His love, passion and priority is playing AAU basketball and at school and we as parents have to support him.

Sinqua I truly hope that you receive this letter in the most positive light. Other Works Sinqua Walls Jr. on IMDb: Awards, nominations, and wins.

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Dad please go to dinner with me and my mom sometimes so I know what it is like to have a family dinner together with both of my parents.

1:12 . Attend therapy sessions or meet with a family specialist as a family so we can learn how you and I can better listen to each other and communicate in a way that allows the other party to receive.

You never also never called or returned his call on fathers day either.

|  I want and need your support. He needs, and deserves our collaborative support as he transitions into high school and from a young man into a man. And I was ok with helping anyway that I could, because you were Sinqua Jr's father. He turned to your mother to ask her to call and she deflected. Please support our son no matter whose custodial care he is in.

What I am asking for, I ask on behalf of our son.

Including me in your life will make me feel like I matter to. He also feels badly for letting down his teammates as well. You forgot that the child that you were blocking came from the woman that opened up the doors for you.

I responded to you and said “at some point you should take a photo with your son.” You replied and said “one day we will get there.” Our son then turned to you and asked if you can talk to him and you just walked off. He then turned to me and asked me to take a photo of him and someone that loves him. The only photo I have I had to steal because I wanted a photo of us next to my bed.

The biggest blow came when our son was selected out of hundreds of kids to participate in the cooking show Man vs Child chef showdown by making us believe for three months while he went through culinary classes funded by the studios that you would sign the contract.

However when he showed you love on Father’s day through instagram, he posted the only photo he had of you two together from when he was a toddler, tagged you and wrote how much he loved you, and in turn you blocked him on Instagram. It is embarrassing not having money cause my friends eat or want to do something and then I don't have money.

Why does he treat me like I am his fan, he’s my Dad.

I can improve in this process as well as this is a journey for the three of us which in the long run will allow our son and other families and children to see us win which will ultimately allow them to win too.

But when he ran to find his friends and returned with them to meet you, you disappeared. I believe you were ok with it as long as you were able to climb your way u. I read a book about this. During our process I am inspired to post and document our journey via my blog and social media @gottahavekarisma because your involvement, your consistent support and your validation for our son is critical and I know that when we have success, which I am optimistic that we will, that others will be inspired by us and our success to do the same for their children.

Dad please don’t let a month go by without me seeing you anymore. During the shoot the guy that was casted to play the man that Dena Cali was cheating on Puff Daddy with was too short for the scene.

Sinqua feel that as long as our son being involved in entertainment benefited you, you were ok with it. This made him feel like he was on top of the world.

Official Music Video for Diddy [feat. Below is a list of what Sinqua Jr is asking for and after his list I share my request. He then went through all of your social media interviews and realized that you never even mentioned him once, and concluded from his findings and your actions that you didn’t want anyone to know that you had a son.