clips. On the next full moon, with Nora now living with Josh and the other roommates. Nora is reluctant at first, particularly after Josh's ex-fiancé Julia comes to town and is revealed to be Aidan's current lover. As the full moon is near, Josh is convinced by Connor to retaliate against Will for hurting Nora, attacking him during the day until a young woman interferes. That night, Josh is driven out to the woods by Nora, who initially feels relieved that she is not a werewolf, but she begins to transform in the car. Playing next. Certain As The Moon (Aidan/Josh) added by karlyluvsam. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Werewolf Transformation 4. The events help save Sally from the Reaper, which released them all and thus letting Josh leave the house to transform in the woods. Now several years after he was scratched, Josh has evolved into more of a man than he ever was, even before being scratched. Robson Green in Being Human : werewolf transformation. Werewolf Girl Transformation. After they approach Zoe to save Sally, the Reaper entity traps them all in the house and the situation is made worse by the fact that it will be a full moon soon. i had forgotten how hot this was. After warding off Marcus from attacking his family with Aidan's help, Josh eventually admits to his family he is a werewolf (though they still don't believe him) and returns to Boston with Aidan. The next day Josh and Nora stay together as she proclaims when he was in his wolf form she truly saw him. His relationship with Nora further accelerated this process. When Julia wakes up to cuddle up with Josh, he ultimately decides to stay with her, as he is still in love with her. As Josh chases him, Ray knocks him down, preparing to kill Josh as well. Looks Great! Nora discovers Josh in his hospital hiding place where he is transforming, and he accidentally scratches her as he ushers her out of the room. Josh experiences large amounts of self-loathing; fervently hating his wolf. Join the world's largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. What I love most about the role is that I get to play this dichotomy, the “Jekyll and Hyde” if you will. The spell created a dagger that was intended to stab Josh's wolf in the heart and banish it. Connor and Brynn reveal that they are purebred werewolves, born rather than changed. When the detectives find him at the storage unit, Cecilia shows up and uses her abilities to convince the detectives that Josh is not responsible. Wow, this is really cool. Injured, but not shot directly, Josh tries to get away, but Nora, who has fully transformed, kills Heggeman and saves Josh. liminalbean. They plan to go drinking, but when he leaves work early, he finds that Emily has been out drinking with Julia. At this point I can honestly say that I do not see a world in which Josh would sacrifice himself in order to change Nora back. After this discovery as well as Sally's resolution of her issues, he decides to go back to medical school and become a doctor to support Nora and his child, but this celebration is cut short by Bishop's attack on Aidan. Elisaqpatton2161. The Werewolf (An American Werewolf in London), The lovely Kristen Hager, Nora from SyFy’s Being Human, recently did a little interview on her intricate character. He then says that he wants them to kill him because of the danger he is to them. That night, Josh follows through on his end of the deal, leading Cecilia to the twins. Josh prepares for his next transformation, with Nora inquisitive about how it feels. Commission - Were-Proof Phone Ad. Josh wants his relationship with Julia to advance, so he invites her over to the house for dinner, even though Aidan has broken her heart. At night, working at a diner, Josh is found and beat up by two vampires called Marcus and Blue Collar but is saved by Aidan, who has returned to Boston and whose friendship allowed Josh to regain some of his old personality back — and with it, the prospect of a normal life. When he finds that Nora has helped Sally, he makes up his mind. Christopher-Stoll. Sally reappears in the house when Josh and Aiden are arguing about cleaning and reorganizing the house 7 hours after they got the key to the house, only then Sally discovers that she has time traveled.Aiden flipped through a book with a different language before closing it and apologizing to Josh's wolf corpse when suddenly a human hand sticks out of the wolfs mouth. Read More Read Less . So in future episodes, more than anything else, I’d like to see more of Nora’s lighter side. That night, Josh arrives to a cabin the twins and Nora use to change in, when Aidan also arrives, as he is looking for Cecilia. What I enjoy most about you, Rose, is that you are able to do certain things naturally with your face and hands that really augment your practical effects. When Josh and Nora return with Sally's body, they give it Donna, who tells them that Sally would not be human when she is resurrected. So maybe our writers could come up with a dream sequence episode, where I get to wake up “in someone else’s shoes” and get the chance to explore what that feels like… hmm, I think I’m on to something here…. 568 Favourites. It was revealed last season that a werewolf could be reverted back to its original form when the monster that transformed it is killed so do you think there is any chance of Josh [played by Sam Worthington] sacrificing himself in order to change Nora back, and how do you think Nora would respond to this idea? (ill met by moonlight quest guide) Friedagoehrke16. video. I love that I have the balance of the two. He wins, killing the other wolf, Douglas, and this causes great emotional trauma. Nora reveals she is glad that Josh did not follow through with killing his maker, as it would have cured her as well, and she knows he should not be a murderer. He's been 'collected' by werewolf hunter, Sebarino Silvertooth, who is capturing extraordinary creatures in order to sell them to researchers. All four transform and hunt down Aidan and Cecilia, and end up killing Cecilia when she gives herself up so Aidan may live. You really make it look like things are stretching and moving around. After she is assaulted by Marcus, Emily and Josh return to their parents' house in Ithaca, New York, where his psychologist father confronts him about how he believes Josh is suffering from clinical lycanthropy due to journals he took of his experiences. They returned to Donna and she tells them that she is going to resurrect Sally and now needs her body for the spell. He now possess immense amounts of courage which allowed him to stand up to Liam Mclean on four separate occasions, despite the fact Josh knew just how dangerous Liam was. Nora arrives with a gun of her own, and the three end up in a standoff: Ray with the rifle aimed at Josh, Nora with a handgun aimed at Ray, and Josh telling Nora to kill him instead.