The Burbage South Valley boulders are home to a great mix of problems, with nothing too high and predominantly good landings its the perfect location for beginners to gain confidence bouldering outdoors.

Chuck McGibbon on ★★ Matterhorn Ridge VD - Nearing top of Matterhorn Ridge. Situated beneath Stanage Edge the boulder-field is strewn with iconic problems, on classic blocks such as ‘The Pebble’ – viewed by many as the origin of the Peak District bouldering scene.

Report. Check out what is happening in Peak District. Occasionally hand-drawn diagrams are used over photos for the topos: a good use of space but sometimes not as clear as the photos – common-sense may be required!

Expect a host of interesting problems requiring a mix of styles – The Blister Slab and Twin Flakes boulders are good if you are going solo. Postcode S32 1BR gets you close to Stanage Edge.

Further Info – Parking is at Burbage Bridge car park (Postcode: S32 1BR) north of the valley, or roadside parking close to the Fox House pub – to the south of the valley.

The result is a feast for the eyes and whether you are a novice boulderer or a world class climber, it nurtures the adventurous spirit in all of us. See Stanage Plantation above for public transport options. – Dan Varian, Climber Magazine, The photographic content is simply stunning. That said, a nice addition to Rockfax’s Peak Bouldering is the inclusion of circuits: many of which make for an enjoyable day out on the grit. The new Peak District Bouldering guide has just been published. What is lacks in pure practicality, Peak District Bouldering makes up for in style and presentation. The Peak District boasts some of the best bouldering in the country.

There are 3394 distinct problems described on 66 separate crags. WINNER - Boardman Tasker Prize 2010. 4 days ago, Another day another trig point! Jon has been climbing in the Peak District for 30 years and there are very few boulder problems missing from his impressive climbing CV.

Approach Notes – Follow the distinctive path from the car park up towards the crag, the boulders are situated below the crag.

Climbing Contests & Competitions on theCrag, theCrag Site Usage Policy and Licensing of IP User Content. Iain Duggin on ★★★ Crescent Arete E1 5b V2 - Entering the crux section on Crescent Arete. Based in Sheffield it is run by Alex & Chris who each have over 25 years of mountaineering experience, from the famous gritstone of their local edges to the 8000m peaks of the Himalaya.

The circuits are a nice addition too. Most of our courses are run in the nearby Peak District National Park which has some of the finest climbing, boulderingwalking, hiking and in the world. So the facts are simply these; if you wish to boulder in the Peak District at any point in the rest of you life, you cannot afford not to buy this book.

Map. PDFs not available for regions. It has the maps.

Personalised up-to-date PDF - for Peak District. – Banff Mountain Book Festival Panel, 2011. These days Williams’ edition is a little out of date and you’re most likely to see Rockfax’s Peak Bouldering (2014) and Vertebrate Publishing’s Peak District Bouldering (2011) out at the crag. Need inspiration? In this group test and review we get into the nitty gritty to work out which Peak District bouldering guidebook does what best…. Hati on night navigation last night on Hill and Moorland Leader Training @ Peak District Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. ‘The Burbage Valley – bigger and better looking than Bas Cuvier’ is one of my favourites, it certainly is beautiful! Peak District Bouldering is the most comprehensive guide to bouldering in the Peak District ever published.. All approach, crag and problem information has been reviewed and revised since Vertebrate's first Peak District Bouldering guidebook , and the authors have spent several years researching, writing and updating all of the established crags in the area, together with the many new … Whilst VP’s less prescribed structure makes the approach notes a little less clear, this gives plenty of room for their creative (and enjoyable) anecdotes and opinions. From personal usage, Vertebrate Publishing have created a book you’ll want to flick through for inspiration or to explore new areas, as well as take out to the crag with you. Grade context: UK; Photos: 46 Ascents: 6,397 5k.

Cratcliffe Tor is a scenic bouldering location and is especially popular with less experienced climbers. Approach Notes – There are distinctive paths leading to the edge/boulders from both car parks.

Author Rupert Davies and Jon Barton Published Vertebrate … International climbing legend Ben Moon has written the foreword, and there's a detailed Appendix which includes everything climbers need to plan a visit: Tourist Information Centres; cafés and pubs; campsites & accommodation; gear shops; climbing walls; and useful websites. Problems and their grades have been checked and double checked by many dedicated local climbers, with experience at all grades, to ensure as great an accuracy as possible across the grade range. crimpy, bold or burly), with coloured number icons to give an idea of difficulty if you’re skimming through quick reference. These half and full day introductory rock climbing courses in the Peak District are perfect for those with no, or very little climbing experience. Additionally, we run courses for the BMC for both clubs and individuals. It has the maps. For over twenty years Beyond the Edge has trained climbers, walkers and mountaineers.

The diagrams are uncomplicated and practical, the photo-topos crystal clear and all the information is concise and to the point.

Is this one about climbing again? Since Allen Williams’ first Peak District bouldering guidebook appeared in the 90s, the Peak bouldering scene has exploded in popularity with climbers from all over the world making crashpad-laden pilgrimages to dance their way up the sublime gritstone classics and powerful limestone crimp-fests. Peak Bouldering (Rockfax): 3394 distinct problems, 66 separate crags and 60 bouldering circuits. If planning a day out based on grades and style, it makes things as simple as possible. Almost 15 years later he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Peak District bouldering, and a similarly expansive catalogue of bouldering photography.

★★ Matterhorn Ridge VD - Looking from Elbow Ridge across to Matterhorn Ridge. Rupert Davies is one of the most respected authorities on bouldering in the Peak District, and Climb Magazine's correspondent for the area. Even though the guide is in print, we have developed even more venues which will be available in a PDF …

Each problem gets both a Font and a V grade, 0 – 3 stars and icons for style and feel (eg.

Whilst there is a concentration of higher graded problems (V5 +), there is also plenty of easier stuff to keep the less experienced busy.

It’s well worth investing in a guidebook cover to preserve it when it’s kicking around in your bag.

Vertebrate Publishing is a multi award-winning publisher, dedicated to producing the very best outdoor titles.

The quick-drying Trackside boulder is close to the road and ever popular. The destination planner is also invaluable: essentially a table of all featured crags, it gives you the grade range, approach time, exposure to sun and wind, seepage, dry-time and a quick summary for each crag.

He is the co-author of Vertebrate's Peak District Climbing guidebook, and a long-time contributor to the British Mountaineering Council's range of guidebooks. PDFs not available for regions. J …

Contains route information to some of the finest and most popular riding in the country. Peak District Bouldering (Vertebrate Publishing): over 3300 problems on over 70 crags, 2150 below font 7A and 1150 at 7A and above. Also beware of midges in warm and damp weather! Located right next to Cratcliffe is Robin Hood Stride, another great bouldering location with a solid mix of problems, especially within the low and mid range grades. It has the beta.

Amongst its gritstone crags and blocks are an extensive range of problems to suit all bouldering abilities and styles. Style and presentation.

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Stanage Far Right is situated at the Southern end of Stanage Edge, and is normally much quieter than Stanage Plantation. The Curbar Field Boulders sit below Curbar Edge and offer a good range of problems throughout the grade spectrum, with walls and arêtes the order of the day.