Height is approx. Angry, Narancia decides he needs to hide before resuming his attack. It is at this point that Narancia calls out his Stand, Aerosmith, and begins shooting at Formaggio, who is still in the backseat of the car. He is paired with Diego Brando in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Robert E.O.

However, he diffuses her worries with confidence that Diavolo's fate is final.

For the English localization, her Stand, Spice Girl, was renamed Spicy Lady. Black (Digital Color, Anime) She is shown caring for Narancia Ghirga's safety during The Grateful Dead's attack. Black, pink and yellow dress.).

Initially she's stated to be born in April 19, 1986, in Ischia Campania[10] but it was then changed to June 8, 1985. When she finally got to meet her father, she is knocked unconscious after having her hand severed and is nearly killed by him, were it not for the combined efforts of Bucciarati and Giorno. Thanks to Spice Girl's ability to soften things, Trish manages to temporarily stun and wound Notorious B.I.G. Team Bucciarati subsequently brings her to a house in a vineyard that serves as a hideout for a time.


A concerned Trish replies that Bucciarati is acting cold towards the group as a whole, implicitly expressing her urge for Bucciarati's attention. Narancia's father did not love him very much and after his mother died, began to neglect Narancia more and more. Narancia's "I'll shoot you through!" (The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. I refuse to die before finding out! Game Debut

Giorno and Polnareff know of Bucciarati's fate but the reactions of Trish and Mista at this discovery remain unknown.

Giorno and Polnareff know of Bucciarati's fate but the reactions of Trish and Mista at this discovery remain unknown.

Anime Debut

Using her power, she also reveals that she softened the bullets to make it look like they were blocked, and by undoing the softening, the bullets alongside their momentum are restored, shooting Diavolo through the hand and knocking the Arrow far away from him. Besides, Trish's hair was again depicted differently and she wore a pair of wedge sandals with ankle bracelets. He attacks Squalo with the intent of saving Giorno, but Tiziano jumps in the way and is killed, telling his partner to use his splattered blood to attack Narancia. However, Giorno has already pierced Gold Experience with the Arrow.

As the Stand's only weakness is colder temperatures, Trish tends to Narancia by using ice cubes stored in the fridge of Mr. President to keep him from completely withering, against Bucciarati's orders to care for herself. Female[3]

Knowing that all they need to do to win against Diavolo was to take the Arrow, Narancia swears to go to school after everything was over, regardless of whom would make fun of his intelligence, and wishes to live a happy life and eat good food from his hometown.


Trish Una was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside her father and Bruno Bucciarati. When Narancia was ten, his mother died of an eye disease. Black, pink and yellow dress, brown boots.

Mista and Narancia are severely injured and incapacitated, while Giorno sacrifices both of his hands in an attempt to get rid of the Stand, leaving him unable to use Gold Experience's abilities. Gender The machine guns don't need to reload and the missile launcher is resuplied when Narancia wants to. Spending three weeks in the hospital, Narancia's eye disease was cured, but he was confused as to Bucciarati's motives for helping him. Trish GoffW (American model)[1][2]Una: "one" in Italian

Black, pink and yellow dress, brown boots. In the light novel Purple Haze Feedback, it is revealed that after the events of Vento Aureo, Trish pursued a career as a successful pop star. If Polnareff wins, he'll angrily ask who Narancia is. Narancia's HHA, "I'll make it bigger!

Dark purple shoes.


Trish is playable on chapters 14 and 15 during Story Mode. Favorites Japanese Voice Actor

Trish makes her playable game debut in the PS2 Game, voiced by Natsuki Rio. Narancia then goes on his shopping trip, though is acting incredibly cautious.

AB[1] Going from store to store, he stops Bucciarati's rental car in the middle of the street when he feels like he's being watched.

However, one day, as he was digging through bins looking for food, Narancia was picked up by Pannacotta Fugo and taken to a restaurant. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

When all the gang but Trish retreats into the cabin, she is attacked by Notorious B.I.G once more. Regaining consciousness, Trish warns Giorno that Diavolo is trying to escape, which inadvertently leads him to attack Giorno to save his own pride after hearing the comment.

