Presses are mounted for a reason. Another time the stability is sorely missed is when charging the case with powder. Those are easier to learn the craft on, as well as being better to expand on—it’s a lot easier to attach automated powder throwers and the like to them. Read on to find out. One of the hallmarks of traditional reloading presses is the need for a solid mount, allowing to user to exert minimal effort and letting the machine do the work. You have to push the case into the power-through die, hold the Press upright, scoop your powder, potentially weigh it, place it down the funnel, then extract the case from the die being careful not to tilt anything too far or risk a spill. This finish has proven pretty durable over two years of near-constant use. There are a few categories of people I’ll be discussing here: The beginning reloader looking for their first press would be well-advised to avoid it.

Contains everything you need to begin loading (except a hammer). The three main parts—the body, handle, and ram—are all held together by heavy-duty link work with generous tolerances.

Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. Second Hand Guns Site Map Contact Us : New Products: 25 WSSM Die Set by Lee $64.00: Change Currency : Popular: 01. We sell a large range of reloading presses for most calibres. Lee Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings... Lee Breech … Stay in the know. The Hand Loader is a solid chunk of metal, weighing in just under 2 lbs and sitting 11.5” in length. If you’re looking for a first press, there are similarly-priced alternatives that you’re better off with. Distinctly unlike the sometimes-grinding process of cranking out about 1000 .38 Specials for IDPA practice. No time is wasted mounting a tool to a work bench. Of course, this “fault” is hard to hold against the Press because it’s obviously going to happen. This setup works fine—I’ve never had a shell holder drift out in thousands of rounds. It’s not an ideal press for using to produce large number of cartridges like a action pistol shooter will need, but if it’s all the space you have in your dwelling, it might be your only option. Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit #90180 . from this site. Learn More. All Rights Reserved.
If you’re a precision shooter (F-class, Benchrest, etc.) This uses Lee’s Breech Lock system that allows you to quickly change bushings in and out of the press, holding them in with a little button on top of the press’ body. The surfaces are also narrow, reducing your ability to create force. But for a lot of people, it’s basically useless. Because of this, there is a market for low-cost ways to enter the reloading game and try it out. Learn More, Lee Liquid Alox bullet lube coats the entire bullet just like a very thin jacket. Although we strive for accuracy, due to possible complications with technology we are not responsible for typographical errors in the rare occasion that it may occur.

If you produce high volumes of ammunition for action shooting the hand press actually has a surprising utility—it lets you get a significant amount of case prep done before you have to sit down at the bench. If you don’t know any reloaders, you have to make a series of choices in equipment, components, and so on before you even get into the process… and then you might not enjoy it. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. For longevity and durability this product is a winner. Lee Breech Hand Press quick change bushing for Dies. Taurus G3C Review After 4 Months, 1K Rounds. Learn More.