Cassie, appalled, refuses to take it. The boy is saved by Damon who hurts Kol. Rebekah's makeup usage is minimal, subtle daily; but she tends to wear more for special occasions. She also spoke French in the 18th Century. Light. Rebekah then strips the White Oak Wood from the Wickery Bridge and destroys it. While hiking, Rebekah recapped what everyone brings to the table including Elena (nothing) and Damon ("nice behind"). She believes that Kol isn't lying, because he never did that as a child. Rebekah is shown to be a skilled operator of mind compulsion. Later, Rebekah meets up with Elijah and tells him Klaus is dead. Later, Rebekah meets with Elijah and asks him to give her the cure stating that she wants to be human. Rebekah possesses all of the standard powers of an Original Vampire. In the tent, Elena fails to kill Bonnie.

Marcel tells her that he's gonna handle things and to stay put. Despite playing part in the plan to trick Davina into resurrecting.

In Voodoo Child, Rebekah arrives back in the Quarter after the Hollow's death. Elena glared at Caroline, who could barely look at her. Rebekah and Hayley are talking, and Rebekah teases that even if they have to buy Hayley a leash, she isn't to go back to the bayou. Sophie is, understandably, shocked by that news and asks for confirmation.
However, she returned briefly in the season's finale to become her niece Hope's guardian after Klaus and Hayley faked her death for her own safety.

While Rebekah is searching for herbs, Marcel walks in and catches her looking. He tells her that they won't work and that he needs to keep his love life a low vampire zone. She, visibly upset, says her goodbyes to Klaus. Elijah has everyone – Hayley, Klaus, and Rebekah – sat down around a table, telling him everything he's learned tonight. Freya and Elijah try to convince her to come home but without any results. Disappointed in her brother, she continues to meet Marcel behind his back only to discover that Marcel chooses his people over her. Sage suggests to Damon that they could discover what Rebekah was planning if he seduced her. Born in Manchester England to the wealthy Mikaelson family, Rebekah was destined for a life of luxury. However, during a Full Moon, Niklaus and Henrik snuck out to watch the men from their village transform into wolves.

She is mostly seen wearing the colors of white, black, brown, red or gray. She pushes him off then pulls him back to her and start to have sex. Klaus wants Rebekah to leave, and never to come back. The two see an old couple, and Rebekah admits that she wants the same, to die an old lady, but she'll never have it. He tells Rebekah that Klaus wants him to make peace with her so she will talk about the Five and is willing to start over with her and talk with Matt about doing the same.

Significant sires They open the door and enter the corridor with the red door at the end, while Kol remarks they are in Elijah's mental maze. At the wedding venue, Rebekah arrives after speaking with Kol to break the news that the Hollow is destroying Hope from the inside out, and that it is only a matter of time before it kills her. Hair Color Rebekah takes Davina back to the Marcel and Klaus but has made secret alliance with her. Rebekah and Elena were originally enemies until becoming allies and partners-in-crime in Because the Night. Rebekah meets Elijah at a café with Hope. In Bloodletting,  As Rebekah discovers that Hayley is missing she returns to New Orleans to get some answers from Marcel. Damon, who Vaughn incapacitated beforehand was freed when Stefan and Elena found them and he urged them to continue and then began to dig the spikes from Rebekah's body until she wakes. After finding out that Klaus is going to be a father, Elijah asks her to follow Klaus and him to New Orleans. Significant spells Rebekah explains that the witches' plan of convincing Klaus to go against Marcel was foolish given the men's history. She tells Sophie all she's done is reunite two lost souls. Rebekah goes to the burnt down Mikaelson home. Klaus wanted to discuss the next move they're to make in order to defeat Dahlia, but due to her unhappiness with the last move Klaus made, she was uninterested with what he had to say. Kol comes back and throws powder into her face, causing her to go limp and fall. During the trial Rebekah steps up to defend her brother, but is soon infected by the curse that stake had put on her. and he said "Yes." Stefan said if he takes the cure, it’ll be for him, not Elena. Rebekah, however, enters the house and the two are trapped by a boundary spell. She is just a lonely girl who wants someone who actually cares about her. She sees the deceased body of a kindred witch. She admitted to Stefan that she wants to have children one day with someone who loves her enough to stand outside her window with a boombox. Klaus has killed most of Rebekah's lovers. Gloria uses Rebekah to find the amulet and after doing so, threatens to kill the girl with her necklace and her friends. Not long before the outbreak started Maggie graduated from college and, much to her father’s disagreement, began looking for an apartment and a job in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. She replied back, "Welcome to the last 900 years of my life.". Klaus tells them to channel him, they do so and successfully overpower Finn. After a short conversation, she realizes that Damon has given up after he urged Elena to continue for the cure, despite knowing her feelings may change if she became human.

When they discovered a caravan filled with fine clothing belonging to victims they had just killed, Rebekah suggested they steal the clothes and pose as the victims since they were heading to a nearby castle. After Elena admitted she doesn't love Stefan anymore, Rebekah asked Stefan, "Did that hurt?" "Erase it all, every memory." She wants a family, doesn't want to be alone in the world. Rebekah captures Galen and leaves him die in the cave. April asks. Not sure how the conversation goes south from there, but it ends with Rebekah saying "you don't want to be on the wrong side of me" and Marcel echoes it back to her. Rebekah under the influence of The Cursed Stake. Rebekah was temporarily forced into her Original body by Klaus, however, Freya healed Eva's body, and gave Rebekah the option of which body she wished to live in.
Arriving home, she is teased by Klaus and Kol, the latter of whom calls her a strumpet. The episode ends with Rebekah driving away, with her top down and a smile on her face. As Rebekah sat there bored as ever, she goes through Caroline's phone, only to find a picture of Stefan and Elena together, and spots her mother necklace around Elena's neck. After she help's getting Klaus back into town and confronting her father, Elena helps Rebekah prepare for the homecoming dance. Rebekah and her brothers, running from New Orleans. In the moment, Rebekah realizes that Kol was right, happiness is a choice and she kisses and sleeps with Marcel. In Stand By Me, Rebekah finds Damon who is also still on the island and demands to know where the cure is, surprised to learn Katherine stole the cure.

"Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?" Not long after that, Elijah and Rebekah go to dig up their dead mother. Feeling guilty for the pain she had caused him, Rebekah treated him with extra kindness for weeks afterward to make up for it, though Klaus would not learn the truth about Rebekah's involvement until many centuries later. Sometime later, Rebekah tosses Vaughn to the ground and he tries to persuade her into using the cure on Silas. When they get her body, Marcel can leave the cemetery but Rebekah can't. Freya cuts the mark out of Rebekah's arm and Rebekah wakes up. She shows her an apple, which she stole. Rebekah continues to hallucinate due to her werewolf bites. Despite pleading with Klaus to let him be with Rebekah, Klaus still shot him down and forbid him from pursuing her. In Beautiful Mistake, Rebekah has a drink with Freya and tells her that she is close to finding a way to bring back Kol. It can be presumed that she is insane because the cottage has been used as an insane asylum since 1914. Every whim was catered to, every wish fulfilled, she was bribed to be pretend to be happy and smile when they went out in public as a family. Elijah shows up and stops Rebekah from killing Elena. Later, she gives Rebekah information about the history of the asylum and the coven of witches who call themselves the kindred.