The idea that a National Guard unit could open fire and mow down unarmed protesters is beyond disturbing. And that long game breaks down miserably, when one considers reality: 1.

Our best bet is to keep pushing the facts, reason, logic, and real world actions to everyone — especially our children! However, as I grew older (middle and high school), I became more fearful of guns due to the news-media hype about guns, gun control, “Saturday Night Specials,” portrayal of guns on TV and movies, etc. However that is no reason to limit the civilian ownership of this weapon.

The Statists are like a virus, consuming their host, then moving on to the next victim. I know it sounds shallow and pedantic but it is something that I and many others are passionate about how our voice is muffled in the fight to restore our rights.

* getting your hunter friends on board with the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment

As more law-abiding citizens are disarmed, more armed criminals will become more emboldened, and will commit more crime Their social media bullying approach lends itself well to going after those kinds of victories. The Ohio National Guard was issued M-1 Garands, not M-1 carbines.

Wrong spot for a reply. more manufactured daily

Let’s not forget all the kids who are being made examples of in order to advance the Statist agenda of absolute control: * Pop-Tarts shaped like Idaho Becker is right the best liar wins. They generally go for the more frugal consumers who do not have a lot to spend.

Obama effective immediately. I can walk into any Starbucks, Target or Chipoltle in Larimer County or similar part of the country packing a big @$$ 1911 without anyone so much as giving me a second look. People out there in still free America, this crap is spreading everywhere with political activists challenging and abridging constitutional protections where ever they land. Marc de Piolenc: Photo evidence proves, clear as day, that the Guardsmen were armed primarily with M1 Garands. 3.

Thank God! The majority of these rifles were M1 Garands. Then Clinton, the worst offender, went on a smorgasbord of banning that included so-called “assault pistols”, cheap/surplus/steel core 7.62×39 ammo, Chinese rifle/pistols/ammo, Russian pistols and certain “scawy” rifles, and setting the most draconian import standard we deal with today in the late 90’s that banned any semi-auto rifles imported that could hold more than 10 rounds, any muzzle device, bayonet lug, pistol grip, folding stock, etc. 2) Divide us :open carry vs concealed vs neither. . A Professor there said that if the students had known that the soldiers had loaded weapons, they would not have pushed them as far as they did.

If that’s there long game then it’s going to be a real long time.

Now we know they didn’t succeed in getting guns banned in Starbucks etc. * insert your idea here ___________. While President Nixon’s investigative commission held both the students and the Guardsmen responsible, it concluded that the “the indiscriminate firing of rifles into a crowd of students and the deaths that followed were unnecessary, unwarranted, and inexcusable.”.

Under 200 bucks and historically significant. * Hello Kitty toy that blows bubbles I could give you tons of examples of assemblers here taking advantage of this ranging from using cheap if not dangerous out-of-spec parts to outright fraud.

The first Bush banned “assault weapons.” I think you have the “long-game” just about right.

That would cut out the middleman, so to speak. Second Amendment supporters made serious gains in rolling back gun control laws from 1994 through 2013.

All the neighbors were vets. Your email address will not be published. Restricting the re-importation of US WWII rifles fits within this authority.

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I think Ms. Watts and her ilk are in this as an easy way to pick up money and play on a national stage.

And there is tons of facts that gun control causes more crime and death, than a gun free society does. Let that sink in a bit…, About SanityPolitic' Max Mcguire; with no rounds but a bayonet attached, you can bludgeon multiple people with out harming it.

I’m not arguing that banning imports is right, but it’s technically not unconstitutional.

Second Amendment groups, like the NRA, criticized the administration for “completely [missing] the mark when it comes to stopping violent crime” and putting the last nail in the coffin for the 110 year old Civilian Marksmanship Program. And that is Obama.A BIG ONE. But if they succeed, then it’s on to the next state. That is what the Moms claim to have succeeded in.

That hysteria only plays for so long before people begin to see through it. Here is how I believe they think it will work .

We now have Obama to thank for the banning of cheap, surplus 7n6 5.45 ammo (never mind it passed the ATF definition of not being an AP round, they still banned it anyway. Although Chuck can run a bolt action pretty well, he of course loses the race to the semi-auto. The gun control Bolshevik Statists need a monopoly on the media.

MDA is playing a very long game. It’s crazy it isn’t yet.

The electorate rebelled against the Clinton “assault weapon” ban at the polls.

Having migrated from a Authoritarian State to a Free State, I can assure you that they are like a virus. I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you. I also don’t share the optimism that MDA, Brady Campaign, etc. This backlash has the potential of reaching the point where the sheeple and other unbelievers are eventually herded into the showers for delousing. Even the BATF does not agree with the Obama administration executive order in their White paper report. 1. Even though some get caught a lot still get away with it because there is no standard AK made here that can compare to the imports quality-wise without them costing well above $1,000. When the M-16 appeared, I thought it was a joke. I knew that we had just changed over to the M-16 and thought that the Guard/Reserve had gotten the “hand me down” M-14.… Read more ».

But that’s still no reason to ban them, especially given the most notable mass shooting was committed by government forces. ©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. I see the regulation of commerce clause in the Constitution but our rights like the 2nd Amendment trump those. I sort of think in the long run that more varied digital communications will make it harder for dictatorial governments to stay in control.

There is no evidence to support this. There is an article somewhere on the internet about how the Brits took about 90 years (3 generations) wringing out civilian use of arms. . On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio Army National Guard arrived at Kent State University to respond to a growing anti-war protest movement on campus. Are they receiving any foreign $ to overthrow our Constitution? * starting a 4-H shooting club 6 - M1 Garand Operation and Maintenance Guide 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose and Scope Although the M1 Garand Rifle is no longer actively used by the U.S. Military, Public Law 106-65 (10 USC 4683) allows for the conditional donation by the U.S. Government of .30 Caliber M1 Garand Rifles to eligible organizations for use by While it is safe to say that it is unlikely to find a mass shooter with C&R firearm, Obama is right to worry about the M1 Garand specifically. Without debating some of the finer points of the authors article, I do agree: It’s about culture, and not the guns or crime prevention, that MDA is trying to change. With the Senate unable to break the filibuster and the House of Representatives unlikely to bring gun control legislation out of committee, President Obama has been forced to turn to executive orders. 2. Don’t misunderstand me: I disagree with the import bans just as much, but there isn’t much we could do about it from a constitutional perspective. I was getting ready to have my tenth birthday when this incident happened but, I was interested in the Vietnam war because my brother was over there. On the domestic front perhaps but not when it comes to imports.

Typically called the Type 2 since it is the second of Garand’s designs to use primer actuated ammunition, it bears little in common with the M1 …

MDA has had zero success in getting firearms banned from any place.

Could they?

That’s the communist, Gestapo way..

It will never work. At the opening of World War II, every army was using a manual bolt-action rifle.