His parents remarried when he was 6, but then they divorced again, and Terry lived with his dad. Fritz won't read an excerpt, but he maintains it doesn't say anything about Lynette being held hostage, hoping to be rescued. Banks, 26, of Benton Harbor, Mich., was convicted of first-degree murder in 1995 in Greene County in southwestern Missouri. Legally Lynette and Dave are still married. “People change,” he says, sadly. Jeanne and Charlie got to be friends. It was about the time she moved out of her husband’s house, if not sooner, that a romance between Lynette and Terry must have started, police say. People figured he must have threatened to have his friends on the outside whack her if she didn’t help him. Lanza said he did not know when the tip came in. The main roads have more barbecue joints than fast-food restaurants, and most of the downtown storefronts are still hand-painted. Partying to them means drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and watching TV. That way he could “make her look bad, and he could get a divorce and get the property,” Lipanovich remembers. Both face up to 15 years in prison and/or up to a $25,000 fine if convicted of the contraband charge. They blame the prison security, not Lynette.

He picked up the phone and dialed 1-800-CRIME-TV. Jeanne is unemployed and spends most of her days sitting in a battered, pink armchair; smoking generic cigarettes; and watching TV with her half-blind Pekingese, Oreo. “After she got married, it wasn’t that way.”, (Like Terry, Lynette did not respond to written requests for an interview, so their stories are being told in this account by those closest to them and by their captors.). We've been drafting 40 years of news and culture for KC, so for our birthday we teamed up with local breweries to celebrate.

He decided the story that officers told made more sense than the family’s paranoia. "I told them to take everything that wasn't mine and leave.". That night, Barnett cashed her $1,400 paycheck at a Kansas City liquor store. Jeanne and Paul haven’t visited Charlie in jail or tried to scrounge up bail money.

I wouldn't want any of them touching me.". Most of the neighbors were gathered around watching TV and drinking beer. She wanted them to make a blank copy of her card. On Nov. 19, 1992, Terry and Matt Myers went to Tim Eastburn’s house to rob and murder him. Then she realized someone was calling her name. Along with the sinkful of beer cans, police found Lynette’s journal. No, he said.
Joy WOODS, Clerical Officer Grade 1/2 [28 March 2002]. If they heard his voice, Cole said, they should stick a hand out by the front curtain. Fritz won’t read an excerpt, but he maintains it doesn’t say anything about Lynette’s being held hostage, hoping to be rescued. John and Heather held hands, kissed often and slept in the same bed. “We’re always looking for people wanted on warrants.”, Just before lunch, investigators drove down Guadalupe Road.

According to Lieutenant Don Fritz of the Cameron Police Department, Lynette took her prison-issued badge to The Printing Center and told the clerks that her boyfriend had lost his ID card and he'd get in big trouble if his boss found out. He says he was more surprised the night she and her family broke into his house and stole his appliances and his dogs. She had a dresser and a full-size bed with a peach comforter and a country-blue afghan her grandmother had crocheted. If the fugitives wouldn't surrender peacefully, the tear gas was ready. Love is what locked Terry behind bars, and love is what set him free -- at least for a seven-week chase that ended on a foggy December morning in Victoria County, Texas. No one had heard of that.

Contact Us, “Way, way up.”.

Rationalizing that Terry would try to find his father, investigators had Charlie's previous employer call him the day it happened. "He was raised up right," Charlie says. “We kept hoping we’d find her alive,” Lorra says.

