I know this has been a verbose comment but I would tell anyone that if they actually listen to what you are saying then they will be successful. Than your body it’s almost too narrow for you, and you want to act, to move, to live in a and other occult techniques. I encouraged him to embrace these demons for ythey came to him for a reason an will make him stronger, but what scared me the most was when the guy laughed hid his face between his legs then looked up his voice changed and he said, “I see who you really are. Everything being a single unit, good bad, god evil, it’s just one. I’ve lost almost everyone.

I blacked out and went into a nightmare. You may have repressed them for a variety of reasons and remain consciously unaware of them. Be open for solutions, seek them actively and then you will find them.

It is responsible for your voluntary and involuntary actions. The same thing happens during invocation ritual. Would that be possible?

But I did have a rich uncle who worshiped Satan. Since I never experienced similar things and my life was complete opposite of it (loving family, stable parent relationship, very grounded personality, no mediumistic abilities), I can’t help you. Invite loved ones to help you realise aspects of your personality you wish to work through.

it’s been a few months since I departed from church and started reading more and more about satanism and demons and I choose Dantalion and by what I read on your blog he did too now, I saw my demon guardian which I’m not sure of his name, I saw him once in a dream and I been trying to contact him but haven’t had luck, my question is, is it possible that my guardian is Dantalion or could it be a different demon?

Chaos magick with no belief system is out of the question because I like following a theistic religion, and I’ve always had an interest in demons.

d) emotional – hard to distinguishable from sensual one, usually those two melt together so you may experience a powerful form of a presence with emotional exhilaration, excitation (not just usual excitation but strengthened over normal amplitude – like on drugs but without negative effects and with full control and awareness) and yes – also love.

Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Know exactly what you ask for (be specific, avoid generalities) once again please and thank you. All i’m asking to you is what should i do? Satanism is among others about personal freedom so we don’t care about personal or mental preferences. What are advantages when working with demons in your opinion? Know thyself is the key phrase here. Ultimately you unite with it so that others become aware of your light. Could this be related to Satan and his kind? Only if you somehow lost it you would feel this strong void as a contrast to what you felt before.

It was very complicated process but in all this we believed that we make it and my sister believed it too. He said that if he summons it, he goes to hell.

It is not an extraordinary skill, it is something quite common when you finally get to know it and you will find then that many people already receive such signals but are merely ignoring them. There are enough materials and info on the Internet to get started on your own.

In fact, this love may be the way you can transform your issues into something positive in your life. Hi zalbalath firstly I would like to thank you for this beautiful work you are doing and fo r your time because for newbies we always have many questions and we don’t know were to run and find answers ,okay my concern is I’m new to satanism and I.

Use Benjamin Franklin’s Principles Of Success To Sharpen Your Own, Say Hello to Something Awesome — a design thinking exercise, How to Stop a Bad Habit by Replacing It With a Good One. Allowing your light to shine on your demons invites you to go within to find that source of bright energy.

Interesting topic in here. However there are individuals who have gift and can connect to the other side. Your demons are here to teach you lessons. How about the feeling of being kissed, and in the same time being “entered” by something?

This is what is so annoying to me. -Mark. In order to help you, someone would have to spend lot of their time, coaching you. Everything started falling into place and now I knew he was the one. They learn how to embrace their gifts, how to use them and also how to use plants (drugs) to manage it. I don’t even think I am worthy enough.

Look for yourself first and then you will find Satan. For me it happened in my early 20s after years of occult study (I’m not a medium). Could you make it clearer?

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However astral work requires some experience and discipline so learning meditation is the first step you need to take. What’s automatic writing? Focus on what you want, feel it, imagine it, believe it is possible. You’ll know when you’re ready to examine your concealed emotions. finally i found what i m searching for and i think it’s totally right ty ❤. Prayers can be important part of that process because they send your requests to demons or Satan, during action you open yourself for unseen forces and let yourself be inspired by them. It happened for me spontaneously but I worked toward spiritual growth since I was a kid so the journey and work took many, many years. I just need a friend that nobody else could see type thing..but anyways hope I didn’t bore you wirh the story but yea if you could talk with me and answer back I would be very very grateful…now I’m gonna go listen to Marilyn Manson and Dark Funeral etc and go to sleep…. I am Trans and I was wondering if the satanist community was accepting of my kind.

