However, they are rarely violent. They need to be smarter than their swift and Juliana pigs can also really surprise you with their great memory as well as how fast they can learn and pick up hints about certain things. Eyes are almond shaped, clearly visible, and can be blue to almost black. mentality or intelligence level as a child, you can expect them to behave As a pig owner, you will also need to buy a proper bed for your pet. food.

Fact 5: Juliana pigs originated in Europe and were specifically bred to work with humans. The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig originating in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs. It has proven that the “treat rewarding” method works very well with

This section is to help provide information to new pig owners, breeders or any other party interested in the care and welfare of mini pet pigs. This is why, people who plan to own Juliana pigs should be aware of their emotional sensitivity.

Raising pig especially sensitive ones such as Juliana pigs may be illegal or restricted depending on where you live.

SIZE — breeders claim they will stay as small as 10 to 16 inches tall. It is highly advised to anticipate pigs to grow twice their current size or weight. Aside from ranking fifth in the world ranking, scientific studies and research also stated that an average pig have the same intelligence level as a 2 year old human child. The room must be averagely cool or warm. As long as it looks surprised by their capabilities. Arcadian Vision Ltd is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. breed are said to have shorter lifespan due to their complicated and selective This could also serve as an adequate exercise for your pet pig. Juliana pigs come in various colors known to pigs. pigs when training them. Laws differ on every country especially regarding animal welfare. They are also strictly prohibited from eating meat (including any other meat products and food that has had contact with meat) as it is the easiest way for them to be infected by a disease that may be transmitted to humans.See article about what to feed your pig here. But yes, many first time owners are not aware that pigs need space! tricks. If they have a wide space to graze outside, there must be fences to keep out animals like wolves, coyotes or even regular stray dogs. Simply put, they may look like they h… In relation to their intelligence,

Drinking lots of water will help them keep their body temperature cool.

Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress,, 6 Ways to Keep Pigs from Rooting Under Fences. The average NAILS AND HOOVES — Juliana pigs also have hooves and “dewclaws” that may need trimming.

Male or female, wild or domestic, there are no exceptions.Though females usually have shorter or smaller tusks that rarely grow long or large enough to stick out of their mouths. Despite being kept indoors, pigs will also need sufficient amount of sunshine.

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You may read it here. Remember, your piggy friend remembers! Pigs are unable to sweat which is why they have a hard time cooling off. Leaving them alone for long hours can also be unhealthy when your Juliana pig doesn’t have enough space to explore or companions to interact with. Spotting should be profuse and random, not in a piebald pattern.

increase. emotionally sensitive too.

Juliana pigs are aware when a companion passes away or when they get left behind or abandoned. WEIGHT — they are said to have an average weight of 13 to 27 kilos. Hocks should never be weak. Like every other pig, Juliana pigs have a hard time cooling off because of their inability to sweat. breeds often thrive in a better condition compared to their wild or natural As much as possible, they will assign a corner to become their toilet area in order to avoid soiling their living space. Otherwise known as teacup or Juliana pigs, these little four-legged pets are not only roaming farms, but living in homes now, too.

Mini Pig Information. For some, they might perceive it as a hostile behavior. If they are still growing, it’s safe to go for the long term product as they might grow twice their current size!

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The easiest way for them to get infected with a disease is by eating meat. Prey animals need to be on alert more than predators and thus, may develop a Not all dogs can learn as fast as a pig can, as some dogs are known to be stubborn or even be full of pride.

Make sure that their water tanks or drinking bowls cannot be tipped over as they have a tendency to play with food or water. Trimming can be a challenging task for a new owner which is why we advise to seek professional help or assistance from a veterinarian. It should not exhibit a pronounced pot belly or sway back, should have a … It is a breed of pig that originated from Europe through selective breeding. You can read the current existing theories about it here.TUSKS — all pigs grow tusks including miniature pigs like Juliana pigs.

This also makes them unique from other regular pets.

Front legs should be set under the shoulders but converge when in motion.

Juliana pigs are no exception to this.

Two toes of even length and two dewclaws on each foot. They can be dual colored or multicolored which earned it the name of “Miniature Painted Pig” because of its colorful appearance.It’s possible that the Juliana pig have multiple colors is because of selective breeding. Pigs of any breed including Juliana Housing or bedding if they are indoor pets is necessary for comfort too.

Juliana pigs have such great intelligence compared to others is because they The intelligence of pigs such as Juliana pigs make them popular as pets.

Instead, you may feed your pig with various fruits and vegetables. The disadvantage of being a non-picky eater is the risk of eating a harmful food that can infect their systems. to have 5 up to 10 piglets when giving birth. It might take some effort which is why it is considered as a disadvantage when owning Juliana pigs or any other pigs. Most people would think pigs are good for first time pet owners, but in Refer to a reputable breeder for a safe and secured transaction. COLORATION: Always spotted; the base color can be silver, white, red, rust, black, or cream.

This is usually because of their colorful appearance, small body and outgoing personality.

They remember a lot of things, be it good or negative. Facts about Pigs. survival.

A slight roundness in the belly is permissible, but there should not be a ‘Pot belly’ present. Not only are they common, they are popular for their friendly characteristics! Also known as Painted Pigs or Spotted Julianas. TEETH — Juliana pigs will have normal and non-sharp teeth but can still bite really hard onto food.

© COPYRIGHT, AMERICAN MINI PIG ASSOCIATION | Privacy Policy, Worming for Treatment of Internal & External Parasites, Mini Pig Zoning Regulations – Legalize Mini Pigs, American Mini Pig Standard Colors and Patterns, What to Do For a Pig That Has Gorged on Food, AMPA Mini Pig Therapy Pet Program – Therapy Pig Training Certification, Future Breeder Pig Measurement Submission. Many people also say they can be smarter than dogs. They are also capable of outsmarting chimpanzees, one of the top smartest animals we’ve ever known! Juliana pigs look like small versions of large hogs — not Pot Belly pigs. Mini Juliana Pigs originated in Europe and were bred to interact with humans.