She comes across too vain and shallow.

The Benin chief called on President Buhari to be magnanimous in victory. No where.What goes up always come down and like you said the dynamics in polygamous home are complex so anything can happen. I don't condone any fetish practices and that is for her pocket if she does, only God can judge! (the bride is stunning!!!)

With the little education Sade has. KIRAN & JYOTI MATHAROO 2 delightsomely gorgeous sisters. Dem no dey carry last for this kain matter. You shall meet your match that would send you to your grave, fucking hoes. God bless their union.

Expiring date dey fail. Na dem sabi. I. Like many celebrities and famous people, Akala keeps his personal and love life private. .so stop hating girl,she is a Yoruba babe and is proud to be one, Your email address will not be published. Heard her mother lives with her and being that Sade came from polygamous home herself I'm sure that her mother is fully behind her ATM machine. My kind of chic. Even the one that is still working for him, Sade wants him sacked from the company. Beautiful kids on the way!

Please they deserve all the abuse and stigmatisation they get.

The same way the Onabanjos were in it together. If she is that smart, she would have pleaded and persuaded the man to put her differences with those woman aside and let them be present at their daughters wedding.

The senior wife (Kuburat) and Taofiki I heard were born agains and same applies to Moji Tejuosho. Pele oh. Beautiful!

P.S Where is the bride’s Mum? The bride is so gorgeous, the whole scenario is so breath-taking and captivating . May Almighty Allah Bless This Union, AMEEN!

There's no fun loving dude or babe in Lagos worth his/her salt that doesn't know who KIKA is! beautiful……hml mr n mrs alao…sade is so pretty, Grooms and Groomsmen is by davidbowler not vowler, Oh me gosh.. Aunty shade okoya …classiest mother ever live th.

Bride’s Attire: Bisbod I understand that their husbands are friends but... Dupe seems to be riding Sade's cloak tail.

Hadiza Okoya is the dark skinned daughter of billionaire industrialist, Chief Rasaq Akanni Okoya (Chairman Eleganza Companies in Nigeria) and born of a non-Nigerian mother (Liberian).

LOOL. It takes an admirable level of confidence to pull off such looks and own them. I have to work triple times to put food on my table . the parties are saara so yes very fetish.

And Sade is not her mum, I couldn’t help but stray from the couple to the house and its surrounding decor..#sighs. look again. Jeez!! White: Purple & White, Wedding Attire Displaying love and cuddling is not meant for everywhere. Am an International Journalist, Events planner and Blogger whose media journey dates back to June 2002 as a TV presenter with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Ile-Ife Osun State while I was having my National Diploma in Mass Communication. Wedding ceremonies of son’s and daughter’s of Nigeria political juggernauts have always been platform to test their popularity and influence.Those celebrations are usually a carnival like convergence of for different kinds of political species.This was not the case for Easter Sunday’s high octane wedding of Hadiza Raisa Okoya,beautiful daughter of billionaire property mogul Aare Razaq Okoya and Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala… Obey song that says "Rora rora feso Se laiye, Ile aiye ta wa o, aiye gab pele o". beautiful!!! Which dirty illness, they both look superb, especially Sade, so shut your dirty trap abeg and stop hating! No, not all traditional wedding are like that. I meant the difference between old money and new money. Who told you that Alhaji Kuburat is his first wife. THEY SHOULD NOT BE REPUBLISHED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

?...why all this presumptious statements?? God bless, A very beautiful wedding, one thing I took note of how ever is that absolutely stunning wedding gown n that it was made by a nigerian designer.

Is sade okoya her mum?