We became aware just how much of WA is now under full Aboriginal Native Title (and it is still growing), which means selected areas are now Aboriginal land for the Aboriginal owners to use to the exclusion of all others if that is their wish (whatever that means..).

As I have mentioned in my Desert Update from November 2009 (link above) this has made true-blue trips of exploration and discovery virtually impossible, let alone cross-country Expeditions like ours.

Up to 30 planes were using the strip each day during the Test series. Connie Beadell & Mick Hutton Please see screening questions below. The testing took place from 1952 to 1963, mostly at Maralinga. A man in protective clothing at Maralinga with a camera also protected by a plastic cover With the agreement of the Australian Government, Britain tested atomic weapons at three sites on Australian territory: the Montebello Islands off Western Australia, and Emu Field and Maralinga in South Australia.

Ceduna SA 5690. By now most serious desert travellers are aware of the Martu Native Title Determined Area. Unfortunately they have said no to both applications due to the amount of roadworks that are happening on the APY Lands and also that APY Lands is not ready for tours to happen on them.". It is approximately 800 kilometers north-west of Adelaide (South Australia). This resulted in two instances of failed income opportunities for the APY Lands ($22 per person for the permits) and the Ninuku Artists who would otherwise have sold paintings. Please note that Ilkurlka will not be accessible from the east because of the WA border closure. Some areas are very welcoming of visitors but some contain folk who apparently are not (at least those involved in the managing) and the reasons given for permit rejections often do not seem to stand up to close scrutiny. Quite simply these Determined Areas are similar to freehold the same as your house, farm or business premises.

This is a copy of a post I put on the Len Beadell Facebook page on April 23rd -: Beadell Tours update - Connie Beadell & Mick Hutton want to let everyone know that their Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands permit application for their May "Gunbarrel 60th Anniversary" tour was denied (the SA leg of the Gunbarrel Highway, also know as the Giles Mulga Park Road), and that is after many years of successful and profitable visits through the APY including September 2017 where they visited Ninuku Arts with the group buying many wonderful Aboriginal paintings. It's only accessible via tour – Maralinga Tours in fact – to which you need to pre-arrange an entry permit with your choice of tour. Given our limited stocks of PPE we would appreciate travellers bringing their own face masks if possible. ). Full time Aboriginal workers made up about 24% and part-time 34%. The report puts the latter down to a greater need and the younger age profile, as well as the higher cost of providing services due to remoteness and Indigenous services that are provided in addition to many services provided for all Australians. It does not include governmental money transfers or capital works for example. They deserve our admiration and respect, epecially from those of us who have experienced the extreme remote desert first hand. Back to our case, just to be clear, our permits were not denied for cultural or ceremonial reasons. Note that tourist permits are only issued for travel within Maralinga Tjarutja lands on the Anne Beadell Highway and the road from Nullarbor Roadhouse via Cook to Vokes Hill.

A total of about $33.4 billion was spent for A&TSI people nationally compared with $522.7 billion for non-indigenous. I have met quite a few Aboriginals in my time, some who were young when Len and his crew were making the desert roads in the 50's & 60's. Connie & Mick also performed maintenance on one of Len's signs (Connie's replica) at the north end of the Kintore Avenue, all with the support of the newly elected, and fully Aboriginal, Executive Council. ABN : 40 947 959 130, Native Title Applications and Determination Areas maps - National, State and Regional, The APY Lands cover about 10% of South Australia, From the 2016 sensus - APY had a population of 2,500 with 1,905 of those Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islanders (A&TSI).

Click here to for a permit application form.

This may be old news to some but please read the rest of this short article. Phone 08 8625 2946. Have a long hard think about this issue. Click here for information about scheduled closures and here for a map of exclusion zones. I am not trying to lay blame or put people offside.

0 This follows the relaxation of the WA remote Aboriginal communities regulations for Ilkurlka (although restrictions remain in place for other communities).

They also had prior approval to visit Kalka / Ninuku Arts and received the following replies when they applied for their permits.

Nov 2012 Update -: Permits now incorporate the entire length of the CSR. To change tack a little, I recently read through a document titled "listening looking learning : An Aboriginal Tourism Strategy for Western Australia 2006 - 2010" , basically aimed at the promotion of indigenous tourism opportunities but it does also include references to non-indigenous tourism business participation also. Note that tourist permits are only issued for travel within Maralinga Tjarutja lands on the Anne Beadell Highway and the road from Nullarbor Roadhouse via Cook to Vokes Hill.

Exclusion periods for Amber zone 2 (which includes a section of the Anne Beadell Highway) are subject to change so travellers are urged to check dates prior to travel.

As I have said, Mick & I have been successful in getting permits for years for the APY Lands, and along with our participants spent many thousands of dollars in the process, and it has not adversely impacted on anyone. Previously announced closures are often cancelled at short notice.