By midafternoon, 2100z, the low has deepened to 964 mb — so much for occluded lows weakening — and it is 50 kilometres southwest of Landsdowne House ON. A special thanks is in order to all snowmobilers who provided needed assistance during this crisis. A broad weak high sits over Kentucky in the mA/mP air, while the Polar front continues to organize over the far southeast. Meanwhile, a 1040 mb Arctic high sits over the NT, centred north of Contwoyto Lake, and between the two features, north winds of 30 to 50 mph winds are producing 0SM visibilities across the Kivlliq region. Jim Yungclas, Dickinson County extension director, and Duane Curry, ASCS manager, spent Monday polling (by telephone) livestock producers in the county. By 8:30, not even two hours after the prank call, school was canceled. The main pool of mT air still sits over the southeastern US, but the tongue of warm air and moisture associated with the trowal crosses Vermont, southern James Bay, Big Trout Lake ON, Kenora ON and Brainerd MN. Two of the greatest losses have been suffered by Bob and Fred Ahrenstorff, who estimated that they had lost over 350 head, and Bernie Cohrs who has lost over 250 head. These vehicles were stalled on 72nd Street, south of Dodge. At 09z, (3 am CST), where we leave the storm, the low has filled to 977 mb as it continues northeastward across southeastern Hudson Bay. January 13, 1975 Most City Streets Are Open. Machula reported that residents seemed to cooperate with the phone company’s request, and the office call load was held down during the power shortages. Seventy people are known to have died, 58 because of the blizzard, including 14 of them in Nebraska and 17 in Iowa. They were no match for the wind-whipped snow as it stacked in piles up to 12 feet. The first of many tornadoes from this event touched down about 90 minutes later, in southeastern Oklahoma, and another, 10 minutes after that, in northeastern Louisiana. 70 mph winds and up to 20″ of snow fell on a line from Bell Plaine to Dubuque and completely shut down traffic. A  secondary cold pool sits near Cheyenne CO, at 0C θw, from where it wraps eastward and then northeastward to a cold and dry pool near Sault Ste. 12 people were injured. Numerous phone lines were downed by the storm over the weekend, reports Dave Machula of Northwestern Bell in Spirit Lake.

A warm, moist pool of mT/mP air exists in the southeast, centred over Tennessee, with θw of 16C to 18C. 700 was the count loss by Tuesday noon in Dickinson County alone. Woodbury, Monona, Crawford, Carroll, Greene, Guthrie, Audubon, Shelby, Harrison, Pottawattamie, Cass, Mills, Montgomery, Mitchell, Fremont and Page counties. Otherwise, there have been no unexpected developments. The political representatives expressed some pessimism about the possibility of getting new financial assistance bills through congress and past the President at this time. Five years ago, a blizzard of epic proportions paralyzed the Midlands. Total amounts of 16.0 inches were reported at Lansing and New Hampton, while Cedar Rapids received 14.5… He became separated from his two companion snowmobilers north of Spencer early Friday night and was reported missing later that evening. anyone. Civil Defense Director William Conner was stranded by the storm at his residence on Crescent Beach on West Okoboji. When Saturday morning finally came, there was no letup in sight. The third source of power, the other 69,000 volt backup line feeding into Arnolds Park from the Corn Bell plant, was still surviving the storm.

The storm also killed more than 100,000 cattle, hogs, sheep, and chickens. The 39 tornadoes that touched down on January 10 marked the most active tornadic day in January in U.S. history at that time. . Cars got stuck at 72nd and Pacific Streets, and motorists stumbled through whiteout conditions in search of shelter during the storm on Jan. 10, 1975. . The declaration will help trigger disaster assistance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dubbed the “Great Storm of 1975,” the “Super Bowl Blizzard,” “Minnesota’s Storm of the Century” and “The Tornado Outbreak of January 1975,” the storm dominated the weather from Canada’s Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico — and for at least a few hours, simultaneously. The storm had its beginnings over the Pacific and on January 8th it lashed the coast with gale-force winds. The couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Gretchen, slept soundly through the night, and Mr. Kepler? As the seriousness of the storm became evident, rescue workers, law officers, utility employees, citizen band radio operators, snowmobilers, road maintenance workers and innumerable other workers and volunteers sprung into action, keeping loss of life, property and discomfort to a minimum. A blizzard with 0SM visibility is reported at Broadview and Estivan SK, across southern Manitoba, the eastern Dakotas, much of Minnesota and into northern Iowa. Early Sunday morning the winds had finally subsided and IE crews were successful in locating the problem areas on that line and power was restored to the West Okoboji area about 10:30 a.m. That snow removed from the business district, and locations where it could not be stacked, is being taken to the old city dump southeast of the city. The company started to repair services Monday in those areas where the phone lines were downed during the storm. 1975: An intense low pressure system moved northward across Iowa on January 10-11, producing a severe blizzard across western and northwestern portions of the state which was one of the worst winter storms on record and is often referred to as "The Blizzard of the Century" in that area. It had all of my mother’s extended family (father, sisters, BIL’s, cousins, and us trapped in Des Moines for days. “This is a real bad situation,” Yungclas stated, “since many farmers’ 1974 field crop was not up to par-add this to their dilemma; and it’s going to be tough going for them (farmers).”.

There were still some isolated cases of electrical outages which weren’t repaired until later on Sunday because linemen had to concentrate on the situations involving more people, concluded Block. Snow drifted to 20 feet paralyzing the entire area. Other losses of 30, 40, 50 and 75 head dead in the storm, came from almost every farm that had any livestock.

then {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}} per month. F1 and F2 totnadoes are now occurring in eastern MS and moving into Alabama, along and ahead of the Polar cold front. Temperatures are now -35C over eastern Colorado, but just -10C or warmer (θw 18C) over Georgia and eastern Tennessee. In addition, livestock losses were substantial. Spirit Lake schools dismissed at 10:45 a.m. and as the storm’s intensity grew businesses began to close and traffic was choked to a virtual standstill.

[1] By January 9 it had cleared the Rocky Mountains and began to redevelop and strengthen.