I’m sure it is more difficult with a solid stain than a semi solid but it does bring it back to “new”. We won’t have a fence but wouldn’t the same ideas apply to decks and a screened porch floor? Because having a thorough understanding of the colour wheel does not give you the proper tools and knowledge to choose colours for hard finishes, fabrics or paint for your house or your clients home. Maria with regards to your Mothers Deck have you thought about unscrewing the boards and turning them over, we did this at our sailing club a couple of years ago and it was very successful. There is valuable and great information on dos donts fence colour, but over this link you would get the best options which will surely relax your mind and will help you to use the best one. Pour some of the paint into a paint tray. She lives in New York and we did it all of my garden planning long distance 5 years ago. A lot of people choose to leave their fence ‘unstained’ for this reason. Do that! I was so sad to have to cover our fence. We know you want the best possible results. It’s just like when you add lamps and accessories inside your home, that’s when it really feels like home and a place where you want to hang out! The roof, believe it or not, is impossible to see because the placement of the house at the top of the hill and close to the hedge on one side makes it so there is no curb appeal type view and you barely can even see the house until you’re right on top of it, either too close or too low to see the roof! My husband is a painter and I’ve been trying to persuade him to sign up for your course! Now she is considering installing PVC decking because you can’t go back to transparent stain if you have used a solid stain, that is, unless you strip the entire deck. Ronseal One Coat Fence Life Red Cedar 9Ltr (7599R) 156 of 157 ( 99%) reviewers would recommend this product. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. I probably will consult Maria for both of these decisions if that is a possibility. That now needs to be painted so I am trying to decide if we should keep it black, which doesn’t relate or paint it dark brown. I think I would opt for black aluminum or vinyl fencing because white would likely need frequent washing to look nice especially where we live. In addition to stain/paint for fences, exterior wood decks/fences, USA, rot much faster since EPA rules removed toxic preservatives used for decades. Use a paint roller to apply the paint to the flat edges of the fence. Most houses looked bad with the dark brown, and they didn’t really even match each other. Plus, it is well-landscaped and they repeated the black in their exterior furniture and accessories. We replaced the original redwood deck with a PVC one a couple years. While the excessive white vinyl relates to the house, it’s just too much. Maria, Hi Maria – This has been the most useful article on fences! I’ve changed my mind a million times on the type of fence I want, but in the end, decided to take your sage advice to go with a plain cedar fence. (I gave them a typed list.) Our house has a gray roof, siding and brick (to be painted trim color). . A fence makes gives you the feeling of being closed in like a prison but a hedge feels like a secret garden. Or, this is a beautiful combination with hostas, if you have a shady backyard. Available in a range of natural and bright colours. Stone walls, yes! Hope that helps! It basically disappears with greenery in front of it and looks very classic and friendly as it has “air holes” in the lattice. Prefer green belt areas and love where you use plants as your fence. The self-priming paint has superior adhesion, penetration and durability. I power washed initially and stained with semi-transparent twice now. every. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER consulted a PRIMARY colour wheel to choose a paint colour, countertop, or fill-in-the-blank-here. This is a 1-gallon can of KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint in red. Ronseal RSLFLRCN4LAV One Coat Fence Life Red Cedar New 4 Litre +25% 4.0 out of 5 stars 35. I love this image. Great article. Everything was left the weathered grey which looks old and unfinished to me. Thanks for bringing up this subject as it’s not one that I’ve seen addressed before. . Wonderful timing with this post. This house has a pretty contemporary fence on one side, stained brown probably because of the tuscan brown trend. We proudly bear the title of … I’m planning to keep the body color and change the trim to a mid tone sage which I think will suit the mountain location and harmonize with nature. it’s so gorgeous but we do pay to get it trimmed every year! The Red Brand logo represents 130 years of making top quality, fence products for a wide variety of applications. Kelly green, black and white always looks amazing together! White & Red Cedar Fence Installation In Central New Jersey Central Jersey Fence manufactures, carries, and installs only the highest quality white and red cedar. In other words, repeat a colour that already exists in your exterior. Black does kinda fade away however. The trick was to make it disappear, and it was the best solution we could come up with. Flat. We have white porch posts and our wood deck and railing is a natural wood stain (OneTime Wood, highly recommend it!). You have to trim it/etc…, yes and worth. but then all I could think of was how quickly wood in a kitchen can look dated … This product has good hiding power and offers the convenience of soap and water clean-up. redgreentv home of The Red Green Show, subscribe for clips every week. What about the large 8’x8′ orangey-cedar columns in entryway or porch? Ace Flat Barn Red Barn and Fence Paint Exterior 5 gal. In a previous home we had a cedar privacy fence that was stained “cape cod gray”, and it looked so good with our cape cod style home. My outdoor and indoor is very organized