Rob has been a professional guide, tv host, and an athlete for 30 years. Tarpon Tarpon are a unique target in Florida’s Everglades and can grow from very small sizes to extremely large sizes. Which is why it is vital to match your lures to the proper line and rod to make your presentation as realistic as possible to fool fish. By bringing the leader line, you can repair any broken leaders or change the length for the situation. Rob is a serious tournament angler and has placed top three in over 130 tournaments. Also, don’t be afraid to bring some extra line for your spool just in case of gnarly backlashes that can’t be fixed. As for locating yellowfin tuna, though yellowfin can be caught worldwide in almost every ocean, there are few better places in the world than just past the Florida Keys in the Bahamas. What he does is cast well in front of them, to where their path should cross. Virtually endless waters hidden away from outside fishing pressure can produce size and number for tarpon, snook, and redfish, as well as other unique catches, as this area is home to over 300 species of fish. Old sandbars could now be washed away by the storm surge, while new ones are formed in places they never were before. The biggest of snook, however, are often found in surprising places. Muddler minnow patterns or any sized streamer pattern in white are a go-to fly for snook. Rob is a serious tournament angler and has placed top three in over 130 tournaments. Tarpon can be found lurking in channels or mouths of rivers stalking for baitfish. One of the most crucial tools when you are yellowfin fishing, is to have a good radar. The same concept is true for a heavier power rod like the TFO Inshore 795. Redfish have become increasingly popular as a sport fish and have more than a few die-hard anglers consumed by their aggressive, bulldog type fight. Tarpon are a unique target in Florida’s Everglades and can grow from very small sizes to extremely large sizes. And then its game over for that area. Targeting these areas and keeping an eye on the water’s surface indicates a lot of clues to locating fish in high water. One of the most exciting ways to target redfish is to aggressively twitch large poppers and then have a large redfish engulf it in a massive strike. A lack of activity on the water’s surface could suggest that most fish are tucked into cover waiting to ambush prey, or that the conditions are not right in that area and you need to move to find the active fish. A TFO 5 power, medium heavy rod then comes into play for big plugs to entice angry snook or aggressive tarpon.

Be ready for that infamous yellowfin fight but also don’t be surprised if you catch many other types of fish too as a bonus while yellowfin tuna fishing. Going with a more sensitive, medium light to medium rod such as the TFO Inshore 3 power or 4 power rod can help in casting soft plastics.

The flats slam involves catching a bonefish, a permit and a tarpon in a single day. Going into the Everglades to fish can be a challenge, and often going deep into the Everglades requires experience and knowledge of a skilled guide, but the rewards are unbelievable fishing for many species. With these techniques on how to locate yellowfin tuna, leverage your gear, and entice yellowfin into biting, there is little doubt that success will follow suit.
Since all my fly rods (7, all the way up to 12wts) have permanent butt section with a surgeon's loop at the bitter end... my tarpon leaders are also looped at the tippet end -then spliced to 80lb fluoro.

It also helps with intricate casting under mangroves to deliver your bait exactly where you need it to entice a bite from any species. Colors that seem to excel in catching snook are white or bubblegum colored. WATCH ONLINE. Yellowfin tuna are often caught post-frontal with winds 20 to 25 knots. As the day progresses, and light becomes more overhead the tarpon may stop biting, providing the perfect chance to chase number two in the Backcountry Slam—the Redfish. Do not be afraid to cast your bait tight into cover or trees as you never know what monster could be hiding. Immediate coastal areas can have tides that fluctuate water levels 3 feet or more, while further inshore can have an average tide fluctuation of 8 to 12 inches. Anyway, back to getting the fly into the “strike zone” on ocean fish.

Redfish are the biggest and most formidable of the drum species. One of the tried and true rods used by guides and anglers across the state is the TFO Inshore Series. These fish not only put up a fight that rivals any fish in the ocean but they are also easily one of the best table fares to bring home. The best lures to use for tarpon can range from soft plastic jerk baits, to live baitfish and shrimp, to large plugs. This scent trail will lure a yellowfin tuna in from deep and entice them to come to the surface. After throwing out chunk bait, start sticking out your live baits with hooks. Rob built his fishing skills like so many others — in the Florida Keys. These two legends of tarpon fly fishing broke out ahead of the full 30 boat field on the very last day with 2 weight fish that sealed the victory. But Rob differentiated himself from an early age, netting the MET (Miami Metropolitan Fishing Tournament) Master Angler award while he was still in high school. A heavy fly rod, around an 8 wt or 9 wt is typically used, however, sizing up to a 10 wt rod or larger is great for also targeting tarpon. In doing so, an angler can hit the mother lode right at the mouth of the creek. An exceptionally powerful, fast, and unreal fighting fish for an angler to catch is the yellowfin tuna. Some rod companies, such as Temple Fork Outfitters, make it easy to identify a rod’s power by having their own simple coding system. SOLO MISSION.
To be a successful fisherman, it is vital that you understand what a fishing rod’s power is. Keeping multiple rods on deck with different baits ensures that you are ready to go when the opportunity arises. Experiment with different colors to find what is working for that day and don’t be afraid to switch it up. Doing so means that you keep in mind what type of fish you are targeting. Located in Homestead Florida, Don’s has been serving anglers of South Florida and the Everglades for sixty years.