching experience-both for the individual and the nation. Each part has its own significance and awareness levels in society, but together they form a big, solid problem, which requires a lot of efforts to be solved.

Society wrongly uses it interchangeably with sex but the two are not the same. It is generally classifies a masculine, feminine, of neuter. It is a concept which emphasis on abilities of individual, rather than discriminating on the basis of gender. Moving … The offenders who get away with light or no punishment in such cases are emboldened and become threats to repeat such heinous and shameless acts. Long and Short Essays on Gender Equality for Students and Kids in English. God has created men different from women as they have…. The establishment of individual respect for women is only a beginning. For gender equality to become a reality, effective implementation of harsh laws has to be done with zero tolerance for violation for a sustained period in a fire fighting manner.

This situation needs legal and policy level support to deliver the real ethos behind such reservations. Women have a crucial role to play in development of nation. They are confined to household chores or duties in the farms. Language is also an instrument of gender discrimination as it constructs reality and inculcates social and religious values. These obnoxious acts are not confined to remotest of villages either where every malady can be blamed on lack of education. Recent statistics are sobering. Gender Equality: A Myth or Sustainable Reality? It is a very complicated topic to study and particular aspects are even more controversial to discuss. There is need to move on from the traditional way of allocating fixed roles to the individuals entering this arrangement. From the beginning of time, women were treated with less respect than males. Buy custom essays and enjoy the benefits of professional custom writing today! Women – the originator of life who deserved respect and rights were subject of numerous atrocities, right from the medieval era. “Millions upon millions of women are missing.

Some would think living in such a diverse world we would form a common ground and maybe unite together to be "equal" but that is far from true. The Domestic Violence Act is a step in right direction to empower women. Recent cases of sati from a village or reports of dowry deaths continue to plague the concept of gender equality. A Long Essay on the topic of Essay on Gender Equality A Myth or Reality is provided; it is of 450-500 words. The talented individuals must maintain their professional identity and need not sacrifice their potential to make this institution work. Parents keep the girl devoid of any privileges, including investment in her education, as they plan for savings to be given at her time of marriage. Women have not always had the same rights. ICSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10, Concise Mathematics Class 10 ICSE Solutions, Concise Chemistry Class 10 ICSE Solutions, Concise Mathematics Class 9 ICSE Solutions, Slogans on Teachers’ Day | Unique and Catchy Slogans on Teachers’ Day in English, Slogans on Voting Awareness | Unique and Catchy Slogans on Voting Awareness in English, Slogans on Haritha Haram | Unique and Catchy Slogans on Haritha Haram in English, Slogans on Freedom Fighters of India | Unique and Catchy Slogans on Freedom Fighters of India in English, Slogans on World Peace | Unique and Catchy Slogans on World Peace in English, Save Water Save Life Slogans | Unique and Catchy Save Water Save Life Slogans in English, Company Slogans | Unique and Catchy Company Slogans in English, Business Slogans | Unique and Catchy Business Slogans in English, Clean India Slogans | Unique and Catchy Clean India Slogans in English, Healthy Food Slogans | Unique and Catchy Healthy Food Slogans in English, Anti Drug Slogans | Unique and Catchy Anti Drug Slogans in English.