To see an example of a used bike model, you can find it here on Cycle Trader. Moving to dual-sport bikes, the older, more trail-based models can be cheaper than a motocross bike, but the models based on an MX model, such as KTM and Husqvarna's latest offerings dwell up towards the $10,000 range when brand new. The 2021 version has no changes beyond cosmetics, but it still has excellent KYB suspension, a Keihin carburetor, a six-speed gearbox and Nissin brakes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. TM EN450 Fi ES: $11,195 KTM 250 XC-F: $9499 Yamaha doesn’t want to leave any gaps in its family of off-road bikes, so the veteran YZ85 got a redesigned power-valve motor two years ago. The 2017 model of the Husqvarna FC350 bike costs about $9,300 new and about $6,000-$7,000 used, depending on the condition it’s in. The Sun mode is geared for midrange and top-end for faster performance. New dirt bikes are quite a bit more expensive than used ones, but if you’ve got the cash saved up, there’s nothing else that beats the quality of a new bike with zero miles. HONDA CRF150F: $3799 The fork is a down-sized version of the Xact air fork found on larger Husqvarnas, and the WP shock connects to the swingarm without linkage. THUMPSTAR MX50SR/MX50JR: TBA It has electric starters and aluminum frames. If you’re interested in seeing this as a used model, you can find one on Cycle Trader’s website here. It does away with the oil injection and has KYB suspension, among other changes. Carbureted versions can be ordered. It looks like a traditional YZ125 with the inclusion of a kickstand and an 18-inch wheel. The increased chassis flex on this model keeps most of the impact in the lower part of the bike instead of transferring to the rider’s hands. YAMAHA YZ250F: $8199 The 2019 Sherco SE 300 Racing also includes Neken triple clamps that are 90 grams lighter than the previous model. SUZUKI DR-Z400S: $6799 TM EN144 Fi TWO-STROKE: $9695 KTM 125 SX TWO-STROKE: $7299 link to Best Dirt Bikes for 6-Year-Olds: A Detailed Guide with Pricing, link to Kids Dirt Bike Costs (With 15 Examples of Popular Youth Models), Electric start with a backup kick start if needed, Electric oil injection, eliminating the need to pre-mix fuel, Overall dry weight of 224 pounds and wet weight of 250 pounds, Seat height of 37.8 inches at lowest adjustment, Lubrication system: two-stroke-oil/fuel mixed 1:50, Standard, Smooth, and Aggressive riding modes, Weight of 237 pounds with all necessary equipment and liquids, Counterbalancer in the engine to lessen vibrations, Weight of 233.6 pounds with necessary gear and liquids, Magura hydraulic-activated coil spring steel (CSS) clutch, Dry weight of 216.5 pounds, wet weight of 226 pounds, Weight of 346 pounds with standard equipment and liquids, Wet, multi-disk clutch with Magura hydraulics, Traction control option on the multi-switch. It comes at a price of $7,999 new and packs some big bang for your buck. All Rights Reserved. Thumpstar has been working with Josep Pibernat, who was the founder of GasGas, to develop an all-new motor. The best dirt bikes by popular companies cost on average around $8,000-$9,000. GASGAS EC RANGER 300: $7899 Despite being a three-year-old bike model, this bike has still got some power in its punch. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The TSE250R is an Asian-made 250cc two-stroke that closely resembles the Yamaha WR200 from the early ’90s. 2021 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED, SLAVENS RACING KTM 300 TPI PROJECT: TWO STROKE TUESDAY, HAAKER SWEEPS GLEN HELEN DOUBLE HEADER: 2020 ENDUROCROSS ROUND 2 RESULTS, 500CC TWO-STROKE VIDEO INSANITY : 2-STROKE THEATER, 2021 HUSQVARNA TE 300i TWO-STROKE ROCKSTAR EDITION ANNOUNCED, ODI HONDA CR125 PROJECT: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY, 2020 HAWK PLANTATION FULL GAS SPRINT ENDURO: FULL RACE REPORT, 2020 PRIMM NGPC PRO RESULTS: OLIVEIRA DOUBLE JACKPOT WIN, 5 MUST SEE MX 2-STROKE PROJECTS: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY, KTM 250SX-F TROY LEE DESIGNS SPECIAL EDITION FOR 2021. HUSQVARNA FX450: $10.699 The bike last received attention in 2014 when it got a new top end, more modern suspension and new bodywork. YAMAHA TW200: $4599, 1994 OHLINS YAMAHA YZ360: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY, THE WEEKLY FEED: THE FIRST USGP, WILD VIDEOS, A TRIBUTE TO AN AMERICAN HERO. For years this tiny Michigan company has had wild success making championship bikes and championship riders. YAMAHA YZ65 TWO-STROKE $4599, YAMAHA OFF-ROAD KAWASAKI KLX250S: $5399, HUSQVARNA MOTOCROSS If you’re looking in the market for a new dirt bike, whether it’s your first bike or you’re fifth, it’s always a good idea to check out what the average prices for dirt bikes are currently. The bigwigs at Yamaha understand that the two-stroke is still popular among play riders and off-road enthusiasts, so the company introduced the YZ250X in 2016. The bike has also been designed with new kevlar clutch discs that improve the overall performance of the engine. For 2021, the Cobra CX65 has a number of improvements, including a new clutch pressure plate, changes to the power valve and a new color. The Yamaha YZ250F, priced at about $8,200 new, is a brand new model that’s been updated form the bottom up. Find a new or used motorcycle in your price range. Operating in cold weather. If you are a beginner click Used : P30,000 - … SHERCO SE300 RACING: $9299 There are many different types of dirt bikes for sale on eBay. It still has a shaft drive, automatic clutch and a seat height of 18.7 inches. The 2017 