Kill these creatures then approach the pedestal and fit the Decorated Sword into the socket to lower the stone and reveal the door leading to the East Area. Finally, pull the chain (c) to open the door and turn off the fire jets permanently. Bow - the bow that can be used together with Arrow and Fire Arrow Inside the first room is a chest with Journal #2. When you are ready you can head north into the combat cavern and face yourself. Search the area for a chest containing Bullets and smash the board that conceals a very valuable Talisman. By now you should have your Shiden Orb powered to level 2 and can easily open this door. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It's so dark in here you can't even figure out how to open the door. Flourite 4 Flourite 16 Now you can devote all your attention to the remaining giant. This is one of those locations that will respawn each time you visit so always be prepared; especially for those ninja that love to jump at you from off-screen. If you are daring and decide to fight these creatures they are quite easy to kill (usually just one hit), but they are hard to hit since they are floating, and when you kill them you will get a lot of Soul Energy as your reward. After a pretty cool movie you and Kaede must once again part company to search for a way to get past this supernatural barrier preventing you from entering the underworld. Enter the door on the 4Red Undead SamuraiNone Flourite 18 You will soon come to some stairs leading up. This one has three sets of moveable numbers. An archer at the far end of this walkway is shooting arrows. Climb down and return to the door you just skipped. The ladder at the opposite end of this passage leads to a powerful boss battle, so I recommend saving your game at this time. You will fight dozens of deadly monsters so it is very important to have a good supply of health items. It's easy if you have a Vision Staff, which can light the Fluorites, so you can see where it was. Now you can play the Oni-Spirits mini game. (found: 1) - soul absorber - When this is used, a circle appears on the ground. Now you can find all fluorites cause the fluorites is now shining at field screen. Right above the chest hidden in the shelf is Flourite #3.
This door is on a timer and will close in a few moments. man drops down from the ceiling. It's one of those number locks so move the groups in this order: LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT and you will get the, The door on the north requires a Level 2 Orb. The Keep Exit the roof via the ladder and head back outside. Smash the decorative screens to reveal an altar on the left and a concealed passage on the right. You will eventually see your Soul Absorbers. Head up the stairs to level 3 of the Keep. Follow the walkway killing the insects that leap out of the water and attack. Soul Absorber 2 - Automatically consumes souls while you continue to fight.

The locked door that requires the Blue Key is on the south wall, but first go to the end of this hall and grab Flourite #7 from the NE corner.

Before you can refuse their offer you return to the "real world" with the Gauntlet firmly attached to your right arm. Kaede starts at the beginning of the East Area map.

Ultimately you will be reunited for the boss encounter at the end of this area. Flourite 11 You are about to fight a very challenging opponent - YOURSELF! The hall branches off with the left ending at a locked door that you cannot pick. 6Spiked DemonsFlourite #18 Upgrading the swords increases the power of their attacks while upgrading the Orbs allows you to dispel the magical locks on many of the door granting you access to other parts of the game. Whip out your Enryuu and unleash the power of fire on the three smaller Bull Ogres. Evil Plate - Missing half of the key to access the Dark Realm. Try to attack him with your Bishamon Sword until he died. I've included detailed level maps that show all of the locations with items and the various color-coded doors. Finally have Kaede go and either pull the next lever or open the door - either action gets you both into the next room. The x tiles seem to cause fewer conflicts between characters. The game animation tends to pause between each jet of fire so keep the D-pad pressed forward. Unlock and go through the next red door where you encounter the small boy and meet up with Kaede. Pick the lock and enter. To open them you need certain orb, like level 1 Lightning Orb can only open the door with 1 marble on it. Defend and power. Bishamon Sword: The most powerful sword combines all three elemental magics. Apocalypse #2 is hidden in the small area behind the statue. No sense in saving it so go into your inventory and use it to increase your magic bar. the circular area and use the ladder to return to the Keep. Locate the shelf on the east wall to reveal a secret compartment with several gears. Magic Wells are also scatter about (although not as frequent as mirrors) and will allow you to replenish your magical attack meter. Block his charges and combos and unleash your Thunder attacks and any remaining Fire attacks to finish him off. Wood Ladder - Allows escape from Keep Underground. He's not too hard to beat. Enhance 'Item' Open it to get the Herb then move to the back of the room where you will find a Suzaku on the top of a bookshelf and another chest that contains Journal #5. For now, follow the walkway around to the north then turn east and continue past the branching path to the left to end up at a green locked door. As each character steps on a symbol the other character is free to continue. Crack the seal on the red door and head north. 2.6th from left,1st from left,4th from left Kaede isn't nearly as strong or powerful as Samanosuke so you may want to avoid some encounters. When they are dead you can go over to the idol (S) and energize your Gauntlet with Soul Energy. To the left are several of those large urns. Swords Exit this room and fight more tentacle creatures as you head to the door to the east. Duck into the alcove to the right and open the Trick Box. When they are dead you can go over to the idol (S) and energize your Gauntlet with Soul Energy. If you have been using all the jewels as you find them both your magic and health bars should now be maximum length. Flourite 14 It will only linger in the immediate area for a few moments, so you have to absorb it quickly before if floats out of range. Dark Realm Arena 9Spiked Demons/Bull OgresMedicine In fact, head back outside and backtrack down the path a bit to find Flourite #11 in the previous section of this level hiding along the right wall. He's not too hard to beat. door head down the side passage and smash the crate to reveal a chest with some Medicine. Meanwhile, I will continue with the mission at hand. If you complete all 20 levels and return to the surface safely you should have enough Soul Energy stored up to enhance any remaining Swords and Orbs to their maximum levels and still have some to spare to upgrade your arrows, bullets, and herbs. You may want to quickly climb the ladder to the north and kill the archers so they don't shoot you from above. This sword can kill all the enemies in one hit except bosses. Go through the next door. Use your medicine and herbs wisely and hopefully you still have the Talisman that will restore you to full health in the event of your untimely death. The section near the triple-locked blue door is heavily guarded with at least one Samurai. Smash the crates to reveal a chest that contains Arrows and also search under the stairs to find Flourite #4. The trick is to switch between the Matchlock and the Shippuu. This is a very short level with some intense combat. And finally, if any of these creatures are present while you are fighting other monsters they will absorb their Soul Energy before you can. Keep your distance from his powerful club and always back up a good distance before trying to absorb any Soul Energy he releases as you beat on him. This is the laboratory of some mad Demon Scientist who is playing with somebody's liver. South Area

This is the guy who can send you to the Dark Realm Arena when you are ready - much later in the game.