NEXT: Sex And The City: 10 Characteristics We Still Relate To Today, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Free Shipping on Prime eligible orders. It brought to life the importance of the valuable relationships a woman has with her friends while she tries to navigate the dating trenches. It's a simple quote, it pulls at the heart-strings and it's a moment that can be considered as foreshadowing as (spoiler, but not really) Big and Carrie end up together after many years. Carrie pondered a lot while she was holed up in her New York apartment, writing. I've never had a better feeling than when I held up that trophy.

The company president held up his record as one that couldn't be surpassed. These quotes about women supporting women are an example of how we lift each other up instead of helping hold each other down. Hold up—what exactly are you trying to tell me?

RELATED: Sex And The City: 5 Things That Make The Friends Girlfriend Goals (& 5 That Are Toxic). "Greasers are almost like hoods; we steal things and drive old souped-up cars and hold up gas stations and have a gang fight once in a while."
We intend to hold our end of the bargain up. 1. Carrie finally gets on with her life in Paris, but it doesn't work out. Can be displayed year round. Mom hasn't been holding up too well since Dad's death. This is one of the first moments viewers got to see the connection between Mr. Big and Carrie and it was magical. Is something out of stock? RELATED: Sex And The City: Carrie's 10 Best Questions That Are Actually Relatable. Once on, however, we had no real problems as the, Based on expected traffic 30% increase in traffic by 2017 motorists who are held up for five minutes now will face. A discrepancy like this could hold up the sale of our house. In this case, her views of relationships were a bit skewed and it didn't really make sense.

I want my money back for this chair. Miranda was wildly focused on her career and her needs, but when she spoke this line out into existence, it was not only funny but also relatable. A Perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on Each Other All signs completely painted (front, back and sides) and the letters and decorations are made of high quality professional vinyl.

It's an iconic joke, but it also just makes no sense because Carrie has been using a computer for four seasons now. There were a lot of good scenes, situations, and quotes throughout the series and even in the movies to follow, but this one stays put as top five. By Kendra Ackerman Jul 03, 2020. Comment. (for someone or something) Go to hold up; wait up (for someone or something). Some still hold up to this day, but others don't make sense anymore.

Someone can't really miss fate if it wasn't fated, to begin with, no? The gangsters held up the bank. You're going to need to hold your skirt up all night so that it doesn't drag on the floor.

Sure they might've gotten into fights and kept some secrets for way too long (ahem, Mr. Big), but they were hard to dislike. How are you holding up? These top inspirational quotes from powerful women everywhere are bound to inspire you. He's running hard to catch up to us. She's on the phone at the time and is worried he'll be able to see through the computer. An accident on Main Street held up traffic for thirty minutes.