model of the Beta 250 RR two-stroke bike costs around $7,500 new and around $6,500 used if kept in very good condition. SHERCO SE-F300 CROSS COUNTRY: $10,599 Without electric start or fuel injection, it comes in under 200 pounds. The new Yamaha YZ250F is designed with symmetrical intake and exhaust ports, a stronger connecting rod, and a new counterbalancer to provide the bike with better ability to handle midrange and up-end power. If you have wondered why Beta doesn’t offer motocross bikes, you are not alone. A version with a 19-/16-inch wheel combo sells for $6299. TM has proven that you don’t have to be a giant corporation to lead the way in technology. A list of all the prices released so far for the 2020 new model season, including motocross, off-road and dual-sport bikes. KTM 150 XC-W TPI TWO-STROKE: $8799, KTM DUAL-SPORT Priced at about $8,700, this bike is an awesome choice for riders wanting more speed during their rides. KTM 50SX MOTOCROSS: $4399 Husquvarna - They do make street bikes, but their primary focus is on dirt bikes. When getting a dirt bike online, it is important to stick to the most reputable brands. TM MX300ES TWO-STROKE: $9395, TM OFF-ROAD Many of the motocross bikes for sale in the UK are made to conform to racing regulations and thus may be … GASGAS XC250: $8799 BETA 430RR: $10,799 A three-year-old bike typically will cost about $3,000 less than the release year’s price, but it also depends on the previous owner’s care and motivation to sell. More information about this model can be found from Sherco’s website here. The brakes and clutch hydraulics are by Magura. YAMAHA YZ250X OFF-ROAD: $7599 It has a six-speed gearbox, a hydraulic clutch and a power valve that is operated by combustion-chamber pressure rather than any mechanical means. SUZUKI DR-Z50: $1749, SUZUKI DUAL-SPORT KTM 250 XC TPI TWO-STROKE: $9799 You can find more information about this bike on KTM’s website here. Of course, prices depend on how well the previous owner took care of the bike, dirt bikes generally lose about $1,000 per year in value. SHERCO SC125 CROSS COUNTRY: $8599 BETA 250RR: $8799 Yamaha has added some excellent features to this bike that make it an excellent choice for motocross races. SHERCO SE-F 250 RACING: $9299, SSR This model also includes electronic oil injection, so you can avoid the mess that comes with pre-mixing the fuel. BETA 300RX MOTOCROSS: $9199 Thumpstar has been developing motorcycles for the last five years, primarily in the pit bike market. Back in late 2018, Yamaha suddenly woke up and realized that the mini riders of today will be the YZ450F riders of tomorrow. If you are hesitant to consider narrow bikes, I’d definitely say give the Kawasaki KX250 a chance if you’re looking for a bike that’s easy to maneuver. This is a new bike for model-year 2021. Finally, make sure to take a look at the bike's engine displacement. Cobra might dominate the 50 class at the Amateur Nationals, but KTM still has a huge number of rank-and-file mini racers across the U.S. covered with the 50SX. The Husqvarna FC250 bike is designed to be lightweight and powerful on the motocross track. Here’s another great dirt bike from Beta. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: THE YAMAHA YZ250 2-STROKE STORY. There are four different versions: the Super Mini 100 with a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel ($6595), the standard 85 with a 14-/17-inch wheel size ($6495), and this year there will also be a 112cc Supermini with a stroked motor and new engine cases. If you’re one of the riders who misses 200-class two-strokes, you have plenty of company. But it’s unique, sleek appearance isn’t all that this bike’s got to offer. Amateur racing in the mini class is a sea of little orange bikes. Yamaha has also equipped this bike with some awesome technological addition, namely the engine tuning capabilities. HUSQVARNA TC250 TWO-STROKE: $8399 That speaks to the solid engineering employed when the bike was first designed so long ago. The chassis and seat on this bike have improved to be more comfortable and supportive while riding. The three main types include motocross dirt bikes, dual-sport dirt bikes, and children's dirt bikes. SUZUKI VAN VAN: $4649 (2019), TM MOTOCROSS SHERCO SC300 CROSS COUNTRY: $9699 KTM 300 XC TPI TWO-STROKE: $9999 KTM is a European company that is also one of the top motocross bike companies out there. KAWASAKI KX100 MOTOCROSS: $4649 The SE300 and 250 are still the mainstay two-stroke off-road bikes for the French company. The RR models also feature oil injection and Sachs suspension. The off-road version of the KTM 150 is completely different from the MX version. The 2016 model of the Husqvarna TC 125 costs about $7,000 new and about $4,500 used. The system also electronically regulates the oil flow for the different throttle positions, and it decreases smoke by more than 50%. Yamaha - Yamaha makes a wide variety of different products. The Husqvarna TC50 was introduced in 2017 and has undergone few changes since then. BETA 200RR OFF-ROAD: $8699 TM MX300ES/TM MX250ES MOTOCROSS: $9395/$9195 The front suspension is an Xact air fork and the WP shock uses no linkage. If you want to see an example of a used model form this year, you can find it on Cycle Trader at this link. The rear shock connects directly to the swingarm and the brakes are hydraulic discs. KTM 300XC/250XC TPI OFF-ROAD: $10,199/$9999 This stability is created through the adjustable peg and handlebar mounts. KAWASAKI KLX230: $4599 THUMPSTAR 300/250 OFF-ROAD: TBA is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to