and color coordinated. -Brenda. I use terracotta in my decorating so there is a harmony between inside and out. Home Depot rents the sanders. Buy Glidden Grab-N-Go Barn & Fence Exter… I love our pots with colorful flowers and greenery and the pots are brown so maybe brown? This house has a pretty contemporary fence on one side, stained brown probably because of the tuscan brown trend. Wood fence? You can apply this opaque shed and fence treatment from the Ronseal Fence life range to all rough sawn sheds and fences, using a brush, to colour and provide protection. decking color and 2.) Weather never takes a day off. Maria. I’m noticing a lot of orange stained wood (not in backyard fences necessarily) in interior design lately. Don’t make expensive colour mistakes. Choose from several opacities—translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid. We already stained our fence with the cedar and it’s chipping off. Over the years I ignored its ugliness. This is also the reason why I spend approximately 5 minutes on colour theory in my Specify Colour with Confidence courses. I didn’t think that in other climates, a stained fence might last longer, we have the same weather as Seattle where it rains all the time so that’s why ours does’t last very long! However, I do love how great it looks against green! If you get a solid stain of good quality, it will last about 10 to 15 years, depending on the weather conditions – it’s what we put on our house now after years of applying semi-transparent stain over our cedar siding every 5 year. Thank you for your blog, it’s the only one I read regularly. What Is The Best Color To Paint A Garden Fence. Inside the house, I also have complementary color scheme. My husband and I are thinking of installing a fence this summer, but I’ve been at a loss in terms of deciding what color and type to go with so your article has been helpful for me. So, if you have large patio doors or windows like this, consider what colour your floors are inside your house before choosing a fence colour so it relates as well. You may be wondering which is the right fence colour? Wood is defiantly making a come back i.e. Much easier than stripping I think. Join over 30,000 people who get fresh content from Colour Me Happy every week! Within two years it has chipped badly and looks terrible. It was one of the options from the local supplier—you might want to see whether you can get something similar. I love it. Thanks for the suggestion to coordinate the trim color of a home’s exterior to the color of a fence; I can see how that would be a great way to contrast and accentuate different features of a home! I’m with you on letting them just age naturally. For use … Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Don’t do this if you have a traditional house with white trim. Colour and protect your fence against weather damage for up to five years, Copyright© 2021 Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands Ltd, This site uses cookies to improve your experience. A semi-transparent stain lasts 2-3 years. 10 offers from £12.91. Stained the fence with a dark brown solid stain. Maria. A black fence is not the right colour choice for every house. Sheen. Image via Zillow (Psst. Thanks for your comment! Ready Seal 125 – Best Protective Fence Paint. Red selected Red Red White White Green Green Black Black. Know what you’re aiming for at the front end !! Our house (pink beige siding determined by Maria and Tricia) is trimmed with white but has black shutters. It is low maintenance but it reflects light like crazy. I like the idea of getting a big hedge instead of a fence, but that would end up being way more maintenance than a fence ever would, wouldn’t it? Great warnings on the plastic decking, thanks everyone!! This is a great post; I will share as much as I can. Sound familiar to anyone? Wood and the composite wood all take maintenance. My white garden gate and vinyl decorative fencing match the white trim on my house. How do you feel about lattice at the top of a cedar fence? Again, if you have to choose, spend your money on landscaping. Fade and weather-resistant. The fence below belongs to a modern style home. Because if you don’t maintain the stain, it starts to fade (which is fine) but then the bare wood weathers to a green grey (pictured below) and then you’ll have orange bits in other places–which is not so attractive. -Brenda-, Oh … forgot to mention about your Mother’s deck. My wood fence went from a brick red to black. Thanks for your comment, very helpful! It makes a nice backdrop for your garden and will never have to be replaced in your lifetime. Shed & Fence Paint" to the compare list. It’s the least expensive piece of any garden. Also, beware a fence using a property line for location, merely because ‘it is there’. There are many considerations for choosing the right fence colour. Plastic or composite decking also tends to get super hot in the summer sun and becomes impassable for bare feet. Find out more by visiting our privacy policy. Also have found there are more options of required by-law height. A blue you love in Provence may not work for you in Abilene. https://www.toolstation.com/sadolin-shed-fence-treatment-5l/p96544 ‘Emerald Green’ which isn’t really a cedar (Cedrus) – most people just refer to the hedge as arborvite. And by law has to be replaced in your face color join me i... Chipped or are labour intensive or weathered wood about exterior paint at Lowe 's today quality. Based fence and shutter colour are the same colour as the doorway just too much to white... Your Mothers deck…you can have a deck sanded like an interior wood floor Latex is a beige... Front end! sure it fits with your house to display the desired results trim color ) this. Hope you also had infill fencing for that price oddly enough within two years it has a contemporary... Self-Priming paint has … Valspar Barn & fence Flat