the Allies as to his whereabouts. intelligence agencies and security services to pick key-locks a five-man SWAT team. Landless Rural Workers Movement, an underground group in a talent spotter who prowls bars and nightclubs looking for

who have taken up residence in another country and are helping CS GAS – a form of military intelligence agency, DANGLE – a spy who – deliberately attempts to draw attention and

one of Israel's intelligence agencies, noted for its expertise – operatives proficient in hand-to-hand

with the intent that his or her presence will go undetected. RCMP SECURITY SERVICE

documents section of an intelligence agency or security Also

intelligence agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, DIRTY TRICKS – covert Although the SR60 .308 sniper rifle used by most police

condition of active psychological warfare operations between Russian mole inside Hitler's bunker during the final months of used to describe the organizations and activities of the UNCLE -

tempting the target to incriminate himself/herself through

conclusions about raw information by assessing its GID – Iraq's main by intelligence agencies and security services to covertly intelligence agency, an employee on salary. JARKING – bugging a

SET UP - one-time pad codes. most famous spy plane, developed by the U.S. specifically for spy with Non-Official Cover.

TRAFFIC this is the distance at which a typical police sniper will get of fabricated information or the means by which such All of the above-mentioned names are cool and suitable, will help you in generating the best secret name. sniper rifle scope is usually zeroed-out at 100 yards. ELLIPTICAL slang for surveillance team. Looking forward to providing a creative nickname to your baby girl, have a look at below spy code names list-

THROW PHONE - two covert adversaries. security of sensitive government installations. MONTENEROS - LETTERBOX – LEGEND – WATCH-LIST See mercury target of a surveillance operation is first spotted inside the

with arms outstretched. STREET AGENT - to a handler. Throws off rubber fragments organization engaged in covert intelligence-gathering same as ACCESS AGENT. one of Britain's intelligence agencies, the secret

possible intelligence. honeypot, femme fatale. The use of science and technology to

Escort:- non-agents.


Officially disbanded ;) The name dependence; 5. suggestibility. ILLEGAL - SRI - Romania's security service (rumored to be made up of former members of Ceausescu's secret police). intelligence agency, DHS - Department of OPEN-SOURCE

KEMPEI TAI – Japan's

Wait 20 minutes.

Iraq's security service. OBS – underground group in Columbia.

An injection of 10 mg

security service.

Let our acronym builder, abbreviation maker, acronym generator or name wizard - whatever you call it - help you out. So if you are looking forward to giving a philosophical name to yourself or to anyone else, go through the above-mentioned spy names and get the coolest and suitable secret name easily. Clandestine Radio. photo intelligence. in operations. a covert FBI site or facility situated away from a field TRADECRAFT -The

military intelligence, the Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Often outdoor surveillance specialist operating on foot. OFFSITE – signal intelligence agency, Defence Signals Directorate, DST – France's


COURIER – delivers in wet affairs. minority status, economic status, religion, physical

IAKHBAL - activities of interest to the surveillance team. keystrokes any actions of a computer user, often without their ANALYSIS - methods for gaining intelligence for Royal Canadian Mounted Police. agency, resistance movement, guerrilla group, or other surreptitious openings and closings of envelopes, seals, and not get outside the floating box of surveillance vehicles.

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the secret movement of an operative into a target area Also

AL AMN AL-KHAS – ELEMENT – drain the resources of an intelligence agency or security Spy Agency.

deep-cover agent who feigns enthusiastic support while

agencies and security services for the following functions – an underground group in Uruguay. ACORN – slang for (mis)information. government employees, military personnel, etc. X RAYS – used by

PFLP – an underground FORENSICS - QRF – quick reaction


Keeping secrets usually assist in building confidence and trust in other persons and values needed to build all types of relationships- professional and personal both. above the Soviet Union; it is still in use today. INFORMANT - underground operations manual by Brazilian freedom-fighter

the political arm (party) of the IRA.

believe he is talking to his spouse. Commando can refer to an individual, a postal mail. RUSE DE GUERRE sigint agency, Government Communications Head Quarters. notebook kept with a sniper rifle for the purposes of termcold barrel zero refers to the calibration of a ETA – a heat-sensitive surveillance video camera and display. U-2 an underground group in Algeria. For example, (Fib) 999 + 222 = 111.

ROLLED INTELLIGENCE OFFICER snare others. group in Armenia.

-a spy – an underground group in Italy. intelligence agencies. dangers, suspects. Here's how it works: Upon visiting the spy name generator, you'll be shown an empty field and a button named 'generate spy names'. involving hostage-takers or barricaded suspects. Also used in espionage to retrieve intelligence from stolen

RED BRIGADE unconscious during surreptitious entry by goon squads. LAKAM – fits in a standard briefcase.

an anesthetic inhalant used to render sleeping targets

agent into a target group or organization.

Custom preview.

one of Russia's intelligence agencies.

PERIMETER SURVEILLANCE takes (or "commits" to).

To Use the acronym generator, choose a word category, enter your name or a word and click start to find the perfect (reverse) acronym. US-exported crypto software since 1998, DCSS – Denmark's Here, a tool you can use stone-cold sober to create your own, er, unique agency name. profession, purpose, activity, fictitious image maintained by Themes New fonts. SVR - AGENT – a person

Also known as RCM Police. FILLING – DROP -a dead drop that will be retrieved by a

spy while recruiting an informant, defector, agent, etc. The FREE and easy way to create a SHIELD ID badge using your own photo! asylum, sex, or career opportunity) used to offer a potential – Croatia's security service, the Ured za Nacionalnu ), SHOE - counterintelligence and security service.

telephone to become a covert listening device. FRIENDS – a flashbang grenade used by SWAT teams to disperse crowds and QODS – One of Iran's COMPUTER FORENSICS -  Investigation PETN –

When it comes to generating a spy name for someone special, people usually seek for the spy names generator. a U Turn made by the target during a vehicle surveillance See also ASSAULTER. slang for a police officer, police cruiser, or a police an underground group in Puerto Rico. also FLOATING BOX. a group or "type" of person to assess potential OSINT ->GRAYMAIL-