"The little bitch he's living with was sending her e-mails. She did one of the stupidest things in history. He told her to get it. "Okay, we see the hand," Cole said, switching to a less patient, more commanding tone. No one was expecting Lynette home -- she had told her mother and Harold she was heading 40 miles north to her grandmother's house in Bethany. But when Dave called his father-in-law, he was told the dogs had been given away. Maybe they believed if they were really quiet the officers would think they weren't there. In addition to capturing the offenders, they also had to worry about protecting innocent people from getting caught in the crossfire. Sheriff Michael Ratcliff was in San Antonio at his brother's graduation from the police academy. The attorney said Lynette would probably be willing to be interviewed, then she stopped returning phone calls. He got on the phone to the FBI in Victoria and told them to catch the fugitives for his birthday present. The town is famous for the first longhorn cattle ranches. "Put your hands way up, Terry," Cole ordered. The purpose of a bond is to ensure appearance in court, McElwin says, and since Lynette was caught down in Texas, he doesn't trust her to stay in Missouri. "It just shocked the hell out of everybody around here when she pulled this trick," says Harold Lockwood, 61, her former landlord.

Get the latest from The Pitch delivered directly to your inbox. The trial’s outcome will probably just decide which prison Terry will be housed in. "She was just so nervous and paranoid she couldn't drive up and down the road to work," Harold says. They picked a place that Jeanne thought was a dive (and Jeanne lives in a filthy trailer with bare plywood floorboards swarming with fleas and flies). But there are 500 employees at Crossroads, and about 100 people come and go during shift changes. Jeanne never asked whether they were married, because she’s not married to Paul. Be in the know. And laughed. Terry didn’t have anything left to lose; they didn’t know whether he was going to kill her and himself or whether he was preparing to try to take out the officers. A few years into their marriage, Lynette got a silver-dollar-size heart tattooed on her left breast with DAVE on the ribbon running through it. He said he drove Charlie to the bus station the day after Thanksgiving, dropped him off and didn't ask where he was going. When asked by the Press how he intends to argue that Terry did not escape from Crossroads when he wasn't there, public defender David Miller just laughed. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started, Houston's independent source of local news and culture. Lorra claims the bad times far outweigh those happy moments. "It's time to come out -- it's over," Cole said at 7:08 a.m. "We know you're in there.". This happens when their are alot of new staff all someone had to do was ask others leaving if they know these men? If the weather was nice, they thought they might go fishing Saturday, maybe catch some catfish. she asked the other guard working in the booth. On Friday afternoons Lorra brings Lynette cigarettes, Cheetos, Diet Pepsi, Pringles and pieces of paper to draw on. "It is war," says Buchanek, a former army sergeant.

And he has a tattoo of a Tasmanian devil on his left arm (and one of her three rottweilers is named Taz). He had a friend call for him to ask if the Press could provide him with better legal counsel. They figure she must have worn an old uniform in (from before she lost weight) on top of her other uniform and sneaked it to Terry.

The FBI, local police, sheriff's officers and officials of the Texas Department of Public Safety took part in the capture. Maybe, like the officers, she was worried that Terry was going to kill himself. The longer Terry and Lynette stayed inside, the more the officers worried. She took her red roan horse, Zazzy, her cat and the medicine to control her epilepsy. He had seen escapees and murderers before; he didn’t think it was anything unusual.

Terry's profile describes the roman numeral "IV" on his left hand (possibly a prison gang symbol) and the peace signs tattooed across Terry's fingers and says that Terry's entire right hand is scarred from a burn (he fell into a campfire). She wanted to believe her. In a letter on yellow legal-pad paper, Charlie wrote that his court-appointed attorney said not to talk to the press. Cole called "Banks and Barnett" 13 times.

In a letter on yellow legal-pad paper, Charlie wrote that his court-appointed attorney said not to talk to the press. Terry, now 26, had a history of getting what he wanted and being where he shouldn’t be.

(That’s one of the many unexplained numbers on Harold’s phone bill. Authorities have statements from the copy clerks that made the blank ID and from a guard who saw Lynette laminating the fake ID at the office.

Her mother, Faye Moots, told authorities that the weekend of the disappearance, Lynette had planned to interview for a job in Kansas City. Her mother, Faye Moots, told authorities that the weekend of the disappearance Lynette had planned to interview for a job in Kansas City.
Maybe they couldn’t hear him.