However person without mediumistic abilities may have troubles to obtain results so quickly. The important feature of self-examination is the willingness to address the repressed emotions or beliefs. I want to see something physical or feel it, i just want to know that something is real and it is not all bullshit.

Invocations are just simple, polite invitations. I can’t tell what this “shadowalkers” are just from your description. Because of that, there is no way to point you to the specific practices. Normal people have stable state and must actively seek the state of creativity (let go of the control and flow with the feeling but still there is a sense of control and borders that we created), while “crazy ones” often can’t help it but act through it, because they are caught up in river so strong they cannot control the flow and the flow goes in a way that socialized person wouldn’t allow.

There is as much answers as demonolators responding. my family is always bugging me and i cant find the time so i was wondering if there was a way to talk to a demon without drawing a circle? There are people called mediums, who are born with... 2) Have realistic expectations!.

There are few things you need to know or learn: 1) Everyone can learn how to communicate with or channel demons! At first it may be terrifying but when you see that nothing bad is happening, you will get use to it so you can move on further. Telling me it’s my destiny and not to be scared of my fate.

I want to ask for guidance. Be kind and patient with yourself during this process. I think about their names without me even wanting to, even during my meditation and I thought that maybe one of them is trying to communicate with me. We were like this for about five minutes and I could see many faces within his face as though a haze of fog slowly changing. I could not perform physical or astral ritual because its very difficult for me to perform these rituals but still i practiced all kinds of meditation stated in an satanists websites.

Sexual desires are normal part of human experience and even infants can have orgasms so a small child masturbating is nothing weird. What do you think about goetia? As to process of changing a body, it is somewhat possible but mostly by conventional means and long time work. That thing had only a fabric of grayish clothes on him and also two silver thin horns coming out of his forehead and i found it was beautiful and also i couldn’t see it’s face. There is no direct and easy prof but the point of such experiences is inner change, then the world around you changes with you too. How you perceive yourself changed. 3) Learn to recognize demonic presence and communication!

For as long as I can remember, she’s always been there. Often people have to work toward success because first attempts don’t bring any results or at least nothing they would know of, so it’s not that easy. You can potentially achieve your goal but that may require work, dependently on circumstances and your experience, it may even take years. H e says that it starts to control him and he becomes so fearless, extremely evil, heartless and his mind filled with evil spirits. Yes it is.

I had some moments of automatic writing myself, although that wasn’t intended ;p. Hello,

In different words, you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality because it all is interconnected and fantasy is used to perceive reality in subjective way.

But my usual conversations with others just don’t fill me. And are “elfs” or “fairies” really real? You can go to psychiatrist and get medical treatment that will stabilize your visions but that’s more like suppressing of a problem then really solving it. So back to the trans demon thing. First time I hear about it. I think the demon has rapped me before but…I won’t mind it again . Communication isn’t usually considered a magickal act per se, but thanks to demons you can get new ideas that can improve life in certain areas – in the same way as it could happens when doing a ritual or while casting a spell, or visualizing, doing affirmations, etc.

i have so many questions in my head but no one can help me, in year 2000 when i was 5 and lived in germany so many strange things happened to me, i could hear some voices in my head talking about me and saying my name and i saw creatures In my room at night, and every night when i went to bed 2creatures or what ever i have no idea took me off of my bed and that was the last thing i could remember wen i woke up the next morning in my room, all i know is that my dad hast to do something with it he was in contact with satan like he worked for him for receiving money and drugs and all he wanted, i don’t know, and the more weirs thing is that in that time i felt like a grown up women like i was 22,23 years old and i had sexual desires, and i did weird things for example i took off all my clothes in a public place, and i even mastrubate when i was 5!!!

The opposite state is to bury them deeper. Telepathic communication can embrace also various forms from above examples because it can be n0n verbal, for example when you ask or wonder about something, images or whole ideas and knowledge could suddenly pop in your mind (R. Monroe calls this package of thoughts – thought rotas).

I red that some people have different feelings, they feel like hands were controlled by someone else, or they loose consciousness, or something else. is there a way to know it is real, ive tried with pendulums and sigils but i cant seem to believe it for some reason, i think im just swinging the pendulum and it has nothing to do with an entity.

We may see the same physical world, but mentally we all see it different and that is why LIFE IS A JOURNEY THROUGH OWN MIND and it’s much more then just physics and what we commonly agreed upon.

I hope it will help those who were born with such gifts to accept them and control them.