| Updates on September 26th, 2.5 Times of Summon Rate for All SSR Female Shikigami! | Updates on November 20th, Frost Summon event! In my experience with Asia-based mobile games this year, due in part to the coronavirus pandemic and people being more frugal with spending money, any Western or Global servers with particularly small communities are in major danger of being shut down permanently.
Onmyoji Arena already has a very small playerbase, in particular the Global server player count is basically microscopic. | Updates on September 12th, New event "Froglet Invasion" comes! This, in combination with the minuscule playerbase, already puts it in a seriously precarious position. Show/Hide Show/Hide. 128. Up! Thinx. | Update on January 16th, Get Ready for New Gameplay “Heian Fable”! Wild Rift will 100% dominate the already congested mobile MOBA market once released. Get up-to-date player count stats for the most popular games with GitHyp! OA simply isn't closing anytime soon. | Updates on May 29th, Time For Guild Event "All For One!" | Updates on June 26th, A new game for Showdown Bidding! The features they’ve added are good, Well, thankfully I'm in SEA server, I shouldn't get affected. That my opinion, i do not try to ofense anybody.

I’m not “praising” Wild Rift as you’ve claimed.

Photos. | Updates on September 18th, Kyoto Reunion!

6,424,763 Players Online. | Updates on April 3rd, Divine Descent: Eye of Orochi! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. See All. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I don’t work for Netease so I can’t say for sure what OA’s fate will end up being, only that for us players without unlimited funds it would definitely be a smart financial decision to wait until we find out what Netease will do with OA after Wild Rift’s launch before investing any more money into the game.

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In partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary) and other global game developers, the company also operates some of the most popular international online games in China. Among Us Becomes the #8 Most Played Game Ever... Fall Guys is Devolver Digital's Biggest Launc... Onmyoji Guardian! Onmyoji Arena already has a very small playerbase, in particular the Global server player count is basically microscopic. | Update on January 9th, Anniversary Boss Challenge! | Updates on December 18th, Showdown Bidding! Special Facebook Share Events! | Updates on February 27th, Exploration Monster Bonus Up Event! Born as a vessel of life, setting sail towards its end. | Updates on August 29th, Tamamonomae, Yuki Come on Stage! More posts from the OnmyojiArena community. 316. Following is the first part of preview to this upgrade.

| Updates on September 25th, Activate!

| Update on October 3rd, Onmyoji x Mononoke Crossover Event is Coming! Find out how many gamers are playing Onmyoji right now on Steam. Summon Circle! How To Play Onmyoji 3 On PC App Store 10 Best Apps/Games of the Year Facebook’s 2016 Game of the Year: Best Mobile Game 200+ million downloads smash hit now available worldwide! | Updates on September 11th, Vote for SP/SSR Shikigami Chance Up! The hero-collector game OA is based on, Onmyoji, is making tons of money. This simply isn't the case for onmyoji arena. Even though many of us love this game (myself included), this is objectively a formula for failure only further exacerbated by the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and I just want to spread a word of caution in case anyone listens. OA has zero advertisement for Global. | Updates on November 13th, Activate! | Updates on September 4th, Orochi arrives in Heian-Kyo! Summon Circle! Onmyoji Arena Hako Shoujo video.

Trust me, I love this game so much, but I want to be realistic and minimize heartbreak from what is likely to come.

It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. | Update on January 23rd, Okikumushi is Coming! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Keep in mind that Wild Rift — a mobile version of the most popular videogame in the entire world — is planning to come out later this year, and is already available as a closed Beta. | Updates on August 28th, Otakemaru Summon Event! | Update on October 17th, Enma's new skin "Underworld Queen" is coming! It's a funny game and this deserve much more. Is it possible to transfer an account? Tournaments completely funded by netease are also organized in China, alongside a real LEAGUE system. First mobile MOBA without a rune system, truly balanced skill competiton featuring characters from the hit mobile game Onmyoji with PC level map size and strategy! | Updates on April 24th, Cherry Blossom Season!

With innovative map designs, a Fog of War mode, and an even larger set of Shikigami skills, players are in for more fun and greater challenges as … In the meantime, let’s enjoy playing this hidden gem of a free-to-play game while we still can ❤️. ?I love this game, Mister shutdown please could you ask netease to make it offline before closing it, so that we could play in local with friends? Queues for Global are way too long and unbalanced, which deters current players from staying, while advertisement doesn’t even exist so we aren’t getting many new players at all.