Observe their behavior and make sure that they are all hiding or moving. If you plan on raising the molly babies to adulthood, then you will have to choose from a couple of options to prevent the female molly from eating the newly born fry. Proper tank conditions allow your mollies to: For a small group of molly fish, the ideal tank should be able to hold at least 50 liters of water, but as they are very active fish, so a 100-liter tank should be bought to be on the safe side.

You should have some very nice looking fry from that pairing. My name is Nadine; I am a passionate writer and a pet lover. Do not squeeze the bag to push the fry out and do not dump the bag into the water of the large fish tank. The pet store will provide you with a chunk of its used filter pad to place in your new filter. Mollies are not the most aggressive fish species out there but the behavior of the female molly fish changes during the length of its pregnancy. Mollies are actually omnivorous fish so they can eat all kinds of food including live, artificial and frozen food. Young Live-bearers are fairly large at birth and their development is very advanced. In about two months, the fry will be large enough to move to the standard aquarium. Keep a close eye on them and mark your calendar when you see signs on pregnancy. Mollies are actually hierarchical fish, so the male with the biggest fins and the brightest colors is in charge. You can easily purchase the mesh breeding boxes which protect small fish from any pet store. Be sure not to wait very close to the birth date; remove the female molly from her aquarium as soon as possible. The Gonopodium can be moved in almost any direction and stores the sperm in packs called spermatophores. You should do a 20 percent water change every week in order to ensure the failure of ammonia and nitrates build up in the tank water. can u give me some insight about the pregnancy (if she is) and about how many babies will be born? The 3rd fish in the background, is that a platy? Mollies are fairly easy to breed; so anyone can easily set up the tank and breed mollies.
What is the life expectancy of the molly fish?

The fish also do not like drastic changes in the temperature of the tank. Something which is very different from their normal behavior. Even if you were to remove the male and the female … Feed the fry several times a day and always give them a pinch of food. If that is not available, you can also use high-quality flake food that is ground into a powder as well as baby brine shrimp. The tank has no effect on the growth of the fry unless it is too small or overcrowded. The babies can get in the little hole in the bottom, but the adults cant. Sorry purple, I did not read your last post properly, it is a platy , By entering this site you declare When I notice this behavior I add one of the small, but not smallest, terra cotta posts (I swear, I love these things:P) and tip it on its side. If you want to direct your fry into the breeding tank then slowly allow the water flow from the plastic bag to the breeding trap to prevent any fry from going into the bigger aquarium. Still have questions? What is a good substrate for a bearded dragon terrarium?

Always feed your molly with high-quality food as poor-quality food weakens their immune system and makes them more susceptible to fatal diseases.

Broad-leafed plants like Java ferns and grasses are some good options to put in your nursery fish tank. You will easily know if the fish is about to give birth as mentioned earlier. Any changes to her body size? Remove any leftover food from the tank in order to keep the tank clean. But successive batches should have some of his traits. hi purplep They become more aggressive, and the small space puts stress on their health.

So even if your fish tank has no males, the female molly might end up pregnant.

The breeding scenario is really affected by the male to female ratio of your fish tank. Share.

After 15 minutes, open the bag and leave the fry all on their own. Hi! If you want to save the fry, I recommend getting some plants (fake or real) that are short and tightly packed together. When the male goes under the female, they begin to copulate. You can easily purchase suitable food in local pet stores which are prepared especially for the fry. Please tell is my molly fish is pregnant ? Remember to change the water of the fish tank frequently in order to ensure that the fry are healthy. Mollies are actually very messy and they are constantly moving around and eating.

Firstly, the thing you have to do is to closely observe the female molly and keep an eye on its everyday behavior. Another thing you should do is monitor the temperature of your fish tank by using an aquarium thermometer. I purchased a red jewel cichlids and at the store he was full of color but when I got him in my tank he has lost his color, why is this? Mollies are actually one of the most popular and loved fish species among aquamarine enthusiasts. The sponge filter does the same thing and also filters your water.

It can be 6 weeks, it can be 8 weeks.

Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets.

In a tank that is too big, the fry have difficulty locating their food. The warmer the water, the shorter the gestation will be. A swollen belly and dark line at the underside of the molly are sure told signs that your molly is pregnant.

You have very beautiful fish! This article will help you care for your pregnant molly and its fry and will also go through all the stages of pregnancy for mollies. Another thing you can do is to just keep a close eye on the pregnant molly and move her into a separate tank as soon as it gives birth. Males also do not get along with each other; so it is best to have a very spacious tank. Other popular mollies include the Dalmatian, Balloon, Red, White and Orange. official was 'distracted' during fatal crash. Allow the fish to move around in the breeding trap before you release them into the larger tank.
How to humanely put my Oscar to sleep forever? Mollies do not actually mind the air bubbles, so a bubbler is a safer option. Hi!

I have a new lyretail molly and think she might be pregnant, she has like a "bump" on her stomach but she´s not big, so I wonder if a more trained eye can say if she is pregnant and in that case how far along? If the mother seems tense, just move her into a separate tank. Trust me, you'll know. There should be enough room for the fry to freely move around.

The molly fish cannot live in brackish water, so it is best to put some salt into the water of your fish tank. answer #2. The male Lyretail Molly Fish also has a larger dorsal fin that will not develop properly if the tank is overcrowded or too small. You can easily categorize mollies into two separate groups. There are many different varieties of mollies and the most common type of molly species held in aquariums is known as the short-finned molly.