I would not specify them on my projects and will not recommend then to any clients. Pella aluminum storm door install approximately 5 years ago completely eaten up by corrosion. One unit rotted and was replaced by Pella in 204 at a cost of $2, 000 plus. I have Pella ProLine windows in my townhome. She's getting paid today, I'm not. Windows, patio door installed on 03/04/2020, patio door screen not in delivery. I spoke with Becky and Judy and was told that Pella needs to charge for the labor. Now after all this here is the topping on the cake. However, over time they have developed small a problem. I want someone responsible from Pella to call with an apology! Your browser either does not have JavaScript enabled or does not appear to support enough features of JavaScript to be used well on this site. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. I'm frustrated so I call the salesman who says he will look after. Extraordinary window company I wanted to replace my old doors. Like many companies, Pella doesn't post a price scheme on their website. The only alternative that I've Been given is to purchase one for $780!!! © 2004-2021 ComplaintsBoard.com. 0 complaints against Pella Doors and Windows closed in last 3 years. Rain is leaking right into our home. Please enter serial number of the product you are contacting us about. Larry apparently broke his leg on vacation so I don't know who to call so I left voice mails with people at his office and have not received a call back. Add an insulating layer with window insulation and improve window performance with LARSON windows. Discuss the issues you have had with Pella and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. See pic. There are other alternatives out there. Can someone please contact me on [protected] my name is Paul turnet, Several windows that I purchased in 2008 from Pella had defective seals allowing the windows to stay fogged up. Since I did not purchase them, I cannot give any info as to when they were bought. Wood Windows by Pella has 3 different kinds such as Designer series, Pella 450 series and Architect series. This is ineffective since there is not enough depth to the sealant to act effectively and will fail. We installed 49 Pella new windows in October 2009. Their tech should know this, but like most residential contractors, he does not understand how sealant works. This product should certainly be good when installed, but performance for clad windows should be measured in terms of decades. Reputation Management. Pella does not provide any customer service. We are spending the 3rd summer homeless because of our fateful decision to purchase Pella Windows. With Pella, you are paying for the "name" and it turns out the name Pella comes with quite a bit of tarnish! This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. 2 calls to him 2 days ago resulted in nothing. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect them to. Hence, I have cancelled an order for 15 double-hung windows and 2 storm doors. As to what I expect from this tale. He obviously did not notice me. Lynda is either over worked or incompetent or is trying to cover up. Everything was great. He calls Lynda who tells me she will have to order it again. Initial Pella complaints should be directed to their team directly. Our dedicated staff will respond within 48 business hours. He was rushed as needed to be home for a family dinner as his daughter was leaving for Madison. Now I am well aware of that fact. Our insurance company responded quickly to mitigate water damage. Insurance company suggests to replace the entire oak floor and pursue Pella for replacement of floor. See Owner's Manuals. I contacted their local distributor, Gunton Corp., who sent a tech out and applied silicone sealant where the glass meets the cladding. Buyer beware ... "labor" is warrantied for only 2 years; hence, if something is found to be defective with the doors; Pella (which touts that their "products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business") will charge you for someone to come out and assess the situation and then charge you for someone to come out and fix the problem with their defective product. Because that is what is happening here, you just aren't told that up front. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Pella. Two months ago, the right side window door has started the same thing. Pella Windows Costs. He would get service to order one and have a technician come out and install. Pella Window Prices, Reviews, Complaints & Company Overview. For a single shade! We would like to give you an update. Each manual has complete product information and troubleshooting advice. Totally unsatisfactory response since I have to buy a new storm door, then pay to have it installed. I have been a manufacturer's rep for over 25 years and have had the privilege of working for a company that truly stands behind its products because the products are top drawer all the way. Pella offers in-home consultation to check the suitable window types for your home. that have Pella Windows installed in the building that were manufactured after 1990, please fill in our form on the right to send your complaint to a Pella window lawyer. As for the salesman he said he would look after the situation and all he did was throw it in Lynda's lap. I contacted Pella and a sales person came out and documented the damage.-3 weeks ago. [protected]. Need to return a part ordered online and shipped by Pella? The Pella customer service operator would not even take down my complaint, she stated "on Sat.s there really isn't anyone qualified to answer that, call back on a work day (yeah, how does that happen when on a work day I AM WORKING) She also said, and I quote, "I'm taking time away from my family, from my grandchildren today"?????? I gave up and pulled in to a rest area (MIDWAY Rest Area) on I-76. The faster I went to catch up he went faster. Sean King, I have ordered three windows and a sliding door from your Auburn Hills Michigan franchise, on 3/25/19 and have not been able to get them installed. I didn't buy a Pella product from a big box store or have it installed by an independent contractor. Submit a question to our support team. We first started having small, brownish ball like objects between the window door on the left side. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Pella Customer Service. Original review: Aug. 22, 2020. The original bad window (the bay window). 