Origin Trish Una is a core ally from Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. She wears her light hair (often depicted as pink) in a loose whirl atop her head.

Her Stand is named after the Enlgish pop band.

Trish realizes that if Giorno is to ever use his Stand power again, she has to protect the hand from the enemy. For the English localization, her Stand, Spice Girl, was renamed Spicy Lady.

Being a target for the Boss' numerous enemies, she is bodyguarded by Bruno Bucciarati's gang.

Trish's signature outfit appears first in Chapter 486.

The gang stumbles upon Abbacchio's lifeless body, and Narancia desperately tries to shake him awake. Trish has been shown once to be adept at self-defence, easily reversing Narancia's knife back onto him when he threatened her, stabbing his cheek. [15] Having noticed that Giorno was even younger than him, Narancia occasionally reminds the latter of his status as a junior within the squad.

Though Trish initially denies her nervousness, she eventually holds Bucciarati's hand for comfort during the elevator ride.

Stand Trish has been shown once to be adept at self-defense, easily reversing Narancia's knife back onto him when he threatened her, stabbing his cheek. Trish Una
Dub Voice Actor What's up with this hair?!

Formaggio insists Narancia tell him where Trish is, claiming he doesn’t want to see Narancia get eaten by the spider. However, he is then the first to get captured by Mario Zucchero's Stand, Soft Machine, as the group is attacked in an attempt to steal the fortune. They also reunite with Bucciarati in Diavolo's body but Chariot Requiem shows that it can manipulate Stands to protect itself. Height

Before the fight, Narancia will ask if his opponent really is 'Polnareff the turtle', while Polnareff merely threatens to make Aerosmith into a hanging ornament (referencing the nature of Part 3 where Polnareff and company face off against countless Stand users sent to kill them on their journey). She is the daughter of Diavolo and Donatella Una. Trish expresses her discontent at the fact that Bucciarati acted cold towards Narancia who was badly injured, resulting in a moment of wisdom and discernment of the latter who considers that the leader had the adequate reaction and even allowed his life to be saved.

However, Narancia notices that one of the rats is breathing harder than the rest due to it carrying Formaggio's weight and shoots at it, effectively wounding Formaggio.

[6], Over the course of the time that she spends with the group, a deeply loyal, determined side of her is revealed. ), (Black top with indigo highlights.

It seems that the enemy Stand has been killed for good. Trish is a 15-year-old girl of average height and slim build. Taking another one, he proceeds to continue eating, only for that spoon to pull out of the soup the remains of the first one.

The images that first appear are pin-ups of Trish from various magazines. He is the boss of Passione and the father of Trish Una. Despite her high-class tastes, Trish seems to have lived in humble living conditions.


My nails are short and they're shaped all wrong and there's gunk under them! After Donatella, Passione found out about her parentage, and she became the center of attention of two factions: firstly her father's loyal underlings who tried to secure her, and then Squadra Esecuzioni who wanted to kidnap Trish to get to the Boss.

From then on, she has been protected by Passione members as her father desires that she be brought to him.

Narancia finds Formaggio via Aerosmith's radar. Taurus[1][2] Leo[3] (Anime)

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I have always been here by your side, ever since you were a little girl.


Dub Voice Actor

As a result, his battles end with the vicinity being ravaged.

Another unique ability Trish possesses allows objects thrown by her to ricochet off walls up to 3 times; if Trish is locked on, the object will ricochet towards her target, otherwise flying at the nearest opponent. Narancia looks around for Formaggio before deciding to contact Bucciarati to tell him that people are after Trish. Trish and Bucciarati's mother discuss about Bucciarati's demise and Trish at the least tells the Bruno died without regrets and what she thought of Bruno.

During Bucciarati's battle against La Squadra members Prosciutto and Pesci, Pesci holds Trish hostage and attempts to kill the other members. Narancia makes his first game video game appearance in the PS2 game, voiced by Fujiko TakimotoW.

Pericolo eventually reveals her true nature to Team Bucciarati and she puts on her normal clothes in private while Pericolo explains to the team their mission. The encouragement prompted her to wear her cosplayer to school as promised, and JoJo fans are congratulating her for a job well done.