"Catch flights, not feelings."

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— “Looks like it’s my night off.”.

Why should the Sun get into a school? The day was so nice that she became careless and a fox snuck up behind her and caught her.

Tag: sunny day Pokemon Puns. — Unknown, 16. Because God said to be fruit-full and multiply. Nah that's just a box of trash! — Unknown, 28. — A sunbath. At my church, every Sunday we eat apples and work on math problems. So the guy shrugs and leaves, only to see the priest later that day, not halfway back to the church, drunk as a skunk in the gutter, tipping the brown paper bag with Jagermeister in it all the way back as he drinks it. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I tried to catch some fog, but I mist. — Unknown, 46. Nous proposons des articles intuitifs et esthétiques à notre communauté. Superman was flying around Metropolis on a sunny day, and it was a boring one. The priest said, "it's an old catholic secret that Jagermeister helps ease constipation, which one of the nuns has.

A man, was happily snacking on a bright, red apple when, too lazy to walk to a trash can, he threw it out the window. "Salt in the air, sand in my hair." Our website has over 300 funny, stupid, clever and interesting puns organised into categories.

Me - Pea falls from fork onto ground — Unknown, 38. ", Wife: "Yeah, I know. I took a stroll through the park near the Space Needle and had a wonderful time. ", Guy runs into a bar around noon on a sunny day. Don't forget to throw away your perishable foods on Sunday. Father in law on fire this Sunday afternoon, Sunday PUNday 1: This Week’s Best Jokes and Puns on the Internet. _She has a very Pacific taste. I was in the fenced in side yard grilling some chicken for dinner. The moon asked the sun: Buddy when you are so hot, why are you single yet? — A Milky Way.

He wanted so badly to impress this woman. We know it's coming, we expect it, yet still we think that maybe, just maybe, this will be the week that my dad doesn't tell THE joke. "Excuse me sir," he starts, "but I noticed you look just like me!" — Unknown, 41.

When you open the tube, a full length robe comes out.

what do we call Saturday and Sunday if the week passed quickly? Alpaca my bags!"

"We shore are going to have a great time!" — Unknown, 37. They all walked over there, and asked the young lady what she needed.

"It will not spring break us."

1. From nature puns we brought you the funniest sun puns ever; Why do blondes drive cars with sunroofs? Something must have happened to Google clouds. "Dad, can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?". What do you call the minimum amount of potatoes for Sunday dinner?

Mother mole and baby mole excitedly get ready and put on their Sunday best. — I looked at it for a couple of minutes and I think it is black. Wife: what is it???

The teacher start creative writing class by saying, "Today I want you to write a sentence that uses the word 'beautiful' twice". It’s so hot that the local cows are giving evaporated milk. This cereal is soooo stale! Summer is that season that concentrates all our dreams of happiness, adventure, love, and fun. "No it's not, it's MUNday!"

I noticed my son's dress shoes were unlaced and dragging on the ground as we were leaving church on Sunday.

If you see a heat wave in summer, it is only noble for you to wave back. What’s older Jimmy, the sun or the moon? Why doesn’t the Sun go to college? Upon arriving, Manners realised he would need some help to get Shit unstuck so he called his, It was a bright sunny day, and the Farmer was tending his fields as usual.

More leg room. Boat is used for carrying individuals on water, transporting goods, racing, fishing. **August 1**: Just got transferred with work from London, UK to our new home in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa. If Google maps asks me to rate the Sun It is not going to get more than “1-star”. No crime to fight. Doing a crossword with my father in law and mother in law. — Unknown, 43. It's got a great start but quite a weekend. Why does Fathers day always fall on Sundays? We eagerly await the summer knowing that it will bring some magic to our lives and to our weekdays. "Don't be crabby on spring break!" "Never chase anything but drinks and dreams."

How much far can you see with your naked eyes, on a clear day? After all this sunshine, we may be in for a bad spell of wether…. Skip to content. Boat Puns. It’s his raisin d’etre. Select a category below or if you are feeling lucky generate a random pun!

So it turns out there were these two cats, an English cat called One-Two-Three and a French cat called Un-Deux-Trois. What did the sun say to the moon on the day of the solar eclipse? It’s been a delightfully sunny week in the UK, which is more of a surprise in late June for some than it should be, so what better topic for a page of puns than sunny jokes. Dad - I see we have an esca-pea

In saying that, our puns are going to make your day that much funnier and brighter. Aaron Rodgers played with an injured calf on Sunday (X-Post from /r/GreenBayPackers). with friends' names.

My dad loves to silently craft his dad jokes until the morning of any Christian holiday. So today is a lazy Sunday morning, so I'm wearing a raggedy shirt with holes. When asked by the town reporter what had happed the man said simply that he couldn’t see that well, Some time ago, I received a call from a colleague who asked if I would be the referee on the grading of an, On a hot sunny day, the ice cream truck was driving slowly until the driver saw a woman chasing frantically down the sidewalk, screaming "Hey, Wait!