The most prominent power position is the third floor overlooking most of the map which is a go to position for snipers and AR players. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. Each team has two main subs, two flex’s but mainly subs(only because of cave), and one main AR. This map will also allow the use of certain vehicles. Both sides of the map feature outside areas with paths to flank the enemy, so if a player can sneak by the enemy, they will have the chance to cause havoc. Once you understand the layout you can navigate and eliminate the enemy effectively. Here are the rest of the maps alleged to be within the game: *Gfinity may receive a small commission if you Taking the bronze medal in our list is Gun Runner. Tavorsk District has some of the most vertical game play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because several tall buildings are accessible by players.

While Piccadilly excels in its impressive aesthetics, Hackney Yard is suitably drab and depressing to reflect the gunfight taking place there. The open areas should be avoided by players on foot because they will be easy targets for snipers. e that are game mode specific, remasters of old maps, or variants on existing maps. Karst River Quarry features large open areas with land and air vehicles to navigate the map faster. The verticality adds a new dynamic to much of middle map, but in a way that feels fair. Regardless, I maintain that it’s a lot better than the aforementioned maps.

Long range weapons are not effective on this map. Similarly, like many other Modern Warfare maps, the number of angles players have to consider is way too high. The middle of the map has a two-story area that is a very popular spot for players to rush. There are several other maps in Modern Warfar. Shipment is another map returning from Call of Duty 4 and is the smallest map featured in the core playlists of Modern Warfare. The map centers around a helicopter crash with buildings on all sides. Docks features a semi-three lane layout with two buildings and a mid-lane between them. You can call in overhead killstreaks such as the Support Helo and Gunship in order to rain down heavy firepower on exposed enemies. And for those who are playing this map for the first time, prepare for a great mix of close quarters combat and long-range sniper duels. In other words, there are very few spots where players are forced down one route or to one choke point. This change means that players can no longer pick a route and take it directly to an objective or enemy spawn and must learn and navigate each unique map. Gunfight is a 2v2 game mode that features smaller maps and random weapons each round. An open street on one side of the map is a hotbed for snipers, so players should stick to the middle to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Players should avoid the open area between buildings and the bridge when possible to avoid being easy kills for the enemy team. The bridge will carry two lanes of traffic in each direction. The bridge is built by Gülsan Construction Co. Some of the more obvious inclusions that you may have already seen include C4, Claymores, and even Throwing Knives. Vehicles can maneuver through most of the buildings on the map. Rushing through the middle is not advised as it is easy to pick off players from each building. A shocking amount of equipment can be deployed on Recon Drones in Warzone. Unfortunately, the game limits this interaction to just one box. It might seem like a niche tactic, but if your teammates ever need armor plates or extra ammo, you can simply fly one of these overhead to drop off the supplies. However, its design is nearly impeccable. Each map is designed for fast engagements and quick rounds, so understanding lines of sight and routes is very important.

It’s reminiscent of Gustav Cannon from CoD: WWII – and that’s about the most scathing comment I can come up with. While this has worked in some previous CoD titles, it doesn’t work here. Each spawn can access a stairway that provides a view of the entire map, but also leaves the player exposed.

Both open areas have lines of sight to each spawn and are better suited for snipers or assault rifles. It’s a bit too big, but this is worsened by the abundance of lanes, angles, windows and buildings. Hackney Yard is another map set in London.

This map has some of the biggest open areas featured in a ground war map and is a great map to rank up sniper rifles. That rounds off our ranking of all Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps. Shoot House is the best map in Modern Warfare. The design change may cause players to play slower at first. Players should use caution when peeking any lane and avoid standing still for long. The spawns on this map are on both sides of the bridge and most matches will require players to take or defend the bridge.

Piccadilly is the biggest departure from the three lane layout and is centered around the Piccadilly Circus road junction.

The key to success on Shoot House is mobility and constant movement to avoid being pushed out of your spawn. This map has three lanes through a series of showers which provide the opportunity for long range engagements depending on the weapons available. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Similarly, it struggles to balance its verticality.

Each map is designed for fast engagements and quick rounds, so understanding lines of sight and routes is very important. Aniyah Palace may look welcoming, but it’s not. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end.

That’s something that should be praised, regardless of how unwell mid-map makes me feel.

Point of Verdansk is one of the newest maps introduced to Modern Warfare. Azhir Cave has two distinct areas: A cave and village. Shoot House is a small map featured in its own 24/7 playlist and actually has a threelane layout. There’s no telling if this is an intended feature to begin with, though even a single box could come in clutch in the right situation. Blown-out houses, destroyed busses and a neglected bridge provides great line of sight from above with intense assault rifle battles below. Created by Call of Duty Fans. Second story power positions are. Other than that, I don’t have many issues with this map. Cookie Policy. Euphrates Bridge Similar to Aniyah Palace, this map is built around a focal point; this time in the form of a giant bridge.

The map is small and hectic with very quick gameplay. Avoiding roads and open areas is key to push objectives. Last Chance to Get your Halloween Items Here! The map plays very linear and doesn't allow much opportunity to manoeuvre. experience. Players should stick with a gun that allows for mobility and a quick aim down sights speed.

This will allow you to equip two primary weapons which can help you cover close to long range! By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. While they can be handy if you desperately need some intel on nearby players, they have their limitations.