especially on routine maintenance. Make sure the lid is secure but well ventilated, as to not let humidity build inside the container. Superworms are great at burrowing, and it may be difficult (if not impossible!) Known as superworms, super worms, Zophobas, and sometimes Mario worms, these larvae are inexpensive, easy to house, and make a great treat for your pet reptile, amphibian, or bird. 1333 Plantation Ave Port Allen, LA 70767. Larvae are fed to your pets, as most animals will not consume the beetles due to a distasteful chemical they emit when threatened. then if they mold and if the worms eat the mold they die off quick. . Get a bigger size screen or reduce the thickness of the substrate? Certainly! Because of their size, superworms should be fed only to adult leopard geckos.For dietary  and nutritional considerations, superworms have a higher calcium and fat content and slightly less protein than mealworms. They tend to go as low as they can. But it would of helped to of have known that it is better to use a fine bran then large oats, since the large oats are so large they absorb too much moisture. Scientists, teachers, writers, illustrators, and translators are all important to the program. At this point, however, they have been made available throughout the world. To breed your own, start by buying 50 to 100 superworms and keeping them in individual containers. 17 December, 2009., Jenny Drnevich. When compared to other common species of feeder insects, superworms are one of the most highly nutritious species available. Hi Billy, Keep the container between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit — any higher, and you will begin to observe the worms crawling to the surface of the substrate and dying off in large numbers. A cluster of mealworm beetle eggs laid on the bottom of a plastic dish. Jenny Drnevich.

=/. They will be small, so you might have to look very carefully. Once the mature beetles emerge, put them together in an appropriate breeding habitat and wait for your baby superworms to arrive. Call us at (225) 343-7035 Toll Free (800) 735-8537

They will be largely inactive for several weeks. Keep in mind that even though this species is rich in protein and other minerals, you will still need to gut-load them (feed them foods that are rich in nutrition so they pass that nourishment onto your pet) and dust them with the recommended supplements to give your pet a well-balanced diet. They will turn a reddish brown color, and Similar to the mealworm, when the superworm has reached its penultimate development stage, the pupal stage, it curls into itself and ceases almost all functionality. Adult beetles will live from 3-4 months, and will lay eggs throughout this period (although they will lay more eggs from 2-12 weeks of age). It is five times larger than its well-known cousin, the mealworm, due to having more chitin (the outer shell, typically referred to as the exoskeleton) and a generally longer body. What should I do? Superworms consist of 22% protein and 17% fat, slightly more than a mealworm’s content.

Superworm beetles are fertile for their entire adult lives. Never really had the time. Eggs: 1-2 weeks. % of people told us that this article helped them. If you would like to make a more advanced superworm colony setup using an automated system, you can cut the bottom out and add screen to the bottom of the beetle bin to allow the eggs to drop into the bin underneath automatically. The bedding will act as the substrate and food for your superworms. Pupae will not bite, fly, crawl, or eat. A single female may lay several hundred eggs in the substrate. Not sure what patreon is haha. The most common reptiles that eat superworms are lizards and turtles. Unlike mealworms, the superworms will die if they are exposed to temperatures below 60 °F (16 °C). After they have reached adult size (over 2” in length), remove them and house the superworms individually, without any food or water. Tried several kinds. You may choose to use a superworm breeding rack system like in the picture below or by just using shoe box sized sterilite bins. To learn how to help baby superworms mature, keep reading!
If feeding superworms out as a treat, tong feed the superworm to your animal, or place them in a feeding dish or bowl that the superworms cannot escape from.

These seem to have got there but just stopped. first of, thanks a lot for the info!,

Most adult superworm beetles live about 5 months. It will only wiggle when you touch or grab it. Looking for a good food option for your bearded dragon? the bottom. The adult superworms are the worms closest to becoming pupae.

After the eggs hatch (7 – 10 days), very small white larvae will be visible. Monitor the temperature of the habitat carefully to make sure the beetles don’t overheat. Contact us today! He’s been keeping reptiles as pets since he was a kid (we won’t count the decades) and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge on the topic. Plastic, slick slides are best so they do not gain traction to climb out of the container.

These large worms resemble mealworms and can grow up to 2 inches (51 mm) or longer. While in the soil, the superworm pupa grows antennae, wings, legs and a fully functioning reproductive system. Breeding superworms is fairly simple, but does take quite a while due to the superworm’s relatively long life cycle.

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At Josh’s Frogs, we move the adult beetles to new containers every week or two, so that the superworms that hatch out in a bin are a similar age and size, making feeding easier.

Retrieved October 30, 2020 from, Jenny Drnevich.

When making your bedding, make sure you crush it up in a blender until it looks like a fine powder. For mealworm beetles, this good place is in a pile of wheat bran or flour, which is the food for the young. If I had 700 super worms how much bedding would i need and what size container? There is very little parental care in the mealworm beetle and in most insects. 2E I use a powder sugar sifter. For more information on what else your leopard gecko needs for a well rounded diet or other options for feeder insects, check out our compete leopard gecko feeding guide. If you are 100% sure, check in the bin for any adult beetles.
We also, Bugger: What to do if your feeder bugs do not arrive in great shape, Get Quality Superworms for Sale from Your Trusted Shops and Suppliers, Shop Superworms for Sale to Feed Your Reptiles the Best in Nutrition. A bin with several inches of the same substrate used for the worms is fine.

Eggs are about 2 mm in size, which is very hard to see for some people. Pieces of egg crate or paper towel tubes make a great place for beetles to hide and lay eggs. If you can, store them in an area that is well-ventilated and free of smoke, perfumes, chemical fumes, incense, or aerosol sprays. 3. Here are a few guidelines to help you raise them and tips on how to keep superworms alive: As long as the container is a minimum of 5 inches deep, you can house your superworm colony in virtually any container. Superworms are easy to feed to your pet reptiles, amphibians, or birds.

It is very important that you get familiar with the superworm life cycle so you know what to expect and when to expect it. You are very welcome. Most people throw the frass and bedding away, missing out on hundreds of superworms. The larvae will change to pupae, and eventually emerge as a beetle. 1.

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We work hard to raise the healthiest, liveliest, and most nutritious feeders on the market. You have our word that if your dubia roaches arrive dead, we will replace them, free of charge. Like many young boys, he developed an early fascination with dinosaurs, and by extension, reptiles. Is there anything in particular I need to do for pupae? ASU - Ask A Biologist.

We also sell superworms at Josh’s Frogs, in 25 or 50 counts. If you’ve decided to add superworms to you leopard gecko’s diet, you may consider breeding superworms yourself to keep a steady supply on hand. Can I put normal mealworms with extra large mealworms?

how did your experience go? Worms will take several months to reach full size.

However, breeding superworms requires a bit extra for their care.

Superworms can fit the bill. You can simply place each individual larva into a 35mm film canister without food or water (recall that they do not eat during this period). Get In Touch. Mom doesn't help them after they hatch, but at least she makes sure they have enough to eat. Any larvae that are stiff and straight or have turned dark in color are probably dead. Don’t put a dish of water in the habitat, or it could cause the substrate to become moldy. Darkling beetles are prolific breeders and females can lay hundreds of eggs during their adult lives. This type of feed can be very enticing to reptiles stimulated by moving prey.