I am sorry you feel drained, exhausted and fragile. And do go back to your body, in the quest for body-mind-spirit balance.

15° Sagittarius 07′ 00″ Neptune will not leave Pisces until January 26th, 2026, so you have already experienced nine years of unreality and will drift through a further five years or so. I would really like to launch my career / body of work this year and have it work out financially, but there have been many obstacles and I’m feeling discouraged to be honest. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Then while I’m in mess of the process with my health , I decided the do most of the renovation my home alone ( due to limited financial) dragging from June 2019 . Finally, he has an old project that could be reworked for a new market, as suddenly everybody wants to learn maths at home, with their children (and he was a maths software developer). Much gratitude. Thanks for your job,English is my second language .For the first am raising a question in this blog. Sleep and dreams are an amazing area to explore (though don’t wake up tired; there is a way around that). Guinness beer. It pays to be aware of every aspect it makes in transit.

Is there any relation between Uranus Oracle, Devil Tarot card and the current Jupiter-Neptune sextile? Harvey’s key words for Jupiter intersect with thunder.

The Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020 patterns are about opportunity and escape. Whatever project, plan, vision or goal you are pursuing has nothing to do with the everyday, and instead transports you into a very different space.

Astrology is not supposed to worry you, it is supposed to warn you. Enigma Variations by Elgar is Neptune.

Hypnotism and absent-mindedness.

Drifting. Astrology does astrology.

This photograph by Thiébaud Faix describes this cycle very well. Do You Have Horoscope Factors at 20 Degrees? 17° Virgo 10′ 08″ R I just answered a question from someone who had Jupiter in Taurus. Uranus is literally related to Jupiter, being his grandfather, and the two phenomena in nature are also related. This is purely a result of the pandemic COVID-19 which so many people are in denial about. In fact it can make life a lot more straightforward.

What you are doing is pretty new and different but you will find it reshapes your inner life and private world, and of course that alters the other one! You are so kind . The astrological symbol of thunderbolts (below) tends to deliver big, booming results. You will continue to write and teach and eventually do very well, but you need to embrace new or different technology online (for example, Square Space) and perhaps new equipment if that is possible.

You have a role helping others and it is waiting for you. A reminder that Jupiter is about excess as well as abundance.

This happy planet takes twelve years to circle the zodiac.

Self-promotion, flying the flag or wearing the uniform or look – for a movement or profession. We often find it in music, because lead singers go through so many phases with their band names or their hair! I do not have any Capricorn planets/asteroids in my chart. Even if your bedroom is being painted, can you move yourself into the sitting room?

The name Oceanus was even proposed for Neptune at one point. If Neptune is part of a mutable opposition with Virgo, or squares to Sagittarius and Gemini, then there are other conflicts. Low mood or mild depression is a medical issue and you are hopefully with the right doctor.

/ What art thou, fellow?”. And yes, Neptune and Jupiter were both recently very close at 20 degrees, so by now you should have picked up a nice little earner, as Arthur Daley used to say, or something has landed in your lap which you could not buy – it is glittering and precious. Jupiter is the thinking-person’s planet. This planet is associated with nonsense, gibberish, limericks and Haiku. If you voted by mail, & you can't confirm your ballot will…... Hi Jessica – I have one factor at 20 degrees. So you have to marry where you live. “In quantum physics Schroedinger’s ‘probability waves’ are noticeably Neptunian in character. What can I expect? Could you please help me decipher what this means for/to me? Zoom, founded on April 21st, 2011, is a good example of what Jupiter in Capricorn can do. The other possibility is that it is not the other person who instructs you in unconventional experiments with what is possible – it is the universe itself – and you create your personal life as you wish. Jupiter paints a broad picture and makes you want to think big. Jupiter in Capricorn (professional opportunities or unpaid work options) is huge now and will peak in November, when you should go to the next stage with a plan hatched this month.

Astrol.S, published The Modern Textbook of Astrology (L.N. The Tarot card I drew today was Devil. You produce babies, or projects involving children/teenagers/Millennials – then reject them.
If you are a shareholder in Zoom, you will be doing very well. Look to Jupiter’s position by house and to the planets it contacts for answers.

Have a look on Virgo/Sixth House on Search. Jupiter allows us to philosophize and find a higher meaning or purpose in the sector it visits. Prince Harry, for example, is a Virgo who has experienced Neptune in his Seventh House of marriage. Pubs are good places to find Neptune. Take care, kindest regards, Bea x. Bea you should be learning, formally and informally, in 2020, 2021, early 2022 as you will not have this transit of Gemini and Sagittarius again for another 19 years. Thankyou.

In fact this cycle occurred in the late 1300’s when academics opened up their homes to pupils in the universities.

Ops Interestingly enough, an opportunity came up to audition for a role as a children’s presenter, about a day after you replied to me.

You urgently need boundaries at home.