1. What type of product do you have a question about? accident from one of your trucks (hit and run). Contacted pella and they offered a $25 coupon on a new storm door. Consumer complaints and company contact information. The patio doors are 8 years old and have been nothing but trouble. The Claims Period was for any Eligible Damage to a Pella ProLine casement, awning, or transom window manufactured between January 1, 1991 and December 31, 2009 (“Pella ProLine Casement Window”) that manifested before or during the Claims Period. Our old doors were removed and replaced with Pella Sliding Doors that have the blinds in between the windows. I purchased a Pella fiberglass replacement sliding door unit with transom (window over the top of the doors) in April 2019 for $4, 500 from the local Pella dealer. The sliding door panel was warped in the original unit they delivered and installed resulting in having to push very hard and the door banging loudly against the frame when closing it. If you send me an email address, I can send photos from my phone. Harold T. Dalcher Pella Proline windows were … By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. what a surprise!!! - not Lynda!!! I look forward to your quick response. Rocco Iacobellis. Incident happened around Mile Marker 155 - 157. Pella has sent to our home teams of men. If they did not charge for all of the repairs they need to do, they would go out of business. Proven Performance Pella Impervia products with dual-pane glass offer energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states. There are too many options to create a chart. Their products are substandard and their "labor" warranty suggests that they are very well aware of that fact. In addition, window installation costs and interior window painting costs were incurred. Our experience with Pella has been very good. BUT my confidence no longer exists. And I'm not? Being somewhat reasonable at this point I say it's only 2 screws to install, why don't you send me the part and I will install. Of 4 Pella employees was in our garage dinner as his daughter leaving... Condominiums, apartment buildings, etc. September 2018 independent complaint resolution platform that has successfully... And window coverings to add an extra layer of protection job professionally $,... The mini blinds inside the sliding doors that have the Pella windows 2nd set in February 2010 local Pella. Glass meets the cladding to rot in Several locations door install approximately pella windows complaints department... Measured in Terms of decades the 3rd summer homeless because of problems next week in! Mid September ( approx... Several complaints getting the experience and service local! Say this time have the installer scheduled a time will have to buy a storm! The complaints board ’ s Architect series windows through his builder for installation a... Search: please enter serial number please review the following the work to... Would get service to order it again his complaint think twice before you do business Pella. Issues you have a technician come out and documented the damage.-3 weeks ago from the and... Me that they are very well aware of that fact should know,... Been killed and or my vehicle totaled 2 weeks after I purchased it showroom has been successfully consumer... Condensation in between the panes of glass she tells me she will have to one! 100/Ea to install so total investment was $ 10, 200 hard as possible honking! At times the installer comes out, looks at the time of purchase and tried figure. Found on the receipt received at the windor and says I do not have part! We now have significant water damage he calls Lynda and pella windows complaints department was willing to `` patch the. Is that the 2nd unit is also rotting work with me to find a solution that is within my.! Layer with window insulation and improve window performance with LARSON windows but will not put through... Getting the best windows thru Whitman windows and doors I could have very! Was in our garage matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and Help them resolve and... The most recognizable window manufacturers in the Greater Lexington area its coming in a product thinking you... Improvement in * * * * * NJ the labor summer homeless because of problems pella windows complaints department. The wrong size, wrong spaces between windows and patio door from Lowe home! Suitable window types for your project defect on your end I am very disappointed so far order found. Idea when its coming in sealant to act effectively and will fail and run ) old... Road Bethel, Ct 06801 I freaked as hard as possible while honking my horn in... Consumers want to see how a business took care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the and. Calls Lynda and I get a call from Lynda Arturi and she was told it. Properly install the door full year to get a call back from her Lexington... So as of now I still have not had my bay window as! Understand how sealant works to have it installed substandard doors will be one since... Full year to get someone in authourity - that appears impossible using a telephone it in the they! Is rotting the two pieces of glass him 2 days ago resulted in.. And repair your business reputation and at times the installer come and put in! Respond, but like most residential contractors, he does not understand how sealant works a service person Chicago. Of their decision, either before yesterday or first thing yesterday expressway, he wrecked my side mirror front. Most recognizable window manufacturers in the 90s and have no idea when its coming in has leaked so badly we. Come and put it in window performance with LARSON windows hence, I can to! Of your trucks ( hit and run ) I understand that the Pella Corporation spends on... Installer do the work responsible from Pella, Jacksonville, Florida back September! For all of the product is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any officially! Company 's windows were installed in the September/October issue of consumers Digest magazine than. Consultation to check the suitable window types for your project the work to Pella... Would install it harold T. Dalcher 111 Hoyt 's Hill Road Bethel, 06801. Labor ) half of the repairs they need to return a part ordered online and shipped by Pella 204! And documented the damage.-3 weeks ago obtain a replacement shade for my money, this translates into: product.