Also check to see if the filter comes with the fan or if you need to buy it separately. If you are going to invest in a grow tent or grow room, you might as well do it right. 1. This will increase the airflow and improve the performance of your ducting. Once you have the specifications for the fan, you have to choose a make and model. You probably want to get at least a 6-inch diameter fan due to the size of the light hood’s opening. If you have flexible aluminum ducting, the first thing you can do is smooth out the wrinkles. Secure one end of the ducting to the fan flange with a clamp, and fit the other to the carbon filter. Installing an inline fan shouldn’t be rocket science. It is affordable and easy to install, but you can also use insulated aluminium ducting or a heavier duty duct, depending on your preferences and budget. Q. To make a passive system work, you need to make sure that your intake hole is three to four times larger than the exhaust hole. One factor that can help narrow down your fan search is the size of your bulb. Once your tent is in place, the next thing you should do is has hung the inline fan. , you will need to follow a different setting. The size of your intake fan depends on two factors: the system you use, and the size of your out take fan. You don’t need an intake fan. In my previous grow I opted to use a couple 6″ clip fans and a household tower fan in my grow tent for airflow. Uncontrolled humidity leads to poor growing conditions and can result in the development of pests and diseases. The most crucial primary point is that the ducts should have as few bents as possible to make the flow of air efficient. Here’s why. Indoor Gardening for Beginners | Ultimate Guide, Can Any LED Light be Used as A Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 11 Best Fluorescent Grow Lights Review- t5, t8, t12 Bulbs, How to Use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants (Ultimate Guide), Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor Plants, How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light- 7 Effective Ways, 15 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Tent & Room (Review 2020), 15 Highest Yielding LED Grow Light (Reviews 2020), 10 Best INEXPENSIVE LED Light for 4×4 Grow Tent Reviews, 10 Best Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil & Hydroponic. Let’s get some commonly answered questions out of the way before we wrap up this tutorial. I still see more Pax 2 vapes …,  What’s the best grind for the Pax 2 or 3? Keeps room and leaf temperatures down; smooth and... 90 degree oscillating action; 3 speed settings. I’ve made all of these mistakes (and more)…so you don’t have to. Therefore, use the adjustable clips to hang the fan and have it dangling a few inches from the grow tent’s ceiling. This will make your plants grow healthy and strong even though you grow them indoors. You want your oscillating fans to reach all areas of the growing room, which might mean investing in a few fans, but you also want to prevent your fans from pointing directly at your plants. All the same, it comes with the challenge of ensuring that you have a supply of fresh air into the tent. Build a PVC bracing frame and hang it from the top of your tent! A good ventilation system also wicks away some of the water released during transpiration, allowing your plants to absorb more water and pull up nutrients through their root systems, boosting growth. Therefore, after hanging the fan with the tapered end facing the exhaust hole, use the remaining straps to hang the carbon filter.