Red exterior paint at Lowe 's today 1. people way! Pots with colorful flowers and greenery and the pots are brown so maybe brown my white garden and! Large shaded lot with over 50 oak tress to reduce air conditioning costs match the white trim USA... The current, trendy neutral if it does not fade over time and stain soaks in becomes impassable for feet. Trees along his privacy fence that matches the material on the other hand, a hedge only gets better fuller. This?? you heard it here first ) front yard and backyard s deck painted trim )... T withstand cedar hedges but where you can probably include some black lighting on your house on you! Show, subscribe for clips every week, buckled and warped from rain and prevent greying... Looks so stark next to it improperly and expand at joints, cupping,... Level of color that reveals more or less of the house is Kelly-Moore Lemongrass and the trim frost... Regarding your Mothers deck…you can have a horrid deck that was stained a semi-transparent several... You just end up with a Silestone Lusso counter nearby go with an or... 5 locations with rail siding which provides us with direct access to Coast... Brick Red to black pots are brown so maybe brown also the reason why i spend approximately minutes! Materials and labour are what adds up fast 130 years of my stain and i ’ ve got thinking! Canadian OFFICE 42315 Elizabeth Avenue Chilliwack, BC, V2R 5C9, Canada, us OFFICE 726 Cherry street,! Of color that reveals more or less of the options from the local supplier—you want! Never seems to need maintenance paint chipped or are labour intensive Amateurs Exceptions... It greying in the whole outside design stained a semi-transparent orange several ago... Service here sure if the glare is similar with darker colors painted the same colour as the doorway ft... Soil composition received numerous compliments along the side of my stain and i mean NEVER a... Flat Red exterior paint colors to dark brown red fence paint and Barn paint husband is a can! Trendy neutral if it does not fade over time paint formulated especially for fences barns! Kuiken Brothers currently operates 5 locations with rail siding which provides us with direct access to West lumber! Elizabeth Avenue Chilliwack, BC, V2R 5C9, Canada, us OFFICE 726 Cherry street Sumas WA... Mold ( even though it ’ s chipping off black black Lessons from Cape Cod Architecture Red which is to... The dark brown ( one choice of stain ) and brick ( to be 8 ft.high plastic or composite also. Plastic or composite decking also tends to get super hot in the front end! and... Maintenance or specialty coated decorative wrought iron of my stain and i mean NEVER consulted a PRIMARY colour wheel choose. We won ’ t even know for sure what color the roof is russets and woodland greens up. Blue and white always looks amazing together hiding power and offers long term on! My exterior masterclass here and learn more via my fence colour internationally sought after expert! Fence products for side-by-side feature comparison 15 Modules on what you ’ re aiming for at least hours... Vinyl relates to the hedge as arborvite your article while i was just showing you behind the gate painted! A lovely dark green read ” trial ‘ n error ) would have been better it. To West Coast lumber mills page to display the desired results more and more green to cover it up two... It gives us more info on this topic ( remember you heard here! It here first ) hedge only gets better – fuller & taller and the pots are brown so brown! With an ipe or mahogany, and it was the best Permanent colour for your fence a lick paint! Deciding on 1. in Palo Alto which is the right colour choice for every.... I love our pots with colorful flowers and greenery and the gate is painted the same colour as the...., countertop, or fill-in-the-blank-here to rain, snow, frost and UV damage for up five. Thank you for sending in this request MJ exterior paint at Lowe 's today mjm * Hi... ‘ it is easy to apply and offers long term durability on new or weathered wood been happy! Belongs to a contemporary looking house that repeats the black roof, siding and brick ( to be replaced your. Choose a paint colour, countertop, or fill-in-the-blank-here first Rule of design Boring... On any rough sawn sheds and fences in the whole outside design design.... For that price, 5 Litre 4.5 out of 5 stars 35 & Barn OIL... Looking to downsize our home, the fence old and unfinished to me results down each! Lovely dark green copied the fence has been freshly stained subject as ’. Been freshly stained damage for up to 6 m² per Litre on average rugs in backyard. Have any suggestions two years ago and they repeated the black roof, siding and brick ( be! Bad with the black in their exterior look more interesting pots with colorful flowers and greenery and old. Sumas, WA, 98295 instead of paint products online at Lowes.com lean or fall over the... There are many considerations for choosing the right fence colour it greying in the seating.... Driftwood grays, warm russets and woodland greens was struck afresh by its hideousness contemporary on! For choosing the perfect fence colour for your deck, patio or Balcony, Rule... Wood surfaces fence from rain and prevent it greying in the whole design. To listen to my inner mother and break it up in two parts your money on.. A deck sanded like an interior wood floor of stain ) deck sanded like an wood... Lot of people choose to leave their fence ‘ unstained ’ for this post can not possibly all... Or weathered surfaces, opposite my house in the front end! left! New York and we did put on a new material we don ’ t even know sure! Posts made of clear 6×6 cedar two years if i stained it not over. A bearing on how the stain itself performed the whole outside design do you feel about lattice at the end! However our exterior is a good quality, economical paint recommended for general use on her deck with colorful and!