First ship of the class. Comment. Named for the USS Constitution. The New Specifications of the Lakota Refit Configuration was add it to the Kongo Excelsior Class in year 2373. Made cultural observation of Alpha Laputa IV. All of crew was killed by the Doomsday Machine except for Commodore Decker. Appears in the, Dedicated vessel of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? In Star Trek Into Darkness , Spock was to be reassigned to another Bradbury following Kirk's demotion from Captain of the Enterprise. Part of "Project Full Circle" in the, Commanded by Captain Bal Itak. Transported several genetically enhanced humans to.

Two: Patrol Combatants: Ships of the Star Fleet Vol. Part of "Project Full Circle" in the, Commanded by Captain Regina Farkas. Likely named after Capt. At some point Lorca was replaced by his mirror-universe counterpart, who impersonated him and reported that ship was boarded, then set to self destruct by him so that its crew doesn't fall into Klingon hands and face degradation, torture and slow public death. Set in the 24th century, when Earth is part of a United Federation of Planets, it follows the adventures of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager, as it attempts to return home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. Third shuttle with the identification NCC-1701/7, temporarily stolen by Dr. Sevrin and his followers to visit the planet "Eden". The Star Trek franchise consists primarily of several multi-season television shows and a dozen movies, as well as various video games and inspired merchandise. Destroyed while transporting 517 colonists to the Beloti Sector. all star trek ship classes provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Designated as frigates. The Star Trek franchise has produced a large number of novels, comic books, video games, and other materials, which are generally considered non-canon.

By David Harth Jul 30, 2020. This class is sometimes erroneously named "Hope class" from an early version of the dedication plaque from the USS Pasteur. Comment. Oddly, though the Defiant appears in TOS, the Star Fleet Technical Manual lists noDefiant in any of the starship classes mentioned though the book was published seven years after the fact. Developed by Starfleet Admiral Alexander Marcus of Section 31 to combat the, In the timeline at the start of the movie, Personnel Transport about 4 times the size of the, Although it never appeared on screen, the. scJsHost+ Michael Adam NCC-5002B, Starfleet Tactical Cruiser - Nebula Class, Starfleet Heavy Cruiser - Enterprise Class, Starfleet Deuterium Tanker Huntington Class, Star Fleet Research Vessel - Oberth Class, Starfleet Starfleet Warp Sled - Tai/Atai Class, Federation Technological Survey - 2150 to 2370, Starship Design: Interstellar Forum for Naval Power, Starfleet Officer Requirements - Volume I, Starfleet Officer Requirements - Volume II, USS Khai Tam Technical Orientation Manual, Ships of the Star Fleet: Volume One / Revised, Ships of the Star Fleet: Vol. "'>"); • Star Trek Blueprints & Schematics, • Star Trek News - The Latest from Trek Core, Casimiro U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 Blueprints, .S.S. Appears in the novel series, Dedicated vessel of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Star Trek is popular enough that its science fiction concepts have even been studied by real scientists, and NASA described its science in relation to the real world as "entertaining combination of real science, imaginary science gathered from lots of earlier stories, and stuff the writers make up week-by-week to give each new episode novelty." Research vessel that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-24th century. [164] Destroyed by the Jem'Hadar. The Enterprise’s first refit—which debuted in The Search for Spock movie, even if …, Enterprise-E. Various space vessels make up the primary settings of the Star Trek television series, films, and expanded universe; others help advance the franchise's stories. Suffered a hull breach transporting colonists to Gravesworld. Used by Dr. Gideon Seyetik in his project to reignite a dead star. The namesake for this vessel is most likely the ocean liner, Visited Deep Space Three to search for the missing USS, First class starship; still under development; captured by Romulans and recovered by Starfleet personnel after the, Mentioned as replacement ship for Captain Christine McDonald in the book, Commanded by Deanna Troi during the Gateways crisis in the novel. Part of Task Force 3 sent to face an anticipated. Enterprise Bridge Blueprints - Revised, Deep Space Nine Concept Drawings & Blueprints, Klingon Nin'Toq Class Tactical Assault Ship, U.S.S. In the Star Fleet Technical Manual, it lists the registry number of "NCC-1764" as belonging to the Galina. Ostensibly a refit of the Constitution class, this ship is referred to as "Enterprise class" in Andrew G. Probert's non-canon Star Trek The Motion Picture: 14 Official Blueprints. Richard Michael Sternbach is an illustrator who is best known for his space illustrations and his work on the Star Trek television series. Timeship that saves the character from a Tholian attack in. var sc_invisible=1; Ordered to make long-range sensor sweeps of the Devron system in an alternate reality. Active in the year 2159 in the vicinity of one of Starfleet's first starbases. 0. Assigned to deep space exploration in 2293, when "Operation Retrieve" was proposed. Sacrificed itself against the Borg in 2381 in. Mentioned in. All crew lost (killed by alien disease) except for Captain Ronald Tracey, who was on the planet's surface when the disease struck his crew. [1]. As the station had three launch pads, its normal contingent of runabouts numbered three, though a high rate of loss often reduced that number until a new ship or ships could be assigned. This series premiere was first broadcast as one double-length episode on January 16, 1995, as the first telecast of the fledgling UPN network. Part of "Project Full Circle" in the, Commanded by Captain Hosc T'Mar.