Maybe this is why I feel disappointed. Arguably the Louis Vuitton or Chanel of India's bridal wedding attire, "Sabya" has become the gold standard for Indian wedding fashion. His goal was to explain the different Sabya price tiers and your extra costs that will add another 20-35% of your bill. From shop HeritagejewelleryGB. Oh and by the way, neither of those outfits were Sabya in the picture above. He is a recognized expert on Quora under Indian weddings. Most Sabyasachi designs will pop up on various brides on all the other websites, as he only releases 10-20 designs each year). Brides from all cultures do this daily and it's simply the cost of doing business in fashion. One of these is a Sabya. If you can't afford it, don't do it, and spend your budget on better food and fun things for your guests. In fact they're popular instagram channels dedicated to finding copies of their dresses from other smaller boutique designers. Aashni + Co opened it's flagship concept store in London's charming Notting Hill in the autumn of 2012 to pioneer the most desirable edit in Indian high fashion. (e.g. Whether it’s a vintage collection or the royal wedding collection his designs are encrust with intricate detailing and embellished patterns.Sabyasachi has a wide array of collections from designer lehengas, to anarkalis, gowns, sarees and kurta that has a distinct style that exuberant class and grace. Happened to me and I'm only now laughing/crying about it. Since all womens want to live in trends, so here we are back with India’s top lehenga designer collection, Sabhasachi. Use that money on things that will bring more value to you and your guests. I'm all about spending money on things you appreciate and enjoy, so if Sabya does that for you, please do. “Growing up, I spent hours rummaging through my mother and grand-mothers’ jewelry cupboards. There is an unspoken pressure. Maybe more if your hubbie/mom/cousins goes with you. Two trips to India means you better get comfy, or skip the Sabya and fly business class to your honey moon. You do about two fittings, and it will require two trips to India as they'll be 2 months apart. Sabyasachi Mukherjee (born 23 February 1974) is an Indian fashion designer from Kolkata. Disclaimer: I checked with all the women in my life before publishing this article and they agree with the points.

People don't just buy a lehenga, they buy the memories, the feel of wearing it, the pride, the status, whatever it may be. He has redefined trends and tradition so I assume the market speaks for itself of why his brand is worth it. Everybody wants to know prices both for curiosity and practicality of having a Sabyasachi wedding. The look on Indian American brides faces when they fly across the world and pop into his shop, don't even get offered a coffee and then see a $20,000 lehenga....priceless. If it did, then yes, go Sabya! SIGN UP for our weekly edit of the best fashion, beauty, travel and culture - plus exclusive offers you won't want to miss.

Sabyasachi or Helicopter Baraat? They're so many important factors that I'll explain here. Delhi Sabyasachi prices seem to be around the same. Also see on our blog: Do I Really Need to Travel to India for Clothes?
It was almost frightening; this city does that to you. Perhaps it was this question that pushed me to find the answer.”. Updated: Jun 17. Calcutta injects a sense of aesthetic into your soul, and things that are seen as unique in other cities are a way of life here. Prices guaranteed to be same as Sabyasachi India stores.

If you can barely afford it, no. You will see brides from all over the world, America, the UK, Canada, Singapore and of course India and any other country in town. It was $26,000 USD although we don't know exact sources or confirmations, or how much she paid for it (could have been free to market).

And for those who picked up their Sabyasachi outfit, I'm with you there too. It's your wedding and don't compromise.
The Grand Trunk showcases the best of the curated Indian fashion designs, jewelry, footwear, bags, etc. You want $15K USD for a car or sari? A majority of Indian or South Asian brides will debate on buying their bridal outfit from him, and many have to weight the pros and cons of spending so much money on something they're going to wear for 4 hours. Prices fluctuate, here's what we saw on our last visit to Delhi/Mumbai (roughly based on exchange rates of 70 INR per dollar). But yes of course, with any fashion, you can get "inspired" and do what you want. Get the exclusive designer collection from the labels you love! If your heart is set on it though, feel free. Ajay Manaktala is an Indian American expert who travels the world planning South Asian and Bollywood events, and also DJs/MCs a large percentage of them. Sabyasachi’s collection presents the traditional textiles with a modernistic approach. From the Maharaja of Kapurthala to the Kings of Gwalior, the most exuberant and decadent jewelry was commissioned from the worlds finest jewelers by Indian men. No, I'm sorry. If you're one of the monthly readers of this blog, the name Sabyasachi Mukherjee has probably started coming into your radar as wedding time approaches. Having seen brides go bananas on Indian weddings, he knows about the Sabya dilemma. Can you guess which (Answer at end of this post). Their taste was simply exquisite. I recently walked into the store in Mumbai and I can tell you WOW, they have an outfit for literally anything.