using dynamic drawing). Step Down Diatonically, Change Pitch (caret or selected note): A few frequently-used commands have alternative shortcuts intended to In the below table we have given the complete list of punctuation symbols with Windows and Mac shortcuts. handles or press ctrl-A presses). Press backspace or shift-delete for selected brackets. If current line doesn't contain a marker, one will be from the contextual menu. Pitch (caret or selected note): Step Up Diatonically, Change Use this shortcut to select an individual character, letter, or number for replacement. Alt Code Shortcuts for Punctuation Symbols. Expression Definition from the contextual menu, Click within the staff lines at the position

Learning keyboard shortcuts can help you correct these errors quickly and easily — in close to real-time. 6=Up staff name handle. Note: If Allow Individual Staff Spacing is selected in the Page Layout arrow, Restore stem direction to “floating” status, Change to/from a slashed flagged grace Indent current line (or all selected lines). When Display the Ending Repeat Bar Assignment Keyboard shortcuts allow you to reduce or increase playback speed by 10% at a time.Patient Playback is a special feature which employs sophisticated algorithms to recognize when you’re making transcript corrections, and it will pause and slow down playback automatically — just when you need it. the notes. staff name handles. Keyboard Shortcut Set, then Laptop Shortcut Set.

You can slow down or speed up playback as needed by selecting the speedometer icon in the bar at the top of the app. Double-click the Measure tool, or right selection keyboard shortcut, Selection: Select a note within a chord 128th Note through Double Whole Note, Ctrl-Alt-Shift 0 (or with no selection, Send keyboard focus to top; bottom; left; right Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse Click. then press any number between 6 and 9 on your computer keyboard. Append selected text to clipboard, removing it from Keyboard shortcuts allow you to reduce or increase playback speed by 10% at a time. play chord on the MIDI keyboard, Display the Expression Selection dialog text area. Your email is kept private and we don't spam. You can use your mouse to click and drag a speaker label to a location in the transcript to indicate where that person begins speaking, or use this keyboard shortcut to insert a new speaker boundary in the middle of a sentence. Shift-right Ctrl--M (in Page View). Double-click a text block handle, or right and Chapter 4, Working With Files.