Terrible incident but some of the facts are disputed — most notably, the number killed, with numbers ranging in different sources from 25 blacks and 2 whites to 865 blacks. Last Updated: 08/29/2019 . These mass murders are woven into the fabric of the American story. It’s a long, difficult (because of the cruelty) read, but it will show you things you never imagined. Aknowlegement will at least let us know we are being heard…Thank you! Street crime is not racially motivated, it so happens that the gangs killing each other are black. Rumor is there may be mass graves in the levees close to the river. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, your enslavement will begin soon. I’ve been called the names.
Honor or memorial gifts are an everlasting way to pay tribute to someone who has touched your life. There were instances of Irish mistreating Irish during the famine. This advice you should keep to yourself.

Your biggest fear is black people doing to you what was done to them. Yes, never forget but don’t let it control your life and keep you down. Robert Donnelly, an African-American man, was lynched in Lee County on June 29, 1892, by a mob of more than 200 other African Americans.

Now let’s remember it and move forward knowing it can’t happen again if we’re all Americans respecting each other as Americans.
Advertising1878-05-28South Wales Daily News – Welsh Newspapers Online – The National Library ouabonna. Before you ask black people to “get over it” there’s a lot of shit you need to get over, until then fuck you, get over that.

African American who was lynched in the U.S. and that your LITTLE GRANDCHILDREN aren’t pushed up chimney flues to clean them is because PEOPLE BEFORE US FOUGHT AND DIED to get better working conditions. We are tired of understanding, and waiting on justice and equality. We have to make them uphold the Constitution and then you will receive your rights and you have to claim your nationality because black color and African-American does not have a flag the flag of the United States of America Incorporated is not a flag of nationality it is a flag of Commerce and amnesty. Does anyone doubt that the second amendment was created to keep the all white militias alive and available to put down slave revolts and after emancipation, to keep black folks intimidated? back then? They were soon threatening to lynch Donnelly. Why would you kill innocent souls demanding for what belongs to them? What we are sick of is the black mans pity party, that makes you appear as the weaker race for not having the intelligence to understand that you are angry about crimes committed hundreds of years ago, that didnt have a damn thing to do with you. The story was called “Slaughter of 364th Regiment. called the Gettysburg of the West, was fought not far from the city of [2] In Pensacola, Sheriff Herbert E. Gandy did not want to keep him in the Escambia County, Florida jail because it was not believed to be sturdy enough to withstand an attack. We cannot refrain from being honest about our past.

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And you better believe the KKK was active where I lived.

It’s uncomfortable for many of us white skinned Americans to walk down the path of truth but only the truth will set us all free.