Of Roses And Jade(The Emperor finds his empress)-BL | Tapas The Accidental Empress, by Allison Pataki $13.99 This classic children’s novel won the coveted Newbery award for telling the story of two girls of different faiths during World War I who form an unbreakable bond and risk everything to save one another from the costs of war. I write a historical bl novel as well. Paperback We’ve all hear the myths of Vlad the Impaler…but what if Vlad were a woman? The history of England’s throne is bloody and full of conquests and disputes. If there’s one historical novel to read this summer, it’s George Saunders’ acclaimed (and 166 actor audiobook narrated!) Mattie cook, a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and grandfather, does her best to flee the city with the latter in tow. $10.98 Paperback Parenting In Full Bloom! An alternative version of history in which magic once existed and returns in the 19th century with Jonathan Strange and Gilbert Norrell. Three friends form everlasting bonds, but are subsequently severed from each other as the reality of their circumstances set in. He's the beautiful rose, blossoming in the Ji estate. That is, until he became an enemy. $3.99 #33. Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry Unlike his father who is the powerful army general, he was born with a delicate soul. For novels, bl ones especially it's better to ask scantalating groups such as Giraffe Corps. This envisioning of the medieval era just before the great Plantagenet scions finds Margaret, countess of Anjou and the rightful heir to the throne, suddenly without her crown as her male cousin usurps her title. $15.49 The three giants of historical fiction are of course Tolstoy, Graves, and Vidal. This man’s story was singular and new. Another classic about a girl who travels back in time to learn about what happened during the Holocaust and better appreciate her own fortune in the present. Paperback But in Jennifer Donnelly’s achingly beautiful historical epic, happiness is short lived, and Fiona winds up fleeing the city for her life. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have been entranced by the love story of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schyler (as told in the musical, of course! Paperback Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette, by Sena Jeter Naslund The Night Watch, by Sarah Waters The Devil’s Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen Blank on Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut in Center Position Ch21 - A-rank, Congrats Thank you for translating! $4.49. $8.99 What distinguished Robinson Crusoe were elements that now seem essential to the novel as a genre. (Inspired by Chinese novels) Paperback All the Light We Cannot See (Pulitzer Prize Winner), The Red Tent - 20th Anniversary Edition: A Novel, Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals Series #1), Bring Up the Bodies (Booker Prize Winner), The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge Series #1), When Christ and His Saints Slept (Eleanor of Aquitaine Series #1), 25 of the Most TERRIFYING Horror Books Ever, 25 Books You Probably Should Have Read Already, Barnes & Noble Booksellers’ Favorite Romance Novels of 2019, The Season’s Can’t-Miss New Releases in Fiction, From Books to Films to Wizarding World Gold: How Harry Potter Continues to Delight Fans Both New and Old, 6 Sequels and Series Continuations We’ve Been Waiting For, Romance Roundup: Event Planners, Gossip Writers, and Amish Widows. | $18.00. March, by Geraldine Brooks | $17.00. The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?! Paperback $9.99 A revisionist history of one of the greatest stories ever told—The Bible itself. One girl is caught at the center of the conflict when she sees a mysterious tape that shows an alternate reality….in which they lost, and then seeks to make that version of history a reality. The Girl Who Tempted Fortune (Kingdom of Naples) Jane Ann McLachlan. Another “what if?” is answered in this YA novel by New York Times bestselling historian Eleanor Herman…what if we knew what Alexander the Great was like as a teenager…and furthermore, what if he had magical powers? The Red Queen, by Philippa Gregory ), Hardcover There isn’t a dull moment in this ambitious story, which chronicles the building of a cathedral in a town in England in the 12th century (during a period known as The Anarchy). It's a fantasy romance novel with an ancient Chinese setting. There had been prose narratives before this book, but never so sustained a fictional account of one individual’s experiences. Paperback Another revisionist history novel in which the Germans and Japanese won world war Il- this time in YA form! Would you like to take a look at my novel too? Do you want to have an option to receive weekly email updates for our site? Legacy of Kings, by Eleanor Herman She is mentioned only once in Moby Dick, but in this revisionist novel, Ahab’s Wife, Una, has an entire novel devoted to her upbringing and marriage to Ahab. An enigmatic and often explored figure, William Shakespeare gets another historical treatment, this time as the tutor of young widow abandoned by her only family when he is accused of murder. Finding herself in love but vastly unprepared for the costs of ruling, Sisi must constantly weigh her loyalties to herself, her family, and the man she loves. Our list of the best historical fiction books includes bestsellers, bookseller favorites, and award winning titles. Sarah Waters’ historical novel about four Londoners moves backwards starting in 1947, and ending in 1941, as we see how their their raucous, tumultuous lives intersect—and then change—in the wake of a massive historical event. | $17.99, The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah When she learns that her father did not die, but was murdered—and that uncle “Dolf” could have been behind it, Gretchen teams up with a Jewish reporter to find the truth. Ending up in the rough and tumble streets of New York City, Fiona finds her way from the bottom of the heap to the peak of the tea industry, where the past has been set to steep and soon comes back to burn her. Here’s your all-access pass into the ultimate historical fiction guide: revisionist history, speculative history, and good old-fashioned historical fiction can all be found here, spanning Biblical Ages through to the early new Millennium. | $22.00. | $10.99. The myths of King Arthur’s Camelot were told and retold for centuries before this novel was written, finally giving voice to the women in the story, including ingrained, the king’s mother, Viviana, the Lady of the Lake, Guinevere, his queen, and Igraine, the villain. Kindle Edition. When two fighters on opposite side of the war meet and find themselves aboard the Leviathan, they change the course of the world. If you could prevent one of the greatest massacres of human history, would you? It is the turn of the century in London, and Fiona Finnegan loves Joe Bristow. Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Tracy Chevalier Paperback | $28.00. The 100 Best Historical Novels of All Time is a book list for those who enjoy a taste of history in their fiction. But was it always a happy one? With some time and patience, Aderran learns from and about his new surroundings from his new “Mother”, who brings up more questions and answers about his newfound... Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Historical BL Novels. Voyage, by Stephen Baxter A retelling of fictional history takes place in Jo Baker’s novel about Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of the orphaned housemaid, Sarah. | $19.99. The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett The mother of impressionist painter Camille Pissarro finally has her story told—after a lifetime of bending to the will of others, including a protective mother, a father who married her off to save his own skin, and a husband she does not love, the chance at a love affair awakens something in her, and will ultimately change history, Paperback My Lady Jane, by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows And I Darken, by Kiersten White Laurie Halse Anderson’s historical novel about the 1793 fever epidemic that killed over five thousand people in PA is a peek inside one of history’s forgotten moments. Bring Up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel Hanna, a Canadian nurse, is caring for him, tries to get him to recall his past…and the truth about what they learn changes them forever.