I called the supervising manager the next day and requested a higher salary, given my extensive experience and the requirements of the position. I look forward to your response and my start date with [REDACTED]. As a result, I would like to propose a $1,500 sign on bonus in order to cover this expense and prevent myself from incurring any financial loss during this period. I purposefully didn't share it to respect the privacy of the company.

Edit: Clarifiying what I think happened. If you don't mind me asking, can you provide me some insight as to what caused your decision to rescind the offer? Other places I've had offers from usually wait 3 or 4 days before following up to ask if I had made a decision.

Press J to jump to the feed. My resume clearly states my graduation date and my impressive though somewhat limited experience. I wish you the best of luck in all future career decisions. However, I understand I cannot enroll in the health insurance plan until after I have been employed for 90 days. If they are willing to rescind an offer over minor negotiation you can say goodbye to getting good raises and performance reviews. They were just looking for cheap labor interchangeable parts. Offer Rescinded after Negotiation Attempt. level 1 It's totally legal for them to do that, but it Just Isn't Done. I am especially pleased to learn [REDACTED] offers employees paid vacation time. I would have assumed that you would have been working through the HR person as you were already offered the position. Sounds like you did everything you were supposed to do. It has been a pleasure meeting you, I feel it is in both of our best interest to rescind the offer at this time. PTO on top of that is stretching things... and then you have the signing bonus. I had a conversation with each of the cofounders and told them all exactly what my experience was, including the fact that I'm a new grad, and I still passed every single round. Agreed, there's nothing else you could have done in this situation. I feel very confident in my decision to join the team as the Account Service Coordinator. As for you, it should have been a simple matter of calling the main number and requesting the HR department if you really wanted to get in touch with them. They will seek a better position as soon as it becomes available. If they had any concerns that she might have been over qualified, then perhaps the request for more money was all the justification they needed to pull the offer. I have rescinded a written offer when the candidate made a counter offer, but it had nothing to do with the negotiation - I found a way better candidate in the meantime. If it was all about titles then I could fund my own start up, call myself Principal Architect, and then start applying to places as such. So it's not obvious to me what about my experience was not apparent earlier in the process. The guy said that if they gave me much more money my salary would be higher than any of the co-founders, It's literally just 3 guys (the co-founders) and a few sales associates, and they didn't even fly me out for the "onsite." Additionally, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to carefully review the offer prior to my decision to accept. While there may be exceptions, this isn’t normal practice. As we had discussed on Friday, March 15th, I have a vacation booked from May 31st - June 7th. If you want to be a professional, you have to act like one. 4  Also, if a contract for services has been signed, it will supersede employment at will and protect the candidate. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks everyone! TL;DR: Offered a job, tried to negotiate $2 more/hour, didn't talk to HR Assistant she rescinds offer. Maybe she was over qualified for it and that was part of the problem? I thought you were a bot at first and was extremely surprised- I couldn’t get Google’s Tesseract to read a gift card reliably much less an entire email thread with the proper bold-font. If I said it you could probably search "lead software engineer" on angellist and filter for that specific salary range and find the company pretty quick. I had a conversation with each of the cofounders and told them all exactly what my experience was, including the fact that I'm a new grad, and I still passed every single round. Or is the HR Assistant on a crazy ego-trip. This was totally unexpected and unprofessional in my view and I responded explaining why I contacted the supervising manger, and alluded to her (the HR Assistant) unprofessional attitude. As someone who previously worked for six years at a startup that hired their CTO right out of college: It doesn't lead to a great engineering culture, I'll tell you that much. I still think they really dodged a bullet not working at this company though. Maybe I'm being overly respectful of them/paranoid.

I ran into a similar situation a few years ago. It all seemed reasonable and OP was incredibly respectful and professional. Because of this, the two situations that usually trigger a rescinded offer are: The candidate behaves in such a way, post-offer, that the hiring team decides they cannot work together. That was a huge red flag. The reason HR may have been upset that OP contacted the actual supervisor is that in some workplaces there is distinct effort to let HR have primary responsibility for the interview and hiring process, particularly for hourly positions.

Tell them that you didn't realize who was in charge. It's extremely rude at the absolute best. This is never more true than when you find yourself in situations such as these. I did get a signing bonus *increased* under similar circumstances, but I had substantial leverage and it was because they weren't willing to come up on base pay. Didn't hear back, which is just more confirmation that it wasn't the right place for me...but still. I knew the range beforehand but during my initial interview the supervising manager told me it was negotiable. Sounds like a take it or leave it offer.

So it's not obvious to me what about my experience was not apparent earlier in the process.

Sticking it to the man is about knowing exactly how much you can get away with. This doesn’t happen overnight and it takes years of experience to acquire the necessary skills to become a lead dev. I think they're just in a really poor financial situation because. The fact that they were against any type of negotiation is a red flag. I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too!

No one would hire me because I don’t have the experience to back up my title. Again, I humbly thank you for the opportunity to ask questions and for welcoming a conversation on this employment offer. To all the bitches in this thread saying he/she asked for too much...why? LPT: Job offer rescinded after salary negotiation attempt. She said she would forward my request to the Director, and she even called me later that day to say she "made a good case" to HR and that we'd see what came back.

And speaking of the manager you spoke with, they also should be faulted for not redirecting you through the proper channels when you made your salary request. If I could find whoever keeps marking these transcription posts as spam, I'd probably ban them at this point.

In order to cover the gap between being insured through my current employer and reaching 90 days at [REDACTED], I will need to elect COBRA. You have the title but not the expertise.

Last week I was offered a communications job at a small college in a big city. Post your horror stories and show us those amazing job offers! There are other exceptions that can protect applicants when a job offer has been rescinded. I also wish to be respectful in requesting vacation time and will not plan any PTO during busy season, which I understand to be end of November - end of January. ), I'm a new grad looking for my first real job, I interviewed for a Lead Software Engineer role at a very early stage startup that promised a high salary, they probably caught on that they might have hired someone who did not match their required experience level, Yup, I would strongly agree ... why would you hire a new grad for lead role? My recommendation is that you take the high road on this and not say or do anything that would make you look